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If you have seen the film, The Great Debaters, or the crime drama series, The Closer, or the superhero show, Arrow, then there is a likelihood that you have seen Gina Ravera, the African American and Puerto Rican actress who has been in the industry for over two and a half decades.

Although she had a brief hiatus in 2014, only to return to active acting in 2018, Gina Ravera has had a significant amount of success as an actress, if not in the number of awards or her net worth, but definitely in the amount of films and television shows her talent has enabled her to appear in. Some of them have been classic works such as The Great Debaters. In this article, we take a closer look at her career and the general life of the actress. Read on to learn more.

Gina Ravera’s Biography

Gina Ravera was born on the 20th of May, 1966 in San Francisco, California to parents who were African American and Puerto Rican. Much of her background is unknown but we know she began her life with a resident interest in becoming an entertainer. Thus, she began years of training as a classical dancer for what was supposed to be a career as a professional dancer.

But sometimes, life has bigger plans than our dreams and so Gina Ravera, who had spent a considerable portion of her life training as a dancer, began life as an actress at the age of 24, making her first appearance in a minor role in the film, Lambada.

Since then, she has gone on to star in a plethora of films and TV shows, with her only major break happening in 2014, for reasons that so far, remain unknown. She returned to work as an actress in 2018 and has continued to work ever since.

Movies and TV Shows

Her career in performance art began in dancing but eventually led to her first on-screen role in 1990 as Funk Queen in the film, Lambada. In the same year, she made an appearance in the TV Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as Cheryl. Throughout the 90s, Gina Ravera continued her upward climb as an on-screen actress through appearances in shows like Reasonable Doubts, True Colors, Melrose Place, Days of Our Lives, Frasier and many others.

She got one of her most significant roles yet in 1999, when she was cast to play Jocelyn House in the show, Time of Your Life. She starred in 19 episodes of the show between 1999 and 2000 and appeared in the TV Movie, Rhapsody after her time ended on the show.

Gina Ravera
Gina Ravera with her colleges during the premiere of the play, A Raisin in the Sin

She got a chance to star in another major role in 2007 when she was cast as Ruth Tolson in The Great Debaters. Before then, she had begun playing Irene Daniels in The Closer and Dr. Bettina DeJesus in ER.

Over the course of her career, Gina Ravera has starred in over 50 movies and tv shows and has received a number of award nominations for her various works, including two Imagen Awards nominations for her work on The Closer. Although she only appeared in two episodes, she has also received an award nomination for her work on The Temptations, which she appeared in 1998 as Josephine.

Gina Ravera’s Net Worth

With a career that has spanned over two decades and has recorded appearances in over 50 films and TV shows, it comes as no surprise that Gina Ravera has a net worth of $2 million.

The San Francisco-born actress’ net worth has gotten significant contributions from appearances in The Closer, ER and Time of Your Life where she appeared in multiple episodes of the respective shows.

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Husband or Boyfriend

For a majority of the human population, getting married is still a goal that many look forward to but if the available information is anything to go by, that is not a belief that Gina Ravera shares.

Since she became a member of the industry in 1990, Gina Ravera hasn’t been known to be in a relationship with anyone, which is remarkable in an industry where success often means giving up your personal privacy.

If Gina Ravera has been in any relationships since she joined the industry, she has done a good job of keeping it out of the reach of the press. One thing is however certain, the ER actress is not a married woman.

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