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RuPaul is an American who has become so famous as a drag queen that he is now considered a ‘drag’ standard, winning Emmys and getting named on high profile lists for his drag performances. Well, if you guessed that RuPaul might be gay, you are certainly right: he has a husband named Georges LeBar.

RuPaul is already well-known but not quite many people know about his husband. So, this post focuses on Georges LeBar. We are here to discuss all the significant facts there are to know about the man. Stay with us and scroll down.

Georges Lebar Bio

Georges is a Wyoming-based Australian rancher. He was born somewhere in Australia on January 24, 1973. Although overwhelming reports on him show that he is super-rich, Georges LeBar has been living a low profile life away from the media spotlight. But, that was only until he came to be associated with the media superstar, RuPaul.

So, while we are still digging up details about Georges’ life and concerns prior to being associated with RuPaul, let us get busy with what we can know for now. Georges is reportedly 13 years younger than his partner RuPaul who was born on November 17, 1960. The duo is said to have met on LeBar’s birthday in 1994 at a New York nightclub dancehall. Then, after having a romantic relationship for long 23 years, they married each other, again on LeBar’s birthday in 2017.

Their wedding was a private affair. So, the media was oblivious of it until two months later when RuPaul made it public in an interview. According to RuPaul, Georges LeBar owns a 6000-acre ranch located in Wyoming and is too busy with his business to care about the media. Thus, LeBar has no social media presence like his partner.

Georges LeBar RuPaul Wedding
Georges LeBar and RuPaul at their wedding in January 2017: Image source

His Net Worth

Georges LeBar is said to be a painter, an author, and a rancher. He reportedly wrote at least two books that we know about, namely, Six Inches Away and Pillowtalk. While he surely has been making good money from these sources, we have no way to know the figures precisely.

Then, considering his status as a ranch owner, we have this to offer: according to Chron’s analysis, male ranchers and agricultural managers in the U.S. earn as much as an average income of $55,803 per year. Then, according to BLS, farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers earn a median annual income of $69,620 per year and $33.47 per hour. Their earning, however, fluctuates based on factors such as tax policy and economic indices that may affect the overhead cost of running the ranch.

In any case, the above figures give us more than a rough idea of how much Georges LeBar has earned over the years. As we do not know other facts and figures (like how many years he has run the ranch and the liabilities he has incurred), we are not able to compute the exact value of his wealth. All the sources we have consulted have not been helpful in this regard. Well, we told you the man is very much a private person. So, while we still dig, LeBar’s net worth remains under review.

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Other Facts About Georges Lebar

His Horoscope Is Aquarius

For those who consider astrology an important way of judging people’s life and personality, this is for you. Based on his date of birth, Georges LeBar’s sun sign is Aquarius. Describing a typical Aquarius male, says he is the kind of guy that many people are curious about, but few people ever truly understand.

The reason this happens is that these men are often perceived as being either ahead of their time or having ideas that are so radical and new that most people aren’t ready to hear them. Furthermore, Aquarius males are said to feel removed from most of society and thrive best when they find a few like-minded individuals with whom they can share their far-seeing visions of the future. Well, this seems to describe much of LeBar as we have seen.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Georges LeBar is of the white Caucasian ethnicity. He holds the nationality of both Australia and the United States of America. We have not been able to trace his ancestral roots.

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