Interesting Details About Ice T Net Worth, Wife And Children

Net Worth:
$40 million
Salary:$6 million per season of " Law & Order: SVU"
Income Sources:Album sales, acting
Age/Date of Birth:
February 16, 1958
5 feet, 11 inch (1.8 m)
Nationality: American
Last Updated:

Ice T is an American rapper, actor, television personality, and producer. He rose to fame in the late 1980’s thanks to the success of his rap albums. He is considered as one of the pioneers of gangster rap. In recent times, he’s been more active in Hollywood.

Ice T is estimated to have a net worth $40 million and, is regarded as one of the celebrities who overcame their criminal past to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Here’s how he achieved it.

Early Life And Career Beginnings

Ice T was born Tracy Lauren Marrow on February 16, 1958, in Newark, New Jersey, and raised in Summit, New Jersey by both parents. Unfortunately, when he was just a third-grader, his mother passed away as a result of a heart attack. Four years later, Ice, 12, lost his dad to the same cause and was raised by an aunt who lived nearby. Subsequently, he moved to View Park-Windsor Hills in South Los Angeles where he was raised by another aunt and her husband.

In South Los Angeles, Ice attended Crenshaw High School and became mildly involved with gang-related activities. In fact, he was affiliated with the Crips gang. At the age of 17, he began receiving Social Security benefits from which he was able to rent a $90 per month apartment. With the responsibility that comes with having a baby mama, Ice began robbing and selling drugs to make more money.

Though his friends disapproved of schooling, he ditched them to attend classes and finally graduated with good grades. After high school graduation, he enrolled in the United States Army and served for four years. His short stint wasn’t without controversies – his group was involved in a stolen rug case. After being released from the Army, Ice continued with criminal activities, from robbing banks and jewelry stores to selling drugs. However, after a near-death experience from a fatal road crash, Ice decided to turn a new leaf and pursue a career in rap music.

Ice T
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Analysis of His Net Worth, Acting and Music Career

Key Takeaways
  • Ice-T has a net worth currently estimated at $40 million.
  • Most of his money was made in the music industry, but he also found success as an actor, author, and speaker.
  • Recently, he is probably best known for his longstanding role in the drama television series “Law & Order: SVU.”.
  • He currently earns $250,000 per episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” That works out to around $6 million per season before syndication royalties.

His income sources include;

• Music
• Acting
• Books
• Movie Production

Music Career

Ice-T’s musical career began in Crenshaw high when he was a member of the music group called The Precious Few. During his four-year stint with the Army, his interest in hip-hop music grew. He also developed a passion for deejaying and purchased stereo equipment including two turntables and large speakers.

His moniker Ice-T is a tribute to pimp Iceberg Sim, whose novels he read and recited back in high school. Iceberg Slim also influenced the stage name of other rappers like Ice Cube and Iceberg Slimm.

Following a period of rapping and deejaying at nightclubs, Ice T began recording singles in 1983 with Saturn Records producer, Willie Strong. Most of his songs enjoyed much popularity at nightclubs. Fast forward to 1987, Ice landed a recording deal with Sire Records and released his debut album entitled “Rhyme Pays” which later received gold platinum certification. Later that same year, Ice boosted his popularity by recording the theme song for the gang-themed movie “Colors” which although met with mixed reviews was a box office success. In the late 1980’s Ice released two more albums that were certified platinum and gold respectively.

Ice T
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Ice T got his big break in 1991 with the release of his fourth studio album “OG Original Gangster” which was praised as his best work and acknowledged for developing the gangster rap genre. Released by Sire Records and Warner Bros. Records, the album peaked at #9 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at #15 on the Billboard 200.

At this time, Ice also found the heavy metal band Body Count which he introduced on the album. Ice’s love for heavy metal was influenced by his cousin Earl whom he briefly lived with after he became orphaned.

