Puzzling Facts About Harminder Kaur’s Marriage To The Great Khali And Her Acting Career

The heavyweight wrestler Dalip Singh Rana known as The Great Khali has established himself in so many ways. In addition to being the first Indian World Champion in WWE history, he is also known for his generosity towards the less-privileged. Only his true fans know this, but one of the most important things to the big guy is his marriage to the love of his life, Harminder Kaur.

It has been two decades since the couple began their life together, and The Great Khali never fails to mention how much she means to him. In contrast to his professional stint, however, details of the couple’s marital life have been kept away from the public. If it interests you, we have gathered all there is to know about Harminder Kaur, including her acting career and her marriage to the big guy.

Background Details To Know About Harminder Kaur

Harminder Kaur was born on January 12, 1972, in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, India. She was born somewhere near the banks of the famed Yamuna River. An Indian national, Kaur belongs to the Punjabi ethnic group. Despite being married to someone as famous as Great Khali, Kaur has done a meticulous job of keeping details of her life private.

However, we know she has an affinity for knowledge. Harminder spent a substantial portion of her life in Delhi and as a result, most of her education also took place there. After high school, Kaur enrolled at the University of Delhi to study English.

She, however, did not stop after acquiring her Bachelor’s degree. Instead, she obtained a Diploma in the Spanish Language from the same university. To cap it all up, she proceeded to the University of Alcala near Madrid, Spain for a Masters of Arts program in 1998.

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Despite her many degrees, however, Harminder Kaur does not seem like much of a career-oriented person. From what we gather from the scarce information available about her, family and religion seem to be Kaur’s priorities. Though her most notable claim to fame is through her marriage to the renowned wrestler, Harminder is also quite a celebrity back home.

Kaur Isn’t Harminder’s Father’s Name

India has a highly diverse ethnic, religious, and caste systems. Though these systems are known to be rigid in many ways, exceptions are sometimes made for the girl child. One such exception is Harminder Kaur, who bears her mother’s surname instead of her father’s.

The Great Khali’s wife was born to a Punjabi father named Rajinder Pal Singh and his wife Charanjit Kaur. Since the actress’ family history is not made available to the public, the reason for the deviation in her name remains a big question.

Facts Surrounding Harminder’s Relationship with Great Khali

As we have already established, Harminder Kaur’s husband is a professional wrestler. He is also a respected actor who has appeared in movies in both Hollywood and Bollywood. He made his debut as a professional wrestler in the year 2000. Seven years later, he became WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion and emerged as the first Indian to rise to that position. Before his professional wrestling career took off, Great Khali was a police officer under the Punjab State Police in his home country.

Kaur has been married to her husband for nearly two decades. Unlike many relationships today that begin with the couple falling in love with each other, theirs was rather customary. The Great Khali’s professional wrestling career may have taken him all over the world, but he is Indian first, and will always be at heart.

According to their tradition, the WWE champion and Harminder Kaur were deemed fit for each other and matched to be married. The arrangement seemed to sit well with both of them, and their marriage took place in 2002. As far as the world knows, their love has grown with each passing year, and they haven’t been linked with any infidelity or divorce rumors.

Harminder and her husband are one of the most admired celebrity couples around. The degree of affection they show towards one another is so splendid. They are fond of sharing their loved-up pictures on social media and gushing over each other, helping to give credence to the reality of the whirlwind romance that often characterizes Bollywood movies. Great Khali even credits his wife for his excellent career success. Of course, this is not difficult to see, considering that she has been with him right from the dawn of his professional wrestling career and has always been his Number 1 fan.

The Couple Took Their Time To Have Kids

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Due to the demanding nature of Great Khali’s career, the couple probably made a mutual decision regarding children. For a family as traditional as theirs, the responsibility of raising kids falls on both parents. Harminder Kaur and her husband welcomed a baby girl named Avleen Rana in the United States in February 2014. The same month, the wrestler became a naturalized citizen of the country.


Together with their fast-growing baby girl, the Ranas live happily together in their home in Houston, Texas.

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Harminder Kaur’s Acting Career and Whereabouts

Harminder Kaur is a widely acclaimed actress in Bollywood. She is most notable for her starring role in the 2006 Indian film titled Kambdi Kalaai. She may have played other roles in various projects but her outstanding performance in Kambdi Kalaai was what earned her the recognition she enjoys in the industry.

Notwithstanding, the actress has been away from the screen for a while now. The reason for her hiatus is unclear, but we are guessing it has something to do with her real-life roles at home.

Harminder has been supporting her husband since the get-go of his two-decade-long career. That role, combined with motherhood and being a full-time housewife, is why we haven’t heard much from the Indian-American woman.

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