How Did Russell Brand And Katy Perry Meet, What Led To Their Divorce?

In the graveyard of failed celebrity relationships, there are thousands of relationships from various stars who at one point or the other, fell in love with another famous personality in the industry. With the entertainment industry being a vast machine of famous people from different sectors, there have been unions between musicians and actors, comedians and musicians, magicians and actors, and so on. Among comedians and musicians, one relationship stands out, and that was the relationship between Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

Russell Brand is an English comedian who is known for his eccentricity while Katy Perry, is a Santa Barbara, California-born singer and songwriter who has shown her wild side through her songs. Therefore, it was an interesting pairing and fans were onboard for the rollercoaster journey of their relationship. Unfortunately, that journey only lasted two years and sooner than most expected, both personalities moved on to other relationships, let’s take a look at the journey itself, and what could have been.

How Did Russell Brand and Katy Perry Meet?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Russell Brand

Russell Brand and Katy Perry met for the first time back in 2008, during the filming of one of Russell’s popular movies, Get Him to the Greek. Katy Perry at the time was in a relationship with Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes fame. Despite meeting in 2008, Russell and Katy did not hit it off until September 2009, practically a year after when they met again during the rehearsals for the MTV Video Music Awards. Then, with both of them available for a relationship, they took to each other and went on their first date.

From the first date, the couple quickly formed what was soon to be a fiery love. As documented by Russell Brand in his 2010 book, the date transformed him into another man, from a man known for going out with various women to one transfixed by the existence of one. Soon after the first date, Russell Brand and Katy Perry became official and they took their relationship off the media for a few weeks, debuting as a couple during the Paris Fashion Week, at the Fendi Party.

After four short months of being in a relationship together, Russell Brand proposed to Katy Perry during a vacation at a tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, India. It was quite soon and the location was very different but it was on-brand with the behavior that has come to be associated with Russell.

As fiancé and fiancée, their relationship wasn’t without its challenges, particularly in the area of their personal beliefs, especially for Katy Perry who had a religious upbringing. The couple dealt with the conflict that arose from Brand’s casual relationship with religion, particularly God, and despite the presence of the conflict, it did not stop the two of them from getting married on the 23rd of October, 2010, almost a year after they got engaged.

The wedding was held in India, at the Aman-i-Khas luxury resort, which was adjacent to the proposal venue, the tiger sanctuary. Russell Brand and Katy Perry wrapped up the extended stay in India by tying the nuptial knot, having been a part of multiple days of the celebration held in their honor, including a Bollywood-themed party.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Katy Perry

In 2011, Katy Perry and Russell Brand began to face the pressures of a celebrity relationship, including the constant attention from the paparazzi. While they dealt with that, rumors of a possible pregnancy also began to swirl in response to an interview Katy had with Ellen DeGeneres where she admitted a desire to have children with Russell.

What Led to their Divorce?

Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Russell Brand and Katy Perry

With the pressures growing for the couple, both externally and internally, the strain of keeping up began to push on the foundation of their relationship and soon, rumors of the relationship heading to the rocks began to crop up in the media. Despite the couples’ attempt to quench the rumors from tweets sent out by Katy Perry and interviews granted by Russell Brand, it appeared there was too much fire to get rid of the smoke.

Eventually, on December 25, 2011, Katy Perry was spotted on vacation for the first time without her husband and the presence of a wedding ring. A couple of days after, neither was Russell Brand when he was pictured in London during the holidays. Five days after the first evidence of a possible end to the Russell Brand-Katy Perry whirlwind relationship surfaced when on the 30th of December, 2011, Brand officially filed for divorce from Katy Perry in Los Angeles.

As to what led to their divorce, there was never an official reason by the couple, with their divorce papers going with the standard ‘irreconcilable differences’. There were rumors that Russell Brand got intimate with another woman during their marriage but none of that was ever confirmed by the couple.

However, through pieces of information from documentaries and interviews, since they completed the divorce, it would appear that the couple’s marriage cracked under the toll of the tour schedules of Katy Perry. Katy admitted to spending a lot of time on tour during their marriage, and despite inviting Russell on the tour, including a visit to Japan that ended with Russell getting deported, it was never enough to save their marriage.

Russell Brand infamously announced his intention to get a divorce from the singer by sending a text. Following the divorce, Russell was entitled to half of the money Katy Perry earned during their time together, which was estimated at $44 million at the time because they did not sign a prenuptial agreement, but he declined to lay claim to the money.

Where are They Now?

Russell Brand with his second wife, Laura Gallacher

Speaking of where both personalities are today, particularly in their personal lives, they have since moved on to other people. Russell Brand has been in a couple of relationships since he got divorced from Katy Perry. He was in a relationship with Jemima Khan between 2013 and 2014. Jemima Khan is an editor of a media outlet, the New Statesman and is also known as the daughter of James Goldsmith.

After ending his relationship with Jemima Khan, Russell Brand began a relationship with the Scottish lifestyle blogger, Laura Gallacher. The relationship originally began in 2007 and was on and off, continuing after his divorce from Katy and breakup from Jemima. Russell and Laura Gallacher eventually found stability in their relationship and have given birth to two children, a daughter, Mabel, who was born in November 2016 and another daughter who was born in July 2018.

Before they gave birth to their second daughter, Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher got married on the 26th of August 2017. The wedding was held in Henley-on-Thames and they have remained married ever since.

Katy Perry, on the other hand, hasn’t yet remarried and has even suggested she might not get married again following her experience with Russell Brand but that hasn’t stopped her from dating a variety of men.

Prior to dating and eventually marrying Russell Brand, she was in a relationship with Travie McCoy but since that ended, she has gotten into a relationship with other notable personalities like John Mayer, whom she dated between 2012 and 2014. The two of them had an on and off relationship that never went anywhere but produced a duet for the song, Who You Love.

Katy Perry with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom

In 2014, Katy Perry was reportedly in a relationship with Diplo, a DJ, and a producer, but just like her relationship with John Mayer, it was brief and casual. However, since saying goodbye to her life with Russell Brand, her only and most serious relationship has been with Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Orlando Bloom, whom she has been in an off-and-on relationship with since 2016. The couple has turned on the relationship and left it on since 2018.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rekindled their relationship when she outbid a fan to win a date with the movie star at the One Love Malibu charity auction.

They Got Married by Getting Matching Tattoos

Russell Brand with Katy Perry during her birthday in 2010

It has been established that Russell Brand is quite the eccentric personality, a character trait that Katy Perry shares, albeit in a smaller dose; and another evidence of it was revealed during their wedding. Having gone far away to India to get married, the couple took it a step further and got matching tattoos as a part of the seal of their marriage.

Since the divorce, however, Russell Brand has since removed the tattoo.

They Had Their First Kiss on the Set of Get Him to the Greek

When they met for the first time in 2008, on the set of the movie, Get Him to the Greek, Katy Perry was there for a cameo appearance in the movie and her role involved kissing Russell Brand’s character, Aldous Snow.

Even though Katy Perry was in a relationship at the time with Travie McCoy, the supposedly acted kiss did not stop her from feeling excited about kissing the comedian. The kiss did not, however, make it into the movie as the director felt it was too real and showed Russell Brand rather than Aldous Snow.

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Katy Perry had Suicidal Thoughts after the Breakup

Breakups can be tough, regardless of who you are and what your net worth is, and Katy Perry felt that following the end of her marriage to Russell Brand, to the extent of having suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, she did not go through with it, and instead, put her pain in the song, By the Grace of God.

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