Riveting Facts About Liv Lo, Her Parents and How She Met Henry Golding

2018 was pretty great for many actors, especially minorities in the American Entertainment Industry. The success of films like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians was a welcomed and celebrated achievement. The latter particularly has brought a few actors to the limelight, such as Henry Golding, one of the stars of the box office success. Along with his increased popularity came that of his wife Liv Lo.

Liv Lo may not have starred in Crazy Rich Asians herself, but she has benefited from the global success of the film. The wife of the newly minted superstar is a former model, a TV personality, and a fitness guru. Ever since Henry hit the limelight to the love and delight of fans, he and his wife have quickly become one of the favorite couples in entertainment circles.

A Look At Liv Lo’s Background

If Black Panther redefined how Hollywood looked at and treated black actors, Crazy Rich Asians did exactly the same for Asians. Ever since Henry Golding played Nick Young in the film, the world has come to learn of the real-life Rachel Chu he has in the person of Liv Lo. As expected when the world falls in love with a new personality, there has been a dive into her background and life. We’ve come to learn that Liv Lo was born on May 21st, 1985 in Taichung, Taiwan, and like her husband, Liv Lo is Asian.

The wave of inter-racial marriage is not just a phenomenon sweeping the west. The East can also speak of a rise in the number of inter-racial marriages and it is evident in the life of its modern stars like Liv Lo who was born to a Taiwanese mother Mary Lo and an Italian father. She was raised alongside a sister named Leeza Pazkowski.

Liv Lo has been exposed to the entertainment industry all her life. Being the daughter of a music producer, Liv Lo spent a lot of her childhood traveling across various countries in the Asian continent such as Japan, China, and Hong Kong with her mother.

She Was Raised By An Adoptive Father

Liv Lo has been quite forthcoming with details regarding her background. The TV personality has revealed that she was in fact never raised by her biological father and has never met him. She was raised by her mother Mary Lo and an adoptive father named Richard Lo.

As the daughter of parents who understood the importance of being multi-lingual in a modern world, she was raised to speak a few languages, including English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Her parents have been together for 38 years, a feat that Liv Lo and her husband hope to attain.

Details of What Liv Lo Does For a Living

As a beautiful young woman, Liv Lo had an opportunity to start a career in modeling as a teenager and she took it. Not afraid of the busy lifestyle, she combined her modeling career with higher education which she had at Temple University in Japan; from what we have come to learn, she studied Mass Communication.

Liv Lo spent eight years working as a model before she moved on to other endeavors. During this time, she worked with several major international brands, from those in the fashion industry like Michael Kors and Armani Exchange to car brands like BMW and Maserati.

After modeling, she relocated to Singapore in 2012 where she met her heartthrob Henry Golding and also became a TV host. While in Singapore, her career as a television personality grew and she began to host shows like Asia’s Next Top Model, Style Setter, and Point of Entry. To the best of our knowledge, she still works as a TV host with Fox Movies Asia. Among other things, she is often seen representing the network on several of Asia’s red-carpet interviews.

Accomplishments As a Fitness Entrepreneur

Other than her extensive resume in entertainment, Liv Lo is also a fitness guru and a certified yoga instructor with her own workout program named FitSphere.

According to Liv, she disliked working out because it felt redundant until she tried yoga and it turned things around for her. She would end up being a student of yoga for 11 years.

Now a certified yoga instructor, she teaches about 6 classes every week, produces YouTube videos, and instructs at workshops and boot camps. Liv has always been athletically inclined. As a kid, she was addicted to swimming and hiking. In addition to that, she played badminton and basketball.

Liv Lo possesses a slim body that is in part due to her yoga lifestyle and her incredible genes. She stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

An Overview of Liv’s Relationship With Henry Golding

Liv Lo
Liv Lo and her husband, Crazy Rich Asian’s Henry Goulding

She met her husband Henry Golding on New Year’s Eve of 2011 while they were both hanging out in a Singaporean restaurant with their respective friends. The random meeting eventually became a platform for more when Liv Lo summoned the courage to talk to him. The two have since been together, getting married in 2016 on the 20th of August in Kuching, Malaysia.

Liv and Henry are yet to have any kid and we can hardly tell what their plan is in that regard. Nonetheless, they are parents to a dog named Stella.

From the pictures that share online and how they are often seen in public, we need no soothsayer to tell that Liv Lo and the actor are very much in love and admires each other a great deal.

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