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By now, you must be familiar with Tom Selleck, one of Hollywood’s classy veterans who has achieved a lot both professionally and personally. Selleck has been married for over 30 years, a rare accomplishment in an industry with a relationship turnover rate in the 90 percentiles. That marriage, to Jillie Mack, has, amongst many beautiful moments of companionship, produced a daughter, Hannah Margaret Selleck.

It is a wonderful thing to be born in a life of prestige that is Hollywood royalty. Although many might praise the stress and difficulty of being born into regular life, having to toil to access and secure the basic needs of life, the ease and wealth available to children born into a comfortable life like Ms. Selleck allow them to pursue interests like ballet and horse riding.

There are plenty of more interesting bits of information to consume about her life and we explore some of this below.

Hannah Margaret Selleck Biography

The comfort and glitz that Hannah Margaret Selleck now enjoys came from her parents, Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack, two Hollywood heavyweights who got married on the 7th of August, 1987. The story of her parents’ love has been told for 30-plus years and in the midst of it, their daughter was born on the 16th of December 1988.

If you are familiar with the life of Tom Selleck, you would know that before he found love in the arms of Jillie Mack, he was married to the model, Jacqueline Ray. During this relationship, he adopted Kevin Shepard who became Kevin Selleck, making him his first child and Hannah his second.

As for Hannah Margaret Selleck, we know she was born somewhere in Hollywood and after birth, her family subsequently moved to a ranch house in Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village located somewhere around California. This ranch house, which covered over 60 acres of land informed the upbringing style of the young girl who was raised on a farm with horses. The abundance of outdoor experience filled into further physical activities like soccer, gymnastics, and ballet.

As Ms. Selleck grew and learned to know herself more, she came to find that while she enjoyed the perks of living a privileged life borne by parents who are actors, the Hollywood acting life was not for her but horse riding was a pleasure she loved to indulge. She focused on it as a skill and while she grew, she became a proficient equestrian. For her education, she attended Loyola Marymount University where she studied Communication.

The daughter of the Blue Bloods actor graduated in 2011 and found herself working for a brief period in a public relations firm in Beverly Hills before she returned back to the ranch and continued to live life as a horse rider.

Facts About Tom Selleck’s Daughter

Hannah Margaret Selleck
Hannah with her parents, Tom and Jillie

1. She has won a few medals as a professional horse rider

We mentioned earlier that the lone biological child of Tom Selleck, Hannah Margaret Selleck, chose to become a horse rider and began competing in the sport as early as the age of 10. She has won the Equitation Championship, the Blenheim Summer Classic II Grand Prix, the Prix de States, and a couple more others. As a professional adult competing at the highest level, she has performed in competitions like the Gucci Masters Tournament and Longines Masters.

2. She has a soft modeling career

While Hannah Margaret Selleck will not introduce herself as a model, her exquisite figure and great looks have made her the subject of a couple of modeling campaigns for her sponsors. One of the brands she has represented or modeled for is the deodorant line, Reviver.

3. She has a charitable side

You don’t get raised by one of the most admired and quality men in Hollywood without developing a charitable side. Hannah Margaret Selleck’s philanthropy has been expressed through a couple of ways, including being the ambassador for the charity, JustWorld International.

4. She runs a Horse Breeding Farm

We did mention earlier that Ms. Selleck grew up on a farm and it appears she has stuck with the upbringing and made a business of it. She runs a horse breeding farm named Descanso Farms in California where she rears horses to be sold for sport or for her own personal use. It is a model that has sustained her life as a celebrity child and also her passion as a competitive horse rider.

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