Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli
Gianni Giannulli's father and stepmom: Image Source

Mossimo Gianulli, the founder of the American lifestyle sportswear and accessories company, Mossimo, had only average fame until recently: he made news headlines when he and his wife Lori Loughlin were arrested among many others in connection to the 2019 US nationwide college admissions bribery scandal. Mossimo has 3 children, two daughters and a son named Gianni Giannulli. Let’s learn more about Gianni, shall we?

Who Is Gianni Giannulli?

Born as Gianni Gene Giannuli, he is Mossimo Giannulli’s son from a relationship he had before he married his current wife Lori Loughlin. However, details about Gianni’s mother is lacking. So are other details about him, including his birth date and educational background. We, however, know that his family descended from Italy. He was named ‘Gene’ after his paternal grandfather who lived, worked, and died as an architect.

In any case, Gianni Giannulli is most famous as the founder of a food company known as The Smart Co. The company itself is known with its signature toaster pastry, The Smart Tart, which is said to be its only product at the moment. Sold on The Smart Co’s website and on Amazon, Smart Tart is reputed for being all made with natural ingredients which makes it stand out among similar products. For instance, it’s flavors and jam fillings are said to be derived from real fruits.

Apart from The Smart Co, another source from which we have some traces of Gianni Giannuli is through social media. He has a presence on Instagram. However, his Instagram account looks deserted, with just 91 followers at the time of making this post.

Gianni Giannulli’s Family Members

His Father

Apart from what is already said above, here are a few more facts about Gianni’s father Mossimo Giannulli. He was born into a middle-class Italian immigrant family in 1963. While his father Gene was an architect, his mother Nancy was a homemaker. He lived with his family in Encino California where he was raised. Mossimo’s first name was rendered as ‘Massimo’ but he changed it at school to make it easy for Americans to pronounce.

Gianni’s father once aspired to become an architect like his own father. So, he went to the University of South Carolina (USC) to study business and architecture. But he dropped out along the line to start his clothing line ‘Mossimo’ in 1986. Twenty years later, he sold the company to Iconix Brand Group.

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Gianni Giannulli’s Stepmother Lori Loughlin

Mossimo Giannulli married the actress, model, and film producer Lori Anne Loughlin sometime after he severed his relationship with Gianni Giannulli’s mother. By that token, therefore, Lori has become Gianni’s stepmother.

Lori has movie roles in both film and TV to the tune of 62 since 1979 that her career kicked off. But she is probably best known for starring as ‘Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis’ in the ABC sitcom Full House between 1988 and 1995 (8 years). Before that, between 1980 and 1983, she featured regularly as ‘Jody Travis’ on the CBS mystery series, The Edge Of Night. She was also ‘Debbie Wilson in The CW teen drama series 90210 between 2008 and 2012. Moreso, she starred as ‘Jennifer Shannon’ in Hallmark/Bravo’s mystery film series Garage Sale Mystery between 2013 and 2018. Until her recent arrest, Lori starred as ‘Abigail Stanton’ in Hallmark Channel’s drama series, When Calls The Heart.

Gianni’s Half-Sisters

Gianni Giannulli's half-sisters
Gianni Giannulli’s half-sisters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose: Image source

The rising Youtube star Olivia Jade Giannulli is the younger of the two daughters that Lori Loughlin bore for Gianni Giannulli’s father. Olivia’s elder sister Isabella is aspiring to become a great actress just like their mother. By virtue of being Lori’s daughters, both women are half-sisters to Gianni Giannulli.

Both Olivia and Isabella were students at the University of South Carolina (USC) until the college admission scandal broke out and got their family in its whirlpool. Although there is no indication that the ladies dropped out or were rusticated from USC officially, reports have it that they have very much stayed away from campus since the scandal emerged.

Then, there is this general belief that their future at USC is uncertain since their admission into the institution is the reason their parents have been arrested. If the inappropriacy of their admission is eventually proved, they may be hacked officially from the enrollment register at USC according to an announcement from Operation Varsity Blues.

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