Geneva Ayala – Bio, Family & Facts About XXXTentacion Ex-Girlfriend

Geneva Ayala is an Instagram sensation and aspiring model who works in a store in her local community of Broward, Florida. She has built a strong followership for herself on Instagram by posting several shots of herself. However, she became really popular when she initially began an on and off relationship with then-fast rising rap artiste, XXXTentacion.

As the relationship solidified and they began dating proper, she claimed that the rapper abused and assaulted her several times, and reported him to the local police. This led to the rapper spending some time in jail for his crime before his death.


Geneva Ayala was born in Broward County, Florida on August 13, 1996. There is no information made available by Ayala or those who know her about her educational history. She was known to have worked at a Fast Food outlet in the Broward area, and she did some small scale modeling – especially via Instagram.

Geneva Ayala’s Family

There is hardly anything concrete as regards the family of Geneva, most especially as regards the names of her parents. There are reports, however, that her parents were probably separated prior to, or after her birth. Her mother, who initially took custody of her, was alleged to be in some sort of financial mess and had to send her off to live with her grandmother when she was just 4 years old. She would live with her grandmother for another 8 years, after which she went to stay with her mother following the death of her grandmother.

Ayala stayed with her mother for another 4 years until things went sour when she turned 16. Rumors have it that her mother didn’t want anything to do with her again and suddenly moved out of the house to stay with her boyfriend. She stopped supporting Ayala financially and also stopped buying groceries in the house. She also stopped paying the electricity and water bills, and it became very difficult for Ayala to continue living there. It was believed that neighbors initially came to Ayala’s aid by giving her some money to settle some bills, but eventually, that help ceased too.

Things got so bad for Geneva Ayala that she had to sleep in the local park near her area, and also at bus shelters. She eventually found her way around this, and was believed to have moved in either with one of her friends or with her boyfriend at that time.

Facts About XXXTETACION Ex-girlfriend

1. How she Met the Rapper

Geneva Ayala
Geneva Ayala and XXXTENTACION (Image Source)

Ayala became famous when news broke that she was the girlfriend of the late fast rising and chart-topping young rapper, popularly referred to as XXXTentacion – whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy.

They met in very unusual circumstances via social media when she made it public knowledge that she was being mistreated by her then-boyfriend. XXXtentacion reached out to her, condemning her boyfriend and promising to fight with her boyfriend at a date and location that he chooses. Unfortunately, the boyfriend did not show up, and the fight could not proceed as intended.

This gesture by XXXtentacion somehow got to Geneva Ayala, and they began an on and off relationship around 2014.

2. Assault Charges Against XXXTentacion

In late 2016, Ayala got pregnant for her rapper boyfriend. This disclosure did not go down well with the rapper, who vehemently denied that the baby was his, and their relationship became strained.

In the same year, around October, she filed a report with the police accusing her boyfriend of assault and battery. She alleged that the rapper had abused her physically and verbally several times; she further stated that he had beaten her while she was pregnant with his child, and had even threatened to kill her. In a report she made available from Broward Health center after she was examined by a medical doctor, she was diagnosed to have suffered a broken bone in her face, which they believe could cause her to suffer convulsion or brain damage. She also posted a picture in which she had a red eye and a swollen face.

Police arrested the rapper on charges of assault and improper imprisonment, and he was sent to jail for a while but was later released on bail. Sadly the rapper died after he was shot multiple times in what was said to be an apparent robbery.

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3. Geneva Ayala’s Gofundme Campaign 

Ayala started a Gofundme campaign with the aim of raising $ 25,000 for surgery, to repair the damage done to her face by her ex-boyfriend, XXXTentacion. The account not only met its goal but surpassed it, as she was able to raise more than the $ 34,000 needed for her surgery.

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