Interesting Facts About Gianna Toboni’s Husband and Career Achievements

If one desires fame and wealth, journalism isn’t particularly the profession to go into. Regardless, every once in a while, some journalists manage to achieve fame, with those who are at the highest level of their profession, breaking essential stories and becoming the face of shows on news organizations like CNN, Fox News, or BBC. As such, Gianna Toboni has been able to achieve fame through a combination of her works on popular news outlets like Al Jazeera and ABC News.

She further cemented her popularity by appearing in an HBO show, Vice. Her journey has been quite an interesting one with a humble beginning.

Gianna Toboni Started Her Career as an Intern

America is known for producing several important personalities, many of whom have achieved global fame and influence through their work. There is one state that has produced a lot of this category of people and that is California. It is a trait that Gianna Toboni shares, having been born in San Francisco on the 14th of July, 1988. Gianna is one of four children born to her parents. One of her siblings is Jacqueline Toboni, an actress popular for her role in a television show, Grimm.

One noteworthy fact about Gianna is that she comes from a family of baseball fans. According to her, her name would have been Kirby Puckett Toboni had the baseball player won the Most Valuable Player Award in the 1987 World Series.

Gianna Toboni was raised in San Francisco, eventually leaving her home to attend college at New York University after she completed her high school education. She studied journalism at New York University, a choice supposedly inspired by her family. A career in journalism starts with an internship for college students, and Gianna’s was no different. Her career as a journalist began as an intern in one of the media organizations before she graduated and earned a job at one of America’s biggest news organizations, ABC. She joined and worked as a field producer, a digital correspondence, and a booker.

After a couple of years at ABC, Gianna’s passion for the profession drove her to leave the comfort of the company and head over to Haiti, where she shot a documentary about sexual abuse of women and minors by UN Peacekeepers.

Gianna Toboni
Gianna Toboni and Isobel Young: image source

It was an ambitious effort achieved through her fund-raising ventures and tenacity. More than just drawing attention to an inhuman crisis, the documentary also helped boost her career. The piece was acquired by Vice, a documentary television show on HBO.

The popularity of the documentary led Gianna Toboni to a job as a staff of the show, joining a team alongside notable television personality Isobel Young. Since she became a part of the Vice team, she has covered several stories across multiple countries. Gianna’s investigative reporting has seen her travel to over 20 nations, covering important stories such as the Egyptian Tomb Raiders, interviewing ISIS fighters, and heading to the frontline of the war in Iraq.

Her Work Has Earned Her Plenty of Accolades

The authenticity of her work and the desire to take on hard-hitting stories has gotten Gianna Toboni recognized by other news organizations like Al Jazeera. She has received awards at both the national and international levels in recognition of her quality journalism.

Gianna Toboni’s many prizes include the GLAAD Award, which she won in 2013 for Outstanding TV Journalism, an Emmy Award nomination, and a 2014 Webby Award for Best Documentary Series. Gianna has also featured in one of the most coveted conference platforms in the world, the TEDx Talk, she got an invite to talk at the conference in 2014.

Other notable achievements include getting named in Forbes 2016 30 under 30 and Front Page Award by Newswomen’s Club of New York. She won the latter for her report on transgender youth.

Gianna Toboni’s Personal Life

When you are a journalism star-like Gianna Toboni is, there is increased interest in your personal life by the public. Well, Gianna, whose profession is the pursuit of truth and transparency, has not shied away from giving the public the same when it comes to her personal life.

She has been married to her long-term boyfriend, Kyle Buckley, since 2017. Although very little is known about Kyle Buckley, whom she started dating in 2012, the couple has been living a happy life together since their relationship began. Through her social media pages, especially Instagram, Gianna has shown the world glimpses of her relationship with her husband, uploading photos and videos of her family at will. The couple got married on the 2nd of September 2017.

Unfortunately, while Gianna’s professional life is in full view of the public, the same cannot be said for her husband. Other than the fact he is the lucky husband of the award-winning journalist, there is currently no information about him and his career.

Since Gianna and Kyle Buckley got married, the couple has welcomed a child. We don’t know the exact birth details of their child, but social media evidence suggests it was 2019. Although Gianna travels the world as a profession, she and her husband live in Sonoma, California.

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Is She Gay?

Gianna Toboni is known to be a supporter of human rights, which include LGBTQ rights. Her outward look, which typically features short hair and tomboyish clothing, has drawn rumours of her being gay. However, to the best of our knowledge, she isn’t. She maintains a romantic relationship with a man in the person of Kyle Buckley, confirming her heterosexual status.

Gianna Toboni Is Not The Only Popular One In Her Family

Gianna Toboni
Gianna and her sister Jacqueline – image source

Gianna Toboni might be the most popular media personality in her family, but she is certainly not the only one. The other is Jacqueline Toboni, the youngest of the family’s children. She completed her education at the University of Michigan before she began an acting journey at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Jacqueline’s first credit was in 2013 when she appeared in the short movie, Fender Bender. Since then, she has made appearances in more than ten films and TV shows, including her most famous roles as Trubel in Grimm and Jo in Easy. Other parts include Jamie in The Bygone and Sarah Finley in The L Word: Generation Q.

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