Grace Seo Chang, Chef David Chang’s Wife – Everything You Should Know

Many will be familiar with the name David Chang, the famous American restaurateur who owns restaurants in America and other countries of the world, like Canada and Australia. But not much is known about his personal life particularly about his wife, Grace Seo Chang.

Many may know Grace Seo Chang as David’s beautiful wife but will be shocked to know that she is as passionate about food as her husband, especially the Korean dishes. Grace may be among the long list of celebrity wives who became popular through their husbands, but she is not resting on her oars in ensuring she is recognized for a lot more than just being the wife of a star.

Her husband, David Chang is many things from chef to television star, to an author. He is, however, best known as the founder and owner of the Momofuku restaurant group which includes several notable bars like the Ma Peche Milk Bar and the Momofuku Ssam Bar. How Chang became this wealthy and famous in the food business is a story for another day. Here in this article, our focus is on his wife, Grace Seo Chang. Here are facts to know about her.

Grace Is of Korean Ancestry

Grace only came to the limelight in 2017 after her marriage with the famous restauranteur, David Chang. Hence, much information about her life before then has not been revealed probably because, unlike her husband, she is a very private person. However, there are a few background details we were able to dig out about her. First, we know that she is Korean. She also revealed that she was raised by her mother and that she has a brother. Her mother emigrated from Korea when she was still very young.

Grace has also not revealed a thing about her educational background, neither has she spoken of her age. Her husband, David Chang is a US citizen born in Vienna, Virginia on August  5, 1977. Like Grace, David’s parents are both Korean migrants. He has a sister and two brothers.

She Is Passionate About Three Things – Food, Animals, And Fashion

Grace Seo Chang may not have also said a thing about her past career, but she definitely has given us a hint on what she really loves to do. The young beautiful lady grew up with her mom and brother and she was raised to love Korean foods. It seems Grace is very much close to her mother as she reveals that she was inspired to love cooking by her mom who apparently is a chef.

As for her love of fashion, we could not trace where or when she developed it but the information we gathered showed that she once worked in a fashion store. Grace also revealed that she has an appreciation for dogs.

She Is Not David’s First Sweetheart

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that David had a long list of beautiful ladies who loved and shared romantic moments with him. However, his most notable relationship is the one he shared with Gloria Lee, a public relations executive at the US-based Gucci, whom he heartily wished would be his wife. He even proposed to her with a diamond ring on February 9, 2013, and had taken her to meet his parents. While fans waited to hear wedding bells, the relationship ended. David revealed during an interview that Gloria left because she felt his fame might destroy her.

Did Grace Seo Chang Elope With David?

Grace Seo Chang with her husband, David Chang – image source

David and Gloria separated in September 2013 and by April 2016 he was already deeply in love with Grace. In 2017, fans who were expecting the big wedding party were left in shock when news broke out that Grace and David Chang had already tied the knot. The two got married privately with just a few friends and family members being informed about it.

During an interview, David who is a famous guest chef on many popular culinary TV shows like Top Chef and Masterchef Australia, revealed that he actually eloped with Grace so they would marry secretly but somehow, Christina Tosi, his co-judge knew about it and she sent them a chocolate chip passion fruit Milk Bar cake which served as their wedding cake. Both Grace and David are happy with their love life and announced that they were expecting their first child in 2019.

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Social Media Presence

It is amazing how Grace has become so famous on social media since her marriage to the celebrity chef and restauranteur, David Chang. Despite being a private person, her official Instagram page has over 12 thousand followers, with whom she has shared pictures of herself from various destinations around the world, and also pictures with her husband and family members.

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