Hollie Strano Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Due to the vast nature of Journalism and just like many other important professions like Medicine or Engineering, there is a need for specialization on the part of practicing members of the profession. One of the areas of specialty in Journalism is weather reporting and one of its professionals is Hollie Strano, who is a meteorologist for WKYC-TV, a local NBC affiliate station.

While Hollie Strano is primarily known for her work as a meteorologist, she has worked on other shows for the station in other capacities, including being a co-host and a correspondent.

In this article, we will take a closer look at her career, her background and five interesting facts you should know about her. Read on.

Hollie Strano Biography

The Cleveland based journalist was born on the 3rd of December 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio. Details about her parents remain unknown but she was the first of three children born to her parents, with her other siblings named Stephanie and Mike.

Hollie’s education began at Saint Clare Grade School in Lyndhurst, the town where she was raised and she completed her academic journey at John Carroll University after graduating from Notre Dame Cathedral High School. At John Carroll, Hollie Strano earned a bachelor’s degree and she earned her National Weather Association Seal certificate from Mississippi State University, after completing her post-graduate degree in Meteorology.

Having completed the academic requirements to start a professional career in the profession, Hollie Strano began her career at WKYC-TV back in her home city, Cleveland. She has remained as a staff of the station ever since and has grown in experience enough to incorporate other roles in her career other than weather reporting.

More than being a weather reporter, she has also become a co-host for one of the station’s shows, Live on Lakeside, a daily show that she hosts alongside Michael Estime.

Five Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Hollie Strano

1. She has been married twice

Hollie Strano has gone through the pain and joy of marriage twice, with the first time being with her high school sweetheart, Brian Toohig. The couple had dated all the way from high school and all the way into adulthood when they got married. Unfortunately, the fairytale of a happy ever after with her high school sweetheart was not to be hers as they got divorced in 2011.

After her divorce from Brian Toohig, Hollie Strano gave marriage another shot with Alex Giangreco in 2014. The couple remained together as husband and wife for three years until May 2017 when Hollie declared on her social media page, Twitter, that she had separated from her husband.

2. Hollie has two children

Hollie Strano with her two children, Jessica and Grady
Hollie Strano with her two children, Jessica and Grady

Just as much as she has been married twice, she also has two children, although they are both from her first marriage. The resident meteorologist of WKYC-TV gave birth to two children, a daughter and a son – Jessica and Grady in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

She shares joint custody of her children with Brian Toohig after their divorce.

3. Hollie Strano’s Height

The camera placement and high heels might do a bit to distort the true nature of her height but Hollie Strano is not quite tall, at least relative to the average American female height. She has a height of 5 feet 2 inches with a lean body weight that gives her a petite look.

Other noticeable body features of Hollie include her brown colored eyes and dark brown hair.

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4. She has a strong presence on social media

It is almost impossible today to be an active and engaging journalist without a significant presence on social media and Hollie Strano has been able to maintain that across the three major social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

On both Twitter and Instagram, Hollie can be found with the handle @holliesmiles, and @holliestrano respectively. On Facebook, she posts via the account, Hollie Strano.

Through her online pages, Strano shares excerpts into her personal life and other aspects of her work as WKYC-TV journalist.

5. A big fan of Cleveland Sports

If it is not obvious by now, Hollie Strano is very much attached to her home city, Cleveland and her attachment cuts across different aspects of the city, including its sports teams, specifically the Cleveland Cavaliers, the franchise National Basketball Association team in the city.

Other sports teams in Cleveland that Strano shares an affinity for include Cleveland Browns, an American football team that plays in the National Football League and Cleveland Indians, an American professional baseball team that competes in the Major League Baseball.

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