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If it is true that behind every successful man is a woman, then Helena Seger deserves accolades for much of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s many successes so far. She is the sky-hugging Swedish businesswoman who has become famous as the long-time romantic partner of the legendary soccer player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic who now plays for Los Angeles Galaxy FC.

Helena was quite prodigious as a child and showed many signs of a future successful life. She started working when she was only 13. And, by the time she was 25, she had worked with a couple of multinational outfits in her home country, honing her corporate, administrative and managerial skills. Either consciously or not, she was getting prepared for her future career in the business world through those experiences.

From the given, it is obvious that Helena is someone who worths every attention one can pay. So, in this post, get ready to learn all the relevant and fun facts you will need to know about the Amazon.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

The businesswoman was born on August 25, 1970, in Lindesberg, Sweden. The first daughter of Ingemar Seger and his wife, Margareta Seger, Helena has a younger brother named Henrik Seger and also a younger sister named Karin Seger. The three of them were raised together in Sweden.

Helena was a very ambitious kid who sought her freedom from parental control quite early in life. So, while we have no information about her schooling, we know she got her first job while she was only 13, working for a Sweden-based company named Gul & Bla. She also did a couple of odd jobs like when she served as a barmaid in a local pub.

With time, she also worked with a number of multinational firms, where she rose to very exalted positions of responsibility. For instance, she worked as a sales representative in a company named Bonner for three years. She also served as a sales rep with Corona and Hooch. Other outfits Helena served include Diesel, Austria Tabak, Slakthuset, Malaco Leaf and more.

All along, Helena Seger kept adding value to her resume. First, she attended pattern design and fabric embroidery classes in between her regular jobs. Then, she also went to college to study Economics and take up other educational programs all geared towards improving on herself in the areas of management, communication and whatever is needed to attain entrepreneurial heights. Besides, propelled by her good looks, the highly industrious lady is said to have worked as a model at a time. All these engagements did not only add to her earning profile, but it also enabled her to climb the career ladder and widen the scope of her experience. So, eventually, when she launched out to establish her own business, it was based on a strong foundation.

As an entrepreneur, Helena Seger started out her investment life in the textile industry. However, later in life, she diversified to other businesses. Currently, she is focused on real estate together with her partner, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Family Life

Helena Seger family
Helena Seger, her partner Zlatan Ibrahimovic and their sons: Image source.

As already mentioned, Helena Seger’s family of birth resides in Sweden. Her father is Ingemar Seger and her mother is Margareta Seger. We do not have further details of her parents such as their profession and educational levels. But, as we have already said she is the first of three kids of her parents. She has a younger brother named Henrik and a younger sister named Karin. We do not also have further details on her siblings.

Although Helena is never known to have gotten legally married to anyone, she has raised a family with her famous boyfriend/partner Zlatan Ibrahimovic with whom she has two kids now. She met the football striker back in 2002 while she worked at FlyMe. They dated for about three years until 2005 when Helena quit her job in Sweden and moved to Italy with Zlatan after he was transferred to Juventus FC based in the Italian city of Turin. The following year, they welcomed their first son Maximilian on September 22, 2006. Two years again down the line, their second son Vincent was born March on 6, 2008.

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Other Interesting Details

Net Worth

Judging from her doggedness coupled with her many money-making engagements over the years, it is not difficult to reach the conclusion that Helena Seger must have amassed a fortune on her own before she got hooked up to her super-rich husband. However, no specific figure is available to us yet on her net worth. As for her partner Ibrahimovic, his net worth as of 2019 is estimated at $195 million which he has gathered from his soccer career having played for ten prestigious clubs in Europe and the US.

Age Difference With Her Partner

Helena is 11 years and two months older than her partner Ibrahimovic. While Ibrahimovic was born in October 1981, she was born in August 1970.

Height and Physical Outlook

Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, Helena Seger is tall for a woman. She is also shapely not minding her age. Perhaps her secret is that she has the habit of working out regularly.

She Is Also An Actress

Helena Seger has also had a stint with acting. Even though she has probably only appeared in two movies, that has given her the right to be described as an actress. She acted as ‘Annika’ in the children show Solstollarna and its spin-off Cozmoz.

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