Inside Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve’s Family and How Much He Is Worth

One of the greatest challenges there can be is to live in the Alaskan hinterlands and it seems to have become one of the most profitable ventures for people like Glenn Villeneuve who could pull it off. Living in Alaska, there are so many ways to earn a living. Among other things, an Alaskan settler can be a hunter, fisher or a tourist guide. Well, Nat Geo has added yet another stream of income to many Alaskan settlers by letting them feature in their long-running TV reality documentary show Life Below Zero. Glenn Villeneuve is among the six major actors on the show.

Like the rest of the Life Below Zero cast, Glenn is not a professional actor or even a TV personality. He is a professional hunter instead. But he became famous by acting in Life Below Zero. In this piece, we take a profound look at the life and career of the hunter turned actor Glenn Villeneuve. We explore his biography, net worth, education, family life and more.

Glenn Villeneuve’s Early Life and Education

Glenn Villeneuve was born on August 18, 1969. Information about his parents and childhood is very scanty. The much we know is that Glenn did not receive any formal education. Instead, from his early childhood, he fell in love with nature and the rustic lifestyle. By the time he was six, Glenn would spend hours roaming the woods of Vermont where he was born and raised. His hobbies included hunting, fishing and flying kites, his dog in tow.

It is not clear exactly when, why or how Glenn Villeneuve moved to settle in Alaska but certain reports have it that he moved in 2000. In any case, it seems quite obvious that his childhood love for adventure and the nomadic life may have played a significant role in it. This is because that sort of life has never left Glenn ever since. Is it any wonder then that he finally ended up as a professional hunter?

Glenn Villeneuve may not have received formal education. But experience has definitely been the best teacher for him. For instance, when it comes to hunting, Glenn is known to be so skillful he could have passed for a professor of hunting if there was such a thing. There is even this story of a day Glenn was surrounded by a pack of up to 20 wolves out in the wild ready to pounce on him. Facing such danger, Glenn held his cool and managed to beat the wolves to return home safely.

What is His Net Worth?

As already pointed out, Glenn Villeneuve earns a living principally as a hunter. But that was before it fell on him to be among the Life Below Zero stars. While his earning as a hunter might not be bad, it would be at a subsistence level at best. However, with Life Below Zero running since 2013, it is reasonable to believe that every one of its actors must have garnered considerable wealth from their weekly pay.

Nevertheless, while other Life Below Zero actors such as Sue Aiken’s are said to worth as much as $500,000, there is virtually no record on Glenn Villeneuve’s net worth.

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Meet Glenn Villeneuve’s Wife And Children

Glenn Villeneuve and kids
Glenn Villeneuve poses with his daughters and son: Image Source

Glenn has a life partner named Trisha Kazan but he is not legally married to her. This is why she is referred to as his ‘partner’ instead of ‘wife’. It is also why Trisha’s surname remains Kavan instead of Villeneuve.

However, in June 2017, Trisha bore a bouncing baby girl for Glenn. The baby’s name is Agatha. Glenn already has a son and a daughter from his previous marriage while Trisha has a daughter from her own previous relationship.

Glenn’s son from a previous relationship is named Wolf Song and he has an elder sister named Willow Leave. Then, Amelia is Trisha Kavan’s daughter from a previous relationship. Glenn seems to have a very good relationship with all the aforementioned. He refers to Willow Leave, Amelia and Agatha equally as ‘my daughters’ and Wolve Song as ‘my son’. And he loves showing them off on social media.

Meanwhile, one wonders why Glenn Villeneuve chose to name his son Wolf. Could this be an oblique tribute to his wild neighbors the wolves? Well, so it seems, but we can’t be absolutely certain.

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