A Closer Look At Holly Sonders’s Life After She Split From Erik Kuselias

Holly Sonders is one of the hottest sideline reporters making the waves in the field of American sports journalism. The amazing lady is among the most famous faces on Fox Sports Network. Holly began her journalism career several years ago and joined Fox Network in 2014. Before her stint with the network, she also worked with Golf Channel and NBC Sports where her story with Erik Kuselias began.

Amazingly, Holly used to be an avid golfer and won several championships while in college. Although her dream of playing golf as a profession didn’t materialize, Sonders channelled her efforts into being one of the best golf reporters in the US. She garnered wide popularity following her relationship with popular personalities in the sports world.

Holly Sonders’ Life Before Erik Kuselias

The gorgeous sportscaster was born in Marysville City in Ohio, the United States, on the 3rd day of March in 1987. Her birth name is Holly Niederkohr and she was born to middle-class American parents Dan and his wife, Sandy Niederkohr. Her father is an optometrist while her mother was a professional golf champion.

Growing up, Holly spent her childhood in Marysville, where she completed her high school education. She also obtained her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Michigan State University in 2009. While she was there, Holly was active in sports and played golf for the school team.

During her college career, Holly helped Michigan to clinch the 2001 American Golf Association championship. She equally reached the round of 16 in the Women’s Amateur tournament, as well as the Big Ten championship in 2007. At the age of twenty, Holly underwent surgery which declined her chances of going pro after her college career. Asides golf, she equally played basketball and volleyball at Michigan State.

She Began Her Journalism Career The Same Year She Met Erik Kuselias

Soon after graduation, Holly began her professional career when she was hired as a sportscaster for the Golf Channel’s show Morning Drive. There, she worked alongside Erik Kuselias, who was the anchor of the show.

While there, Holly Sonders was able to hone her journalism skills and prepared herself for the future. She also appeared on the cover of different editions of the Golf Digest magazine. Later on, she joined the WBNS-10TV network, where she worked for a while before moving on to the Big 10 Network. Holly’s outstanding performances helped to bring her to the attention of other top networks.

After her stint as a sideline reporter on KATV, Holly was hired by NBC’s Golf Channel, where she brought live coverage of several championships. She also appeared on other NBC shows, including the School of Golf and Playing Lessons with the Pros.

During her career at NBC, the amazing sports journalist was approached by Fox Sports, who later recruited her in 2014. Since then, Holly has remained one of the famous faces on Fox Sports network. She has brought live coverage of different sporting events and interviewed prominent figures in sports.

Holly Sonders’s Marriage to Erick Kuselias

For a brief period, Holly Sonders was married to Erik Kuselias. The couple met each other while working on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive show. After a few years of being in a relationship, they announced their engagement in 2012. Later on, the pair got hitched in a secret wedding. So far, the date and where the wedding took place remain undisclosed.

Erik is a renowned American radio and television anchor best known for hosting sports shows on mainstream networks, including NBC, Fox, and ESPN, among others. He garnered wide popularity while hosting Golf Channel’s Morning Drive show, as well as NASCAR Now on ESPN2, etc. Born and raised in Hamden City of Connecticut, Erik graduated from Brown University. He also got his Juris certificate from the University of Michigan Law School.

We Don’t Know Why Their Marriage Ended

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A few years into their marriage, the couple started having a series of irreconcilable issues which eventually led to a divorce in late 2017. The exact nature of these issues remains unknown. Although some have suggested infidelity, neither of them has confirmed the rumours.

What we do know is that their separation and eventual divorce was less than ideal. According to a tweet exchange between Holly Sonders and a fan, the marriage and dissolution may have been an unpleasant affair.

They did not share any children while they were together, and thus, haven’t had any reason to maintain a relationship. Since the divorce was completed, Holly Sonders has had a busy professional and personal life.

Holly Sonders Professional Life After Erik Kuselias

Holly Sonders has had a somewhat busy and controversial professional career since leaving Erik Kuselias. At the time, she had spent two years working for Fox Sports after she was recruited by the network in 2014. Her time at Fox Sports, starting from her debut appearance, was a mixed bag of success. She had unimpressive interviews and a few goofs, some of which drew sharp criticism from viewers.

Initially, at Fox Sports, Holly Sonders covered golf as an analyst for the network but was redeployed to cover the NFL after two months on the job. The move drew criticism from veteran reporters, Laura Okmin and Jennifer Hale, who were bumped from the role to give Holly the position.

She transitioned to a studio role and worked and spent the next three years on the role. In 2018, she was relieved from her position for the network. The release was supposedly due to Fox Sports’ inability to secure enough PGA Tour rights. Since leaving the role, Holly has been seen appearing as a guest host on FS1’s shows, The Herd and Undisputed. She has also hosted the golf destination show, 18 Holes, and is expected to work on a future project with the NFL Network.

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She is Getting Married Again

Holly Sanders
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The failure of her marriage to Erik Kuselias hasn’t kept Holly Sonders from giving marriage another try. She is engaged to Dave Oancea, a famous bettor commonly known as Vegas Dave. The exact timeline of their relationship remains unknown, but online evidence suggests they were together for a few months before the bettor proposed in December 2019. The proposal happened on a beach in Mexico.

Holly Sanders
Holly was in a brief relationship with Kliff Kingsbury: image source

Before her relationship with Dave Oancea, Holly was in a relationship with Arizona Cardinals coach, Kliff Kingsbury. Although their relationship was confirmed in January 2019, it is believed they had been together for a while before then. When and how their relationship ended before she began dating, Dave Oancea remains unclear.

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