How Much Do Journalists Make In The US Compared To Other Countries?

The life of journalists can be both demanding and exciting at the same time. Though it may be interesting, the foremost value of news is as a utility to empower the informed and to provide people with the right information needed to make the right decisions about their lives, businesses, governments, etc.

Although we usually see how reporters and correspondents put themselves in the face of danger in order to cover breaking news on trending issues happening around the world; nevertheless, we often wonder how much they are paid to risk their lives.

If you’ve spent time around journalists, chances are you might have heard some of them say, don’t go into journalism to get rich; it will never happen. Well, to a large extent, the statement is true because there are varieties of other professions that, on average earn more than journalists.

While journalism in the United States has greatly evolved, it is imperative to note that it all started as a humble affair. However, it later transformed into a political force during the struggle for American independence and then, freedom of the press as it were to date. Similarly, journalism in other parts of the world has equally experienced tremendous growth, particularly since the inception of the 21st century.

More so, the journalism profession has become dangerous as some of these optimistic journalists face a series of threats and attacks while trying to cover news or event. While it has been an issue of concern to many, questions have continued to throng up regarding how much journalists in the United States earn in contrast to that of journalists in other countries.

How Much Do Journalists Make In The US?

Wondering how much journalists in the United States make? Well, the answer is quite broad and depends on so many factors. Some of these factors include what media market you’re in, your job title, and years of experience. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average journalist in the US viz – reporters, and correspondents make a median annual salary of $37,820 and an average of $18.18 per hour.

This implies that reporters who are working for small media outfits can earn a salary within the range of $20,000 – $30,000 while those on medium-scale media outfits can earn $35,000 – $55,000 and those at large media outfits earn $60,000 and above. Also, when it comes to editors, their earning would be a bit more than what has been listed above.

Other Journalists like TV reporters make about the same as beginning newspaper reporters. However, in a large media outfit, salaries for TV reporters and hosts skyrocket. While reporters at TV stations can earn well into six-digit figures, host/anchors can earn $1 million and above annually. Although reporters get the glory of having the byline in the paper, it is the editors that generally make more money. Interestingly, the higher the editor’s rank, the more money he/she would earn.

Perhaps, what determines who earns the most is their experience. The more experienced a journalist is, the more they are likely to get paid. Although there is a little twist, a young reporter who makes it to a large media outfit from a small one can earn more than a reporter from a small organization with 20 years experience who is still with the small outfit.

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US Journalists Salary Compared To Other Countries

While the United States has been the biggest market for journalists, it will be interesting to know the comparison of their salaries in the US with that of other countries. Below are what journalists from four different countries make in contrast to that of those in the United States.

1. United Kingdom (UK): Journalists in the UK earn a median average salary of £23,915 (US$29, 078) annually and £10.24 (US$12.45) per hour. This implies that average journalists in the UK earn less when compared to their US counterparts. However, based on experience and organization they could earn more.

2. Australia: This is yet another country where journalism has been thriving in recent times. A journalist in Australia makes an average of AU$24.99 per hour and the average pay of AU$53,476 per year. In contrast, an average journalist in Australia earns more than a US-based journalist.

3. France: French journalists also earn significantly higher than what US journalists make on the average. A journalist in France earns a minimum of €52,126 ($58,380) yearly.

4. China: According to Chinese Daily salaries, a typical Chinese journalist makes an average of $37,000 annually. When compared to that of US Journalists of $37,820, it could be seen that an average journalist in China earns almost the same as their US counterpart.


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