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Social media platforms may have been altruistic in bringing the world closer and providing a means for people to share ideas with hundreds of millions of people but it has evolved to be so much more than that. Different platforms in the dynamic world of the media industry now serve as a sure means to kickstart a career in various areas, particularly modeling. Through this medium, several stars have emerged via social media platforms like Instagram and among some of the most successful is Galina Dub, a Russian-born model.

Since Galina Dub began her Instagram journey in 2014, she has walked the path several aspiring models only hope to walk someday. Contracted to a model management agency, the model has made appearances in different photoshoots for different brands to much acclaim. Simply put, she is one of the more successful models to come out of the platform and we take a closer look at her life and journey so far.

Early Life and Beginnings of Galina Dub 

Ardent Instagram users are bound to know the name Galina Dub or perhaps may have come across one of her beautiful pictures which she splatters online. Her status on the platform as one of its most popular models has been the result of a journey that began in 2014 when she posted her first picture on the platform. But apparently, before she started sharing her life in pictures and garnering up followers while at it, Dub had a life.

Unfortunately, her life before fame is not so publicized as the one she enjoys now. Thus, not much is known about the woman behind the pictures, with only limited facts like her birth date (1st, July 1995) and her place of birth (St. Petersburg in Russia) available to the media in terms of childhood background information about her.

We do however know that the online moniker she goes by is coined from her real name. She was born as Galyusha Dubenenko. As far as her education history is concerned, there is also a dearth of information in that regard. If she completed high school or college before now, she is yet to share that information with her fans.

How She Built A Robust Online Profile

Galina Dub joined Instagram in 2014 after which she posted her first picture on the platform in the same year. At the time, she was an unknown girl and no one was prepared for the avalanche of beauty she would later be unleashed on the platform. As she continued to drop one picture after the other, the interest in her continued to grow and so did her account profile. Since 2014, she has been able to amass over 1.3 million followers as of mid-2020.

The Instagram star also extended her popularity to YouTube, where she posts vlogs and other interesting videos.

Interestingly, her journey as a model began before she introduced herself to the internet community. The model was discovered by a scout for Mavrin Models Management and was signed to the agency. Through the network of influence and contact of the agency, she has been able to model for several brands and has grown a career beyond her Instagram network.

For those who might not be familiar with the model’s social media accounts yet, her Instagram account is @galina.dub while her YouTube channel is Galina Dub. Heads up, before you visit her pages, brace yourself up for some titillating shots that are arguably drool-worthy. She also has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter via similar handles. She is currently based in Moscow, Russia.

What Makes Galina Dub Special And How Much Is She Worth?

Galina Dub’s beauty, much of which radiates from her body, is partly the reason for her success as an online sensation. She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches with a weight of 57kg. Her perfect body measurement of 31, 24, and 33 inches for bust, waist, and hips respectively further mold her quintessential modeling body.

This hourglass body shape, defined by other features like brown eyes and brown hair, has not only earned her followers in millions but also enriched her pocket.

Her work as a model, including offline for magazines, online through advertisement, and social media ventures has earned her a lot of money. Though a plausible amount cannot be confirmed at this time, some sources suggest she has a net worth of $500,000.

What We Know About Her Family Life

Just like many aspects of her life before fame found her, there is very little information available about Galina Dub’s family. We know she was born to Russian parents but so far, that is the extent of information available about her family.

Facts like siblings or her parents’ profession are currently unknown. Her Instagram account is mostly filled with different shades of her posing in racy pictures but nothing about her family. We do however believe that considering her success so far as a model, her parents are proud of her. There is no way to be sure if they supported her online venture but it does seem like it since she looks happy following her passion.

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Personal Life of the Instagram Model

When you have achieved the level of social popularity and attention that Galina Dub currently enjoys, an interest in your personal life becomes part of the course. With Galina becoming the toast of several men on Instagram, there has been increased curiosity on the man who gets to call her his girlfriend but so far, that curiosity has been met with dead silence from the model.

Galina Dub
Galina Dub (middle) during a dance session

She has chosen to keep her personal life away from the public eye and as such, we cannot say definitively if she is single or not. In the meantime, one can simply continue to enjoy her beauty for what it is at the post of each picture. She is obviously more interested in building her online persona around herself than flaunting her love life for the world to see.

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