Hayoung Choi: Everything You Should Know About Ki Hong Lee’s Wife

Hayoung Choi might not be one of the regular faces we see on the television like Ki Hong Lee but she is definitely famous first as an actress, singer and for being the wife of the South Korean American actor.

Prior to her marriage with Lee, Choi was famous in her own rights appearing in several short films like She Has a Boyfriend, This Is How We Never Met, and To Those Nights, a seventeen minutes-long film that talks about three young adults and their emotional experience in one night of drunkenness. Let’s find out more about Lee’s beautiful bride.

Hayoung Choi Biography

Choi was born in South Korea but she has American nationality. Information about her birth, education and her parents are not yet available.

As per her acting career, Choi started acting in 2013, appearing in three short films –She Has a Boyfriend, This Is How We Never Met, and To Those Nights, which were all produced and released in the same year. In She Has a Boyfriend, for instance, Choi acted alongside her husband Lee who acted as Frank the guy who was desperately in search for a girlfriend but any lady he meets happens to be in a relationship. Choi was featured in the short film as his new girlfriend. The film was produced by Philip Wang of the Wong Fu production. He also featured other star actors and actresses like Cathy Nguyen (Frank’s classmate), Jessica Koh (as Vivian) and Andrew Fung (a cupcake worker). All the three short films were directed by Wang and it featured Lee because he was at that time, working with the Wong Fu production. 

As a singer, Hayoung Choi is a member of the band Mixnine, a K-pop band on YouTube in Korean language.

Hayoung Choi was Lee’s Longtime Girlfriend

The relationship between Choi and Lee wasn’t a love at first sight, they were friends for a very long time before becoming lovers. Information from their close friends has it that the two dated for about four years before making it legal.

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Hayoung Choi became the wife of Ki Hong Lee on March 7, 2015, their marriage ceremony took place at Tujunga, California. The marriage registry was created at Pottery Barn. Choi and Lee’s marriage ceremony was attended by close friends and relations including Arden Cho, O’Brien, Britt Robertson, and all the cast members of The Maze Runner.

Her Husband is also South Korean

Ki Hong Lee is a native of Seoul which is in South Korea, he was born on September 30, 1986. His family left Korea for New Zealand when he was still young and after about two years, his family moved to Los Angeles, California where he had his education. He graduated from the ‘University of California where he obtained a degree in psychology but his decision to become an actor was inspired by the lifestyle and career achievements of an Asian actor Aaron Yoo. Lee started his acting career in 2010, by taking up small roles in films like Modern Family, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Victorious. His stage debut took place the following year, in the play titled Wrinkles, where he acted as Jason. He joined the ‘Wong Fu Productions’ in 2012 where he possibly met Choi, his current wife. Other films he starred in include The Maze Runner, Everything Before Us, Always You’ and Mother Lover. His role in the last two films fetch him so much recognition on YouTube and in five years, he was already among the most admired TV actors. He even ranked number four in ‘People’ magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

She Shares an impressive net worth with her Husband

Being a late starter in the entertainment industry, Hayoung Choi has not gathered so much from her career but as she is married to Lee who has been in the industry long before her, she is bound to have a share from his earnings. Ki Hong Lee has a net worth of about $4 million. He may not be among the richest young actors of his time but Lee and his wife are certainly the kind who will make it within a short space of time.

Choi’s Social Media Presence

Choi is very active on social media platforms. On Instagram for instance, she posts pictures of herself and her husband and in return, she receives massive comments from her fan following her. Hayoung Choi has over 41k followers on Instagram.

Details Of Her Height, Weight, and body measurement

Choi’s height is not known but she appears to be shorter than her husband who is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) tall. Her body weight is equally unknown but looking at her you could tell she has a slim body figure. She has dark brown hair and a pair of dark brown eyes.

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