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While the heavyweight wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, also known as The Great Khali, has established himself as the first-ever Indian World Champion in the WWE history, not many people know about his better half, Harminder Kaur. The couple has been together for over 17 years and counting. Since The Great Khali’s meteoric rise to fame, fans have been so curious to know more about his wife, Harminder. Here, we have gathered all the interesting facts you need to know about her including the details of her bio, family life, and other facts.

Early Life

The birth of Harminder Kaur occurred on January 12, 1972, in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi in India on the banks of Yamuna River. An Indian national, Kaur belongs to the Punjabi ethnic group (or caste as they are more conventionally called). More details of Kaur’s early life, including the facts about her parental background and basic education history, are not available to us at the time of writing.

However, we know that Harminder Kaur went to the University of Delhi where she studied English, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. Besides, she also acquired a Diploma in the Spanish Language from the same university. Then, she proceeded to do a Masters of Arts program at the University of Alcala near Madrid, Spain.

After graduating from college, Harminder’s employment history has not been very clear. Although she is widely referred to as an actress, she is only credited with her starring role in the 2006 Indian film Kambdi Kalaai which earned her a lot of recognition in the industry all the same. However, her claim to fame has been due to her marriage to renowned wrestler, The Great Khali.

Family: Parents, Husband, and Children

Harminder Kaur bio
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Considering her family of birth, Harminder Kaur was born to Punjabi father Rajinder Pal Singh and his wife, Charanjit Kaur. As you can see, Harminder bears her mother’s surname instead of her father’s. How come? Although it is not the normal practice in India to answer one’s mother’s family name, it is rarely allowed for girl children in some of India’s highly varied ethnic, religious and caste systems.

Then, regarding her own generated family, Harminder has been married to the Great Khali since 2002. The couple who live happily together in Houston, Texas, welcomed a baby girl named Alveen Rana in February 2014.

As already hinted, Harminder Kaur’s husband The Great Khali is a professional wrestler. He is also a respected actor who has appeared on movies in both Hollywood and Bollywood. He made his debut as a professional wrestler in the year 2000. Seven years later, he became WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion in July 2007, hence becoming the first Indian to rise to that position. Before his professional wrestling career took off, The Great Khali was once a police officer under the Punjab State Police in his home country of India.

Harminder and her husband are one of the most admired celebrity couples around. The degree of affection they show towards one another is so splendid. Often seen sharing their loved-up pictures on social media and gushing over each other, they have helped to lay credence to the reality of the whirlwind romance that often characterizes Bollywood movies. The Great Khali even credits his wife for his great career success so far. Of course, this is not difficult to see, considering that she has been with him right from the dawn of his professional wrestling career and has always been his Number 1 fan out there on the rings.

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Quick Facts 


Harminder Kaur is a Hindu. She and her husband are devotees of Kali the Hindu goddess of eternal energy whom The Great Khali honours with his ring name.

Harminder Kaur’s Net Worth

Harminder Kaur’s career history has been difficult to plot. As already said, she is widely known as an actor, yet, she has only one movie to her name – although on a starring role. We presume her current job description is helping to cheer her wrestler husband on while sweating it out on the rings. Well, the conclusion from the above is that Harminder’s net worth is still under review.

However, coming to Harminder’s husband Dalip Singh Rana (The Great Khali), he is reportedly worth an estimated sum of $16 million as of 2019. Apart from his salary as a professional wrestler, other sources from which Dalip has gathered his net worth are his winning bonuses, endorsements, and movie appearances.

Her Height and Body Measurements

Harminder Kaur stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175cm or 1.75m). She has a slim build with her eye and hair colour both black. Her weight and other body measurements are currently not known.

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