Pointers to Giorgia Gabriele’s Modeling Success and All About Her Relationship with Gianluca Vacchi

Giorgia Gabriele was involved in two professions that had the potential to make her famous; she was a fashion designer and a model. But fame is a tricky mistress who can be unpredictable, that is why Gabriele cannot point to any of her professions as the root cause of her popularity, but to a viral video of her dancing to a song.

The song, La Mordidita by Ricky Martin catapulted Giorgia from the fringe end of the social ladder into one of the top names in Italian fashion and Instagram modeling. Not only has her fashion business experienced a significant boost in popularity, but her Instagram account has become one with millions of followers as numerous fans seek to know about the fashionista.

Social Media Gave Giorgia The Exposure She Needed as a Model

Giorgia Gabriele was born on the 27th of December 1985 in Soro, Italy. Though we don’t have the details of her childhood, it is common knowledge that she grew up nursing an interest in the fashion industry.

She attended Lumsa in Rome where she graduated with a degree in Economics and Business. By the time she completed her higher education, the beautiful model had registered her interest in the entertainment industry.

This may not be known but she only launched her modeling career after making her debut on television. Yes, it was at the age of 19 that the model cum businesswoman made her foray into the world of entertainment. She featured as a showgirl in a television show and since then, Giorgia has continued to appear in various capacities on Italian TV, including in reality shows.

After a while, she began to grace the pages of magazines as a model. But things got better for her when she decided to embrace social media. Joining Instagram gave the young model the needed opportunity to sell what she does and increase her market exposure. With that, her modeling career blossomed and she started getting invites to feature in popular fashion shows across Italy and in Paris. Also, she got offers to represent and campaign for various brands.

Giorgia Gabriele Now Owns a Fashion Company

From what is obvious, Giorgia Gabrielle is also a very shrewd businesswoman. Having nursed a healthy interest in fashion since childhood, the fashionista found it easy to create her own fashion company called Wandering. It focuses on selling expensive and luxurious designer clothing to elite customers.

The company wasn’t an immediate success as both Giorgia Gabriele and the company existed in the peripherals of fame until fate came calling in the form of a 2016 video of herself and her then-boyfriend Gianluca Vacchi, dancing to the song La Mordidita by Ricky Martin. The video went viral with over 13 million views.

Unexpectedly, the viral video sparked public interest in Giorgia’s personal and professional life. As it brought her a lot of exposure, she was able to direct the attention to her company and it paid off. The popularity of her fashion company soared and has gained millions of followers on social media.

She Has Her Modeling Career to Thank for Her Wealth

Giorgia Gabriele got increased attention and popularity when her video went viral in 2016 and she has been able to maintain that relevance which has translated into financial revenue for the model. Her company equally benefited from the exposure, as we have already discussed.

The level of popularity Wandering experienced had a snowballing effect on the company as more and more people continued to patronize the brand. In addition to the income that comes from the company, Giorgia’s other engagements account for her wealth which has been variously estimated to be anywhere around $1 and $5 million.

Meet Her Ex-partner Gianluca Vacchi

Giorgia Gabriele
Giorgia Gabriele with her ex-partner, Gianluca Vacchi: image source

When the video went viral in 2016, Giorgia Gabriele was in a romantic relationship with Gianluca Vacchi, an entrepreneur with multiple investments. Gianluca is an Italian millionaire who owes his wealth to several business ventures, a career in music and acting, as well as proceeds emanating from the sale of his books.

As an actor, Gianluca Vacchi has appeared in television series like Misión Exclusive and Las Campos. The musician has several songs to his credit which include Subelo y Bajalo, Mueve, LOVE, Waglio, Come On & Show ‘Em, and Trump-It. He is the proud owner of SEA (Società Europea Autocaravan) manufacturing company, a multi-million dollar venture.

The Model Met Vacchi In 2010

The couple reportedly met in 2010, while Giorgia was involved in another relationship. Seeing no chance of a romantic entanglement with Giorgia Gabriele, Vacchi became her friend in a platonic relationship that lasted for three years before they commenced dating after the model broke up with her boyfriend.

The Gabriele-Vacchi romance which took-off in 2014 lasted for three years before they decided to go their separate ways in 2017. While it lasted, the couple seemed averse to the scrutiny caused by their vast age difference of 18 years. They even took to social media platforms to brandish the details of their affair to fans and the general public. However, all those social media uploads came to an end with the demise of their love life.

It was speculated that they parted ways because Vacchi had his eyes on a younger lady. This seemingly proved to be true as Gabriele was replaced by the Venezuelan model Sharon Fonseca, who is several years younger. The duo recently took to social media to announce that they were expecting a baby boy.

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Giorgia Has Found Another Lover

As earlier mentioned, Giorgia Gabriele was already taken when Vacchi came into her life. The fine businesswoman was an item with popular Italian footballer, Christian Vieri, whom she dated for several years before their dalliance hit the rocks.

Since her romance with Gianluca Vacchi came to an end, Giorgia Gabriele has gotten into a relationship with Andrea Grilli, a chief commercial officer working for New Guards Group. The couple has been seen in public on several occasions and has traveled to exotic places like St. Bart’s.

Also, their relationship has seen the birth of a son named Matteo.

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