How Much Do Architects Make As Salary In The US and Around The World?

There is no denying the fact that architects are very important in our societies! This is because this set of people have been able to creatively come up with incredible brilliant ideas for the construction of gigantic structures that have led to the development of cities and megacities around the world. Many popular cities which attract tourists in large numbers from around the globe today are thankful to the ingenuity of architects who have been able to design breathtaking architectural masterpieces to beautify and lit up the metropolis in staggering measures.

Architecture in itself is one of the oldest recognized professions in the world and architects have been in action since time immemorial, stunning people with their timeless designs such as the pyramid of Egypt and other such wonders.

We know that architects are important, however, one question that has been asked time and time again is how much do architects get paid for their efforts. Over the years, architecture has been deemed to be among the top-earning professions around the world and we are going to verify how true this is. Are architects paid highly for their work? How much do they earn in the United States of America, and how much do architects earn outside the US? Read on as we take through all of it.

How Much Do Architects Make As Salary In The US?

People have often asked how much they are paid around the USA. Well, the answer is not quite a straightforward one. This is because there are different things to consider when answering this important question. Some of the things to consider are the place of work and the position of persons at these places of work. For instance, some architects work in big firms and others work in smaller firms. Some architects even own their own firms and employ others. And so, the levels of income definitely vary depending on these variables.

As of 2019, the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics has shown that the average income of architects in the United States falls around $88,860. It is noteworthy, however, that some earn more than this and others earn lower depending on the earlier variables mentioned.

Also, people in the field of architecture in different American states earn different salaries based on where major architectural firms are mostly found. For instance, Boston, Massachusetts which boasts of major architectural firms, such as Elkus Manfredi Architects tends to provide more earning opportunities to architects than those in Alabama, a state which minor architectural firms. Like we have mentioned, the average salary of an American architect varies by state, and we will now provide you with details of ten states with the best incomes for architects in the USA.

According to the latest statistics, New York tops the list of states where architectural experts earn the most in the United States at the moment. They are said to earn an average annual salary of $109,520 working in this state. New York is followed by Massachusetts where they earn about $103,920 in salary. Texas is next on the list. According to reports, architects in this state earn about $99,580 in salary.

The next state on the list is Arizona in the southwestern U.S.A. According to reports, architects in this state earn an average of $95,220. Arizona is followed by California where they reportedly earn about $95,060 in salary. The state of Alaska is next on the list; they earn about $93,390 here on the average. Alabama slightly trails California on the list; statistics show that the average salary of architects in the state is about $91,380.

After Alabama comes New Hampshire, a U.S. state where architects earn about $89,260. This is followed by West Virginia where they receive an average of $89,200. Minnesota is next on the list. This U.S. state provides architects an average of $88,020 in salary.


How Much Do Architects Earn In Salary Around The World?

Determining the salaries of architects around the world is also dependent on different variables. Like the U.S.A., these variables include the location of the architectural experts as well as the firms they work in including the positions they actually hold in those firms.

Notwithstanding, we have been able to take a glimpse at some of the countries that pay architects quite well in salaries. With the help of an infographic published by Metalocus, we have gotten a firm grip on the seven nations that offer architects good average monthly salaries.

According to the infographic, Switzerland is one country that pays architects quite well in average salaries. Architects in this country are reported to earn about $7,374 every month or $88,488 annually. The United Kingdom also ranks high on the well-paying architect-salary list, providing a monthly payment of about $6,146 and $73,752 annually.

According to the infographic, Australian architects earn $4,750 monthly and $57,000 annually, while architects in Canada earn about $4,745 monthly or $56,940 annually. In Qatar, they earn an average of $4,665 monthly or $55,980 annually, while those in Ireland earn about $4,651 monthly or $55,812 annually.


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