Ice toured with Body Count increasing his fan base in the process. In 1992, Body Count released her eponymous album which featured the single “Cop Killer” which sparked controversy for depicting brutality against cops but the artists claimed otherwise. The controversy also led Sire/Warner Bros Records to cut ties with Ice, causing Ice to sign with Priority Records and revive his Rhyme $yndicate Records which he founded in 1988 to release his second studio album, “Power”.

In 1992, Ice won his first Grammy for his collaborative work on the Quincy Jones song, “Back on the Block”. Ice and Body Count continued to release successful singles and albums, however, their activity has diminished in recent times.

Hollywood Success

In the mid-1980s while trying to find his feet in the music industry, Ice also dabbled into Hollywood making his motion picture debut in “Breakin'” (1984). Thanks to his street experiences, Ice got to land crime-related roles. Some of his early movies include “New Jack City”,  “Ricochet”, and “Surviving the Game”. For his role in 1995 film “Tank Girl”, Ice earned $1 million.

Ice has had numerous TV roles but his prominent and long-lasting is his role of Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

More to that, the star found success in reality TV with shows like “Ice Loves Coco”.

Books, Movie Production, Speaking Engagements, and More


Ice T’s career is not just about music and acting, the American rapper has also authored a few books. His publications include The Ice Opinion: Who Gives a F—? (1994). In 2011, he dropped his memoir titled Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-From South Central to Hollywood and Kings of Vice the same year. His last book Mirror Image was published in 2013

Movie Production

Ice T has also done well as a movie producer with 15 productions under his belt and still counting. He functioned as the executive producer for Judgment Day and Stealth Fighter, both in 1999, before the year ran out, he produced the video Urban Menace and the movie Corrupt. The multi-talented American became more prolific with the advent of the 2000s, working on the movie The Wrecking Crew in 2000, co-produced the TV series documentary Beyond Tough in 2002, and worked as the associate producer for Up in Harlem in 2004.

He is the executive producer of Ice-T presents: 25 to life (2008), six episodes of the television series The Peacemaker (2010), and 29 episodes of Ice Loves Coco between 2011 and 2013. Also in 2011, he produced and narrated the TV movie documentary, Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation. In 2012, the rapper became the executive producer for both Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap and Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp. He also did a good job as the executive producer of Ice and Coco TV series (2015) and the feature documentary Public Enemy Number One (2019)

Speaking Engagements

During his heydays in the entertainment industry, the actor cum rapper had a bad experience when he was mistakenly arrested in July 2010. However, all charges were dropped when the authorities established that his arrest was in fact a clerical error. This led him to offer some advice to youths who view going to jail as a mark of integrity. According to Ice T, “Street credibility has absolutely nothing to do with going to jail, but has everything to do with staying out”. The entertainer has since been giving lectures at designated places like high schools, American prisons, colleges, and libraries.


On the 27th of December 2013, the American celebrity announced his deal with the Paragon Collective for podcasting. He collaborates with Mick Benzo aka Zulu Beatz on Sirius XM to co-host the Ice-T: Final Level podcast, discussing relevant issues such as video games, movies, as well as show behind the scenes of Law Order: SVU segment featuring guests from the world of entertainment. New episodes of the show drop on a bi-weekly basis and the debut episode was released on the 7th of January.

Reality television

Ice-T has launched quite a few reality shows, including Ice-T’s Rap School which debuted on the 20th of October 2006 on VHI as a spin-off of VHI’s Gene Simmons’ Rock School – the British reality show. In the show, eight teens from York Preparatory School or “York Prep Crew” are tutored by Ice-T who gives them weekly assignments as they compete for a fake gold chain with a microphone. On the 12th of June 2011, the rapper launched Ice Loves Coco, an E! reality show centred on the musician’s relationship with his spouse Nicole “Coco” Austin.

Meet His Parents, Wife Coco, and Children

Ice T
Ice-T-and-Coco image source

Ice T was born to an African American father, Solomon Marrow, and a Creole mother, Alice Marrow. While there is very little that is known about them because of the fact that they died when he was still very young, his relationships, most especially with his wife, Coco Austin, has remained one of the most dominating things in his later life.

