Genevieve Gorder Net Worth: How Does She Make and Spend Her Money?

An international award-winning TV star and interior designer with a remarkable resume, Genevieve Gorder has been a regular face in the spotlight for more than a decade, accomplishing what most people deem impossible. This is due to her genuine passion, design sagacity, as well as her profound style which stood her out as one of America’s most loved interior designers. The two-time Emmy nominee has also established herself as a versatile talent as evidenced in the way she effectively combines and excels as a TV host, producer, businesswoman, and product ambassador, all of which has translated to wealth for the hardworking designer. Here’s how she makes and spends her money, as well as how much she is worth.

Who Is Genevieve Gorder?

On July 26, 1974, the TV personality and interior designer made her entrance into the world in the major city of Minnesota known as Minneapolis. She was nurtured by her parents; Diana Drake and Jon Gorder who did their best to ensure she got a top-class education, enrolling her in one of the oldest public schools in Minneapolis named South High School.

Genevieve also studied International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College based in Portland Oregon for two years (1992 to 1994). In 1994, she moved to Manhattan, New York for an internship in MTV where her passion for TV became glary.

After her exposure to graphic design courses, the TV host decided to switch course and consequently joined the School of Visual Arts. Genevieve later obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts and was lucky to be offered a job by MTV. This led her to stay back in New York City and pursue her TV dream.

Though she started out her journey in the limelight as a commentator on the MTV series, Sex in the 90s, it is as a designer that she became enormously famous. One of her most acclaimed TV work is the TLC hit series Trading Spaces which also appearing as a designer in its spinoff show, Trading Spaces: Family. In 2005, she hosted her own show, Town Haul and from this moment, her life changed completely due to the success of the show.

The show actually gave her the confidence to host Dear Genevieve on the HGTV cable channel in 2009. On the popular show which gathered loyal fans, Genevieve shared her designing knowledge with the world while solving design problems.

Her next stop in 2015 was as a design host at the White House, through which she gave her audience a glimpse of Christmas decoration at Washington DC. Gorder had also appeared as a judge in 25 episodes of the show Design Star on HGTV from 2009 to 2012, it was renamed HGTVstar in 2013.

She was also a regular face in Genevieve’s Renovation which premiered in 2014 and ran for six episodes. On the show, she went personal, sharing with the world what her life as a designer is like.

Throughout her career, she has featured in over 19 lifestyle shows around the world and gained a reputation for working barefooted which according to her is a way of avoiding ruining shoes. She satirized her habit of no footwear in a series of Swiffer sweeper commercials on TV.

Since 2018, Genevieve has appeared on Netflix’s Stay Here as not just a star of the show but also as its executive producer. Other channels where Gorder is a regular personality include HGTV, Sony Channel Asia, The Design Network. She is also a regular contributor on The Rachael Ray Show.

Apart from her lengthy TV and social media works, the interior design guru has designed for many clients and companies such as hotels, restaurants, cities, private clients and cruise lines.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Genevieve Gorder?

Genevieve Gorder and her husband Christian Dunbar
Genevieve Gorder and her husband Christian Dunbar – Image Source

As a jack of all trade and master of all who is known as the founder and director of the Genevieve Gorder brand, a contributing author, a world ambassador for home and human rights, TV host and a home product designer, it is expected that Genevieve Gorder has built an empire for herself. Naturally, she has made sufficient fortune from her long-time productive endeavors.

In 2009, following the premiere of Dear Genevieve, it was revealed that the reality stars can earn up to 40,000 per episode of the show that ran for six seasons. Going by this estimate, Genvieve possibly earned between $2 to $3 million from the show.

In addition to her TV earning, she possibly earns over $5,000 from one sponsored Instagram post which, based on reports, is payable to people with over 100,000 followers. So, being a verified social media sensation (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook) there are indications that Genevieve Gorder nets about $100,000 annually on average for her frequent postings. These many sources have accumulated a net worth of $5 million for her.

How Does She Make and Spend Her Money?

It is apparent that Gorder makes much of her money from her numerous appearances on shows, retail lines of furniture and decor, social media influencing and many lifestyle collections to her name – including rugs, wallpapers, etc. Having said this, the 5ft 10in tall interior designer lives the life of her dreams in Manhattan with her daughter Bebelle Harcott from her previous relationship and her furniture designer husband Christian Dunbar who she married in 2018.

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