How Much Money Instagram Influencers Make And How They Earn It

With how far people are willing to go to amass every inch of followers on social media, you have probably wondered how much Instagram influencers make. They make a lot depending on the size of the following they have.

Just as influencers are increasing by the day, so also are brands willing to put in money on them, believing that they have a more personal touch and link to users. Before now, such monies are usually gulped in by things like large billboards but with millennials, everything is different.

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make?

The earnings of these individuals are tied to the size of their handle as well as their engagement. Even though the market has become big and popular, there is still no standard on the charges available. There is, however, an estimate:

1. Less than 10,000 Followers

Described as Nano-influencers, they have anywhere from 500 followers to up to 10,000.

Most of those in this category do not go after the money. Instead, they concentrate on building their followership.  For those willing cash in, they can make an average of $88.00 for each post they make.

2. 10,000 to 80,000

In the class of micro-influencers, they can make anything from $200.00 to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the advertiser and the level of their engagement.

3. 80,000 to 250,000 followers

Those in this category are sure to rake in anything from $2,000.00 depending on what you are posting and the brand, to a massive $6,000.00

4. From 250,000 to 1 million followers

If you are able to build anything from a quarter million followers to 1 million on Instagram, you may net in anything from $6,000 to $10,000.

5. More than 1 million followers

Once you have attained this level as an influencer, the sky is the limit.  $10,000 is what you get to make per post in the least, depending on the brand. There are also those that can charge as high as $100,000. What if the content is also on YouTube and you are in the gaming niche? You can make up to $250,000 for each post.

6. What if you are Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez?

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Make
Selena Gomez (Image Source)

If you are a celebrity like Kylie Jenner who has the star power as well as millions of followers, each post will earn you nothing less than a million dollars while if you are Selena Gomez, your charge for each post will not be less than $700,000.

How Do They Make It?

The amount of money made by influencers is not automatic as there are other things that you must first consider including the following:

  • The niche you are promoting
  • The brand you are advertising for
  • The platforms on which you are sharing the content
  • What you are posting (video, post, or story; you make more money with videos followed by posts, and then story).
  • Level of engagement

Here are the different ways they make their money:

1. Sponsored Posts

This is the most popular means that influencers can get to increase their income. Not only is this popular on Instagram, it has been used on social media as a whole. Brands and marketers meet these influencers to promote certain things in their posts. A whole post could be done on it or it could be tagged.

2. Brand Ambassador or Representative

Instagram influencers with the shoulders could also be paid to become brand ambassadors or representatives which will be based on a contract that will cover a specific period of time. As an ambassador or representative, you will receive free products or services which you will also promote.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Yet another interesting way that they have raked in large sums is through affiliate marketing. In this way, they cut a deal with either marketers or brands to sell their products. With each successful sale, they get a certain percentage based on the agreement they reach.

4. Sell your Products

If you have your own products, you can also make use of your social media handle as an influencer to sell them. More so, you can sell your pictures and earn some decent money.

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Even though it sounds all sweet, it is not cut and dry. Building a strong platform is not easy because you may find yourself spending hours interacting with followers and trying to sort out a problem or the other in an attempt to maintain the followership and even expand on it.


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