For many people that have followed the life of Ice in his earliest times, no one would have ever thought to put Coco in the picture. This is because he seemed to have had it all with his then-lover, Darlene Ortiz, with whom he formed what is still regarded as one of the earliest most powerful couples in hip-hop.

Ice and Ortiz began dating in the early 1980s, and in 1992 they had a son, Tracy Marrow Jr. Interestingly, Tracy is not Ice-T’s first child as while he was still in high school, the rapper’s then-girlfriend, Adrienne, gave birth to his first daughter, Letesha Marrow in 1976.

It was in January 2002 that Ice and Coco T who is an actress, a model, and a dancer got married. Coco described their wedding which took place at Cesar’s Palace Vegas as “the most romantic, beautiful moment ever!” Since then, they have remained very close, and to mark their 10 years of being husband and wife, they renewed their vows in 2011. It was until 2015 that the couple had its first child with the birth of Chanel Nicole Marrow.

Meet Ice T’s Eldest Child, Letesha Marrow

Ice T
Letesha Marrow image source

Even though Ice T and his then-girlfriend Adrienne were still struggling to finish high school, they still managed to give their love-child Letesha Marrow, a good life. Born on the 20th of March 1976, Letesha grew to follow in her dad’s footsteps. The youngster’s final school bell heralded her time in the limelight, scoring a role in her dad’s reality television show, T-Tea-V Behind the Scene. The show was all about Ice T’s life as a star and Letesha assisted with hosting and acted as the chief executive officer and assistant director. Letesha is also part of Ice Loves Coco. Rumours have it that she is married but this is yet to be confirmed, however, she is a mother of one, Elyjah Marrow, Ice-T’s grandson who has had some run-ins with the law.

Ice-T has One Son, Ice Tracy Marrow Jr.

Ice T
Ice Tracy Marrow Jr.
and his dad image source

Born in 1992, Ice Tracy Marrow Jr. is inching towards his thirties. The only son of Ice T received some of his iconic father’s traits as he also loves music. His love for the art led him to become a member of the heavy metal band named Body Count. Marrow Jr. shares a close bond with his family, especially his mum with whom he shows off sweet memories on the picture-sharing platform Instagram. Darlene Ortiz calls him her favourite person and never misses an opportunity to share intimate snaps with her son.

Chanel Nicole Marrow is the Last of the Marrow Clan

Ice T
Chanel Nicole Marrow image source

The last child of the famous rapper is the little princess Chanel Nicole Marrow who joined the brood in November 2015. Her mum Coco already created and runs the little girl’s Instagram account through which she shares facts about her lavish life. Chanel is really living a life dipped in luxury, from the designer wears to the Gucci handbags, and the glamorous birthday parties, her celeb parents spare no expenses with their little angel.

Ice T for one never misses a chance to snap a selfie with his baby girl. Considering who her parents are, fans are not in the least surprised that Chanel is already a star in the making with her acting debut already made on the set of Ice T’s music video. Rumours have it that she will be making a guest-starring appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit alongside her dad.

Profile Summary
First Name: Tracy
Last Name: Marrow
Estimated Net Worth:
$40 million
Salary:$6 million per season of " Law & Order: SVU"
Source of Wealth:Album sales, acting
Last Updated:
Also Known As:
Rpper, singer, songwriter, musician, actor, record producer, and author
Famous For:Crime documentary " In Ice Cold Blood"
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
February 16, 1958
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Birth Place:
Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Nationality: American
Country of Residence:
United States of America (USA)
Physical Attributes
5 feet, 11 inch (1.8 m)
84 kg (185 lb)
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Marital Status:
Coco Austin (m. 2002)
Family and Relatives
Solomon Marrow
Mother:Alice Marrow
Letesha Marrow (1976 )
Tracy Marrow Jr (1992)
Chanel Nicole Marrow (2015)
Other Relatives:
Elyjah Marrow (Grandson)
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