Who Exactly is George Santo Pietro (Vanna White’s Ex-Husband) and What is He Known For?

George Santo Pietro is a foremost American businessman and camera technician who owns a couple of restaurants in California. Notable among them is the Santopietro, a popular Italian restaurant located in Bel-Air, California near Mulholland Drive, which served as a hotspot for Hollywood stars back in the eighties. He also runs another restaurant called Sushi-Ko in the same neighborhood.

More so, Santo Pietro went from being a restaurant owner to becoming the spouse of a notable media personality, Vanna White. His wife, Vanna White, rose to the limelight following her role as the host of the popular American TV game, Wheel of Fortune. Pietro and his wife lasted only 12 years together before their marriage hit the rocks. Details of the events leading to the divorce and ultimate end of the marriage will be provided as we progress.

The Italian businessman and his ex-wife are both successful in their own right, and to date, the name George Santo Pietro keeps arising in everyday discourse, with many wanting to find out more about the successful businessman. It is our utmost intention to furnish you with information regarding Pietro’s background, his marriage to the television sensation, and what led to their divorce, among other things you didn’t know before.

George Santo Pietro’s Background

Pietro was born on December 12, 1946, in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America. Not much is known about the restaurateur’s early life and family background asides the fact that he was raised in a Christian home in California. Despite popular belief that the businessman is of Italian ancestry, we can only confirm that he holds an American nationality, and he is of white ethnicity.

Carefully listening to George talk and looking at how well he has been able to manage his businesses, it is safe to assume that he is highly educated. However, we are at an impasse at which institutions he attended and the academic qualifications and certifications he has obtained over the years. This is primarily due to Pietro’s reluctance to talk about his childhood.

Details of His Career And Achievements

The widely acclaimed businessman is a well-known restaurateur in California. Just as we previously highlighted at the beginning of this article, Pietro owns the famous Santopietro Italian restaurant situated in the Mulholland Drive neighborhood of Bel-Air, California. The restaurant, which was founded in the ‘80s, served as a well-known hangout for popular Hollywood celebrities.

Subsequently, he went on to set-up another restaurant called Sushi-Ko in California. The restaurant was famous for its sushi and had an exclusive clientele. At this point, it is important to note that Pietro started as a businessman before setting out fully into the entertainment industry, as many people think that it was the entertainment industry that made him earn his fortune.

To shed more light on his journey into the world of showbiz, sources have it that Pietro, who is now a talented camera technician, developed a liking for cinema at a very young age. He enrolled in several cinematography classes, which helped furnish him thoroughly. George Santo Pietro’s first stint in Hollywood was as a dolly grip for Beverly Hills, 90210, and ever since then, he has gone on to serve in the production teams of several top Hollywood films, as well as television series. Notable among them are Star Trek, Voyager, Interstellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, True Blood, L.A Doctors, and The Big Bang Theory.

George Pietro’s Relationship with Vanna White

George Santo Pietro
George Pietro and Vanna White image source

It may interest you to know that the American businessman was already a divorcee before meeting Vanna White. Pietro tied the nuptial knot for the first time with Linda Evans, an American actress, sometime in 1981. The union, which was later dissolved in 1984, was blessed with a lovely daughter named Andrea. Barely a year after his divorce, he met the lovely television star.

On her part, Vanna White is a widely acclaimed film actress and media personality. The South Carolina native rose to stardom after she appeared as the host of popular the Wheel of Fortune reality show. White gained widespread recognition and praise for her excellent hosting of the show.

George Santo Pietro and White met for the first time at a dinner date in Studio City set up by their mutual friends Tracy Vaccaro and Jessie Eastland. A few years down the line, the lovebirds got married in a private wedding ceremony held in Aspen, Colorado, on December 31, 1989. The couple ought to welcome their first child a few years after their wedding but, The Wheel of Fortune crooner suffered a miscarriage in 1992. However, that didn’t deter them from trying again.

George Santo Pietro
Vanna White with her kids, Nicholas and Giovanna image source

The couple finally welcomed their first child, a boy named Nicholas in 1994. Three years after the birth of Nicholas, their daughter Giovanna was born. However, a few years after the birth of Giovanna, marital issues began to erupt between the Pietros. As time went by, the marriage couldn’t withstand the shock caused by the disputes, which ultimately led to the annulment of the marriage in 2002. The divorce proceeding was finalized in November 2002, with the judge granting George Santo Pietro and Vanna equal custody of their two children.

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Other Interesting Facts About The Restaurateur

1. George Santo Pietro Got Married For The Third Time In 2005

Following his divorce from Vanna White, Pietro decided to give marriage another trial; this time, it was with the TV presenter, Melissa Mascari. The couple got married on October 8, 2005. Their union was blessed in 2007 with a lovely daughter who they named Chiara Santo Pietro. So far so good, the marriage has been blissful and happy.

2. The Notable Restaurateur has invested heavily in Real Estate

In his later years, George also ventured into real estate and has acquired various properties in exotic locations around the United States. The astute businessman made the switch into real estate following the economic potential it holds. Pietro has been involved in multi-million dollar real estate deals across the United States of America. He also develops estates asides buying and selling properties.

3. George Santo Pietro Has Made Fortune For Himself

Pietro has multiple streams of income that stem from his businesses and other ventures. The business mogul is estimated to have a net worth of $14 million. This figure is likely to be more following his many involvements in real estate and restaurant business. Pietro also amassed a significant fortune from his time in Hollywood, and he is known to be living a very luxurious life.

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