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Being funny is definitely a serious and lucrative business and people like Garrett Watts are using their incredible hilarity to make a name for themselves on the internet. Garrett is an American YouTube personality who has become one of the highly talked about people on social media because of the very hilarious contents he creates and posts online. Clearly a fun person, Garrett has developed an incredible penchant for cracking ribs and has been described as the man with an “epic sense of humor” by many fans who throng his channel daily to watch him do his thing.

Having started his career on YouTube on a low-key note, he has worked hard over the years and has managed to make his presence very visible on the video-sharing platform. The YouTuber now has millions of subscribers who are often left howling with laughter after watching his DIY videos.

Garrett Watts Bio & Age

Garrett Watts was born on the 15th day of the month of June in the year 1989. The comedian was born in Memphis, a city in Tennessee, USA. The YouTuber was born to a father identified as Randy C. Watts and a mother whose name has been revealed to be Linda Watts. Garrett Watt’s father, Randy, happens to be an author who used to work as a private investigator at MJM Investigations.

Garrett has three older siblings; two brothers and one sister with whom he grew up in Memphis. His sister’s name is Marianne Watts and his brothers’ names have been revealed to be Andrew Watts and Randy Tyler Watts.

Growing up, Garrett attended the Mountain View High School, a secondary school located in Mesa, Arizona. When he graduated from there, he went on to attend the Mesa Community College. According to some reports, he later studied film-making at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Garrett Watts is known for his massive work on YouTube and fans are excited to have him create all the hilarious contents he does, however, not many know that he did some other jobs before he became famous online. According to reports, he once worked as a concierge at the Aroma Coffee & Tea Company. He also worked as a casting coordinator at Nigel Lythgoe Productions from December of 2011 to April of 2012 before starting his adventure on YouTube.

Garrett Watts’ YouTube channel was created on May 30, 2012. When Garrett created the channel, he just wanted to interact with people on YouTube. According to him, it was not about the money or fame he may get. The first video he posted was titled Coco Goes to Target. He then posted another called Coco Goes to Walgreens. Because he was still new on the platform, the videos did not get massive views at the time. However, some people were already intrigued by what he was doing.

With time, he started getting much more views on his videos, so he started spicing things up by creating segments on his channel. He created the Will It Combo series on his channel and it caught vast attention. The Will It Combo video series shows him experimenting with different kinds of stuff to see how they will turn out. Sometimes he experiments with food combinations and at other times, he learns and documents all the items to put together a costume using cheap materials. He also created another segment called Dollar Store Cosplay on his channel.

The different segments started attracting attention to his page and he began getting lots of subscribers. Garrett got his fans even more fascinated by sharing some life hacks with them. He also made sure he regularly put out insane facts to keep them thrilled. The trick worked and his subscriptions continued to grow. Today, he has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube page.

His Net Worth

Garrett Watts has made money from his work on YouTube, there is no doubt about that. The comedian has become a highly sought after figure on the video-sharing platform and now has millions of subscribers. His videos have attracts millions of views, giving him the chance to make money from ads.

At the moment, Garrett Watts’ exact net worth is quite vague. However, some reports have claimed he is worth between $500,000 and $800,000. This claim has not been verified but hopefully, the exact figure will be revealed soon.

Is He Gay or Bi and Does he have a Boyfriend?

If you have been wondering whether Garrett Watts is a gay man then relax because we have the answer you seek – Watts is openly gay and is very proud of his sexual orientation. The comedian is a member of the LGBT community and advocates for their rights on social media.

Garrett Watts
Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson (Image source/Twitter)

Garrett Watts used to be in a romantic relationship with Shane Dawson who is also a YouTube personality. The pair dated for about a year and were very much in love with each other during that time. However, for some reason which has not been revealed, they broke up. While they were together, Garrett and Shane appeared in many YouTube videos together.

At the moment, Garrett is reportedly in a relationship with another YouTube personality called Ryland Adams.

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What is Garrett Watts’ Height?

Garrett Watts is tall and always has an air of confidence which has endeared many to him. The comedian stands at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). In addition to this, he reportedly weighs about 85 kg (187.5 lb).

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