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Hilary Artwood Knight (better known simply as Hilary Knight) is a female professional ice hockey player who currently represents the Canadian team Les Canadiennes de Montreal. She plays in the Canadian Women Hockey League (CWHL) but as a US national, she is also a member of The United States Women’s National Ice Hockey Team.

Before plying her trade in Canada, Knight had been playing both college and professional hockey in the United States during which she won a series of accolades including having a whole day dedicated to her by The city of Sun Valley, Idaho which declared May 19, 2011, as Hilary Knight Day.

Early Life and Career

Knight was born on July 12, 1989, in the high-brow Palo Alto, California. But while she was still a baby, her family moved over to reside at Lake Forest, Illinois, where the athlete was eventually raised. However, according to her official profile on the Team USA website, her hometown is Sun Valley Idaho Hilary was born to James Knight and his wife Cynthia Knight. She was raised together with her three brothers William Knight, James Jr. Knight, and Remington Knight.

As a mere five-year-old, Hilary is said to have told her grandmother that she would be an Olympian. Back then, she was fond of playing in all-boys teams for which she was often bullied. However, it has turned out that those tough experiences were preparing her for excellence in her future career.

We do not have details of where Hilary Knight had her education up till high school. As for her college education, she went to the University of Wisconsin -Madison where she was popular for playing in the college ice hockey team, a part of the Wisconsin Badgers. Apart from her present Canadian team, Hilary Knight’s professional career has seen her play for the two Boston-based teams, Boston Pride and Boston Blade. As already said, she also plays in the US National Women’s Ice Hockey Team.

Records show that Hilary Knight has been winning laurels right from her first year at college. Playing with the Wisconsin Badgers during her freshman year, the team ended up placing second at the NCAA championships that year and she was ranked second in goals. Again, the following year, she was instrumental in her team winning the National Championships. Among other laudable records, Hilary Knight had her college high on September 28, 2008, when Wisconsin Badgers played Quinnipiac Bobcats and she scored five goals in one game setting a school record.

Hilary Knight’s professional and national assignments have equally been great. Although her records in this respect are completely beyond the scope of this article, let us mention that she has so far helped the US national women ice hockey team to win six gold medals in the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) women’s championships.

Hilary Knight hockey
Hilary Knight laces up for practice with a male team, Anaheim Ducks: Image source.

Who Is Hilary Knight’s Husband Or Boyfriend?

Hilary Knight has no husband because she is not yet married. However, she has been dating her boyfriend Frederik Andersen since 2014. Frederik is a fellow hockey player for Toronto Maple Leaf also in Canada.

A Danish by nationality, Frederick is 3 months younger than Hilary Knight as he was born on October 2, 1989. There is no indication yet that the duo is getting married soon. However, they are living together happily.

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Height, Weight and Body Facts

Hilary Knight stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (that is, 180cm or 1.8m) with a listed weight of 78 kg (or 172lbs).

With many tattoos on her body, Hilary has shown herself to be a tattoo freak. She has a long text inked on her side and dedicated to her mom. She also has the Olympics ring at her upper back. And she probably has more that are hidden.

Fact Check: Is She Gay?

Hilary Knight has never shown any sign of being gay. As already said, she has a boyfriend with whom she has been relating well for years now. The rumour that the athlete is gay is probably because many people reading newspapers confuse Hillary Knight, the ice hockey player, with the other male Hilary knight who is a prolific writer and illustrator.

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