Harvey Glatman Biography: Life and Crimes of The American Serial Killer

The history of America has featured some cold-hearted serial killers in the past. One of such is Harvey Glatman who was infamous in late 1950 as “The Lonely Hearts Killer”. In his less than one year of criminal activities, it was recorded that he killed three women with one that is still unconfirmed. He was known for finding beautiful women through ads agencies and then sexually abusing them before strangling them. Based on his choice of girls, he also got to be known as The Glamour Girl Slayer.

Harvey Glatman Biography

December 10, 1927, was the day the notorious serial killer was born as Harvey Murray Glatman in The Bronx, New York. While his father was a milliner, nothing is known about the job of his mother, Ophelia.

He spent the early years of his life with his family in the Bronx where he was born but the family later moved to Colorado where he got his education. Since he was only a little child, there was so much about him that seemed out of place as he was both anti-social and didn’t like what other children liked naturally.

Before the move to Colorado, his parents discovered that he was into some sadistic behaviors. He would tie a rope around his neck and masturbate so as to get enhanced pleasure. That was one of the reasons why his family moved because his parents believed a change in environment could handle his problems.

What was more, Harvey Glatman could get very violent and he had a terrible mood swing. Instead of finding professional help for the boy that was obviously twisted, his strict father resorted to severe punishment which further affected the psyche of the kid in negative ways.

As time progressed, Harvey who was a shy kid and an introvert kept getting worse as he had no empathy or remorse. Also, he had a bad attention span which did not help him in terms of his education. Not knowing what to do with him, his parents would always have him under house arrest.

While he was in school, Harvey suffered bullying and he was made fun of as a result of his looks and thin frame which affected his self-esteem. More so, he found it rather hard talking to girls, and so he chose to avoid them in general.

When it finally became clear to his parents that harsh punishments and home arrest were not working, he was taken to see the family psychologist when he was 12. His parents were assured that it was just a phase that the kid would outgrow.

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Life and Crimes of Harvey Glatman

Contrary to what the psychologist said, Harvey Glatman did not pass through the phase but instead, it became worse and grew to crimes. While still in high school, he would break into homes and make away with possessions. One day, he broke into a house where he found a gun. He kept the firearm which he continued to use for his crimes which went unnoticed.

At first, Harvey would look for good looking women and trail them to their homes. He would tie them and lay on the bed with them in order to get the experience of being with a woman. He would then touch them and masturbate while he took pictures. He continued getting away with the crimes until he was caught in 1945 when he was breaking into a home.

While he awaited his trial for burglary, Harvey could not stop himself from looking for yet another woman to assault. This time around, his victim was Norene Laurel who reported the crime to the police, using the mugshots to identify him. 17 years old at the time, he was sentenced to a year behind bars but would only spend 8 months due to good behavior.

After his release, Harvey Glatman continued with his life of crime for years to come. In 1957, he moved to Los Angeles where he began working as a photographer. This became the birth of a serial killer as he developed a dark fantasy that saw him lure a model, Judith Dull to his house with a promise of helping her with her career but he ended up sexually abusing her before strangling and throwing off her body in a desert.

His next victim was Shirley Ann Bridgeford whom he sexually assaulted, took a number of pictures, before killing her. The same fate met Ruth Mercado who became his third victim.

Unfortunately, luck would not favor him when he kidnapped another model, Lorraine Vigil as he was spotted and arrested. He confessed to the crimes he committed and was sentenced to death. On September 18, 1959, the serial killer was executed in San Quentin State Prison’s gas chamber.

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