The Untold Truth of Halsey and G Eazy’s Break Up

As much as we all don’t want our high-profile couples splitting, we still find it rewarding when such breakups lead to the making of a dope song. For instance, a lot of people are looking forward to Adele’s new project with a renewed interest since it emerged that she has parted with her husband Simon Konecki. While many waits for what Adele will drop to see if it would offer an insight to what happened to her relationship with Simon like Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” which chronicled her rocky relationship with Justin Bieber, the world has been having a field day with 2018’s “Without Me”. When Without Me was released on the 4th of October 2018, it was immediately speculated that it’s about Halsey and G Eazy break up. But then, the American singer-songwriter took to Instagram to dismiss this.

It was only in January 2019 that Halsey admitted that the song is partially about the American rapper from Oakland, California. In an interview with Glamour, Halsey disclosed that she considered a Twitter rant and live stream when she needed to address the news of her breakup with G Eazy but ultimately decided to make a song wherein she would express herself. Needless to say, this decision has paid off in no small manner as the song attained the number one spot on Billboard Hot 100. That’s a story for another day; let’s focus on the breakup of the music stars, what really happened to Halsey and G Eazy?

How Halsey and G Easy Met

The Halsey and G Eazy breakup was quite difficult for their many fans to comprehend owing to how inseparable they seemed and the affection they publicly displayed for each other. Even as it is difficult for anyone to tell how the two met, it was in August 2017 that they first gave people a reason to believe they were lovers. As it happened, G Eazy brought Halsey onstage during his Bud Light Dive Bar Tour. They performed their song “Him & I” for the first time and shared a kiss thereafter.

It spread that the two were an item and Halsey kindof confirmed it; she shared a picture of their performance which she captioned “Thank u baby”. It became official the next month that the two were seeing each other and by December, G Eazy confirmed that they were dating. He only offered that they met at a party, refusing to detail how it happened.

The Truth Behind Halsey and G Eazy Break Up

Halsey and G Eazy’s breakup practically came out of nowhere on the 3rd of July 2018. In an Instagram post, Halsey stated that she and the rapper are no longer together. Relating that she would be dedicating herself to her career, she encouraged people to respect their privacy and wished G Eazy the best in his pursuits. It was quite difficult for people to regard her plea for privacy; those rooting for them needed to know why they have fallen apart barely a month after they were seen at MTV Movie & TV Awards’ red carpet looking all lovely.

Irrespective of the fact that many have come to assume that G Eazy caused their breakup, the reason for the split is yet to be authenticated. Halsey and G Eazy have not been very forthcoming with useful details. Nonetheless, it has been reported that Halsey pulled the plug on the relationship. It is said that writing Without Me made her realize the need to stop seeing G Eazy. Albeit we are yet to confirm this, rumor has it that the rapper was seen flirting publicly with several girls while he was performing in Los Angeles.

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Is Halsey Single or Dating Again?

Halsey and Evan Peters
Halsey and Evan Peters: Image Source

Before Halsey and G Eazy eventually parted for good, it was speculated on several occasions that they had resolved their issues and were back together. After the Breakup with G Eazy, it was rumored that she was seeing Machine Gun Kelly but Halsey quickly debunked it.

In November 2018, she started dating Yungblud, an English alternative rock musician. The relationship lasted for only a while; Halsey confirmed that they were no longer together just as she and Evan Peters made their romance official on Instagram and on the red carpet at an American Horror Story event in Los Angeles. So, the openly bisexual musician is not single, the American actor is her lover.

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