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For all the flaws about America and there are quite a few, it has also been, for the most part, one of the few places in the world where a person can be true to themselves and still live a full life pursuing and living their dreams. It is one of the few places where a gay man like Gio Benitez can become a notable journalist appearing as a correspondent on one of the nation’s leading television networks.

Benitez has been a part of one of the most important industries in human society since 2009. In that time, he has worked on a number of television shows including the extremely popular Good Morning America and Nightline. The excellence of his work has further earned him numerous awards.

Gio Benitez Biography

Gio Benitez’s very magical life began on the 29th of October, 1985 in Miami, Florida. He was raised in the sunshine state where he spent at least the next two decades of his life growing through the various stages of human development. He started his academic life at Miami Coral Park High School, finishing in 2004 before moving on to Florida International University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Sociology. He graduated from the school in 2008.

Benitez may not have studied journalism or a variation of the subject to explain his career thus far but the Miami-native began his career in 2009 and worked as a reporter for a few media houses before he joined ABC News where he became popular in 2013.

Before ABC News, he worked for television houses like the CBS affiliate station, WFOR in Miami. A reporter is judged based on the quality of stories they report on and the way they report it. Gio Benitez, while he was working for WFOR, got a chance to report on major stories like the infamous case of Trayvon Martin and the 2012 Presidential Election. Other stories he has reported on are the Medicare fraud and the Haiti disaster in 2010.

Before joining ABC News, he recorded a few individual achievements including becoming the first journalist to report a story entirely with an iPhone. It is believed that he had gotten his start in journalism through the Emma L. Bowen Foundation.

The excellence by which he reported on major topics eventually got him a position on a national television network. Since he joined ABC News, he has seen a steady rise in his popularity and exposure as he has worked and reported for several of the network’s major news shows from Good Morning America to World News Tonight with David Muir, and Nightline.

Over time, the excellence he has exhibited in the course of doing his work has earned him several accolades, including five nominations for the prestigious Emmy Awards, an award he has won at least twice.

Family Details and His Gay Husband

Gio Benitez
Gio and husband, Tommy

When the United States Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal in the country in June 2015, it gave a chance for Gio Benitez to experience the fullness of love and companionship with his husband, Tommy DiDario. The couple got married on the 16th of April, 2016, more than a year after their engagement on September 17, 2015.

The couple is said to have met on the social media platform, Instagram where they struck off a friendship that developed into a relationship that lasted for 8 months before they decided to commit to spending the rest of their lives together.

Not much is known about Gio Benitez’s husband but the little information available says he is a lifestyle writer who has written across various topics like health and fitness, fashion, travel, and grooming. He is also a model who has appeared as an actor in films like Broadway City in 2014.

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Gio Benitez spends a lot of time in front of the camera in front of millions of Americans every day but there are still certain pieces of information about the journalist that is unknown, some of which are the identity of his parents and the existence of siblings.

All we know so far is Benitez was born to Cuban Parents and he is an accomplished Spanish speaker, suggesting he was raised in a Spanish speaking community.

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