Galina Becker – Age, Twins & Facts About Roman Reigns’ Wife

A very active and self-sufficient woman, Galina Becker is an American fitness model who has been hailed for her beauty and photogenic poses. A lover of outdoor sports, the model also used to be an athlete who had quite some awesome exploits in her high school and college days.

Apart from her work as a fitness model, Galina Becker is also known as the wife of Roman Reigns, one of the most popular American professional wrestlers who is also an actor. Her marriage to the wrestler helped to increase her fame around the world as fans of the renowned boxer started digging into her life to know some more about her. We bring you all the details about her in this revealing piece.

Galina Becker Bio & Age

Galina Becker was born on the 11th day of the month of March in the year 1987. The model was born in Jacksonville, a large city in northeastern Florida, USA, however, she was raised by her parents in San Francisco, California. Her full birth name has been revealed to be Galina Joelle Becker and she is an African-American considering the fact that her parents are also African-Americans.

Galina was born to a father called Kevin Becker and a mother named Mildred Becker. She has two older siblings identified as Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker with whom she grew up in San Francisco. Galina loved sports as a child and took an active part in athletics while in school. Her sister, Undine was also active in sports.

Galina Becker attended the Mt. Pleasant High School, a public school in San Jose, California. When she graduated, she proceeded to bag a degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Her Twins

Galina Becker is a proud mother of twin boys. The fitness model who is married to Roman Reigns, one of the most famous American wrestlers, welcomed the twins in 2016. However, before she had them, she already had a daughter called Joelle. Joelle was born on December 14, 2008, a long time before her parents got married. She was present at the wedding between her mum and dad in 2014.

Galina Becker
Galina Becker and her husband, Roman Reigns

Facts About Roman Reigns’ Wife

1. She excelled as an athlete in school

Growing up, Galina Becker had a great interest in sports. A very active and outgoing lady, she became very engaged in sports in high school and became quite popular in the process. In fact, sources have revealed that while she was at Mt. Pleasant High School, she was regarded as the best athlete in hurdles and high jump and emerged the Most Valuable Performer in the school three times in a row. She also went on to win different awards and titles from several regional triple jump competitions she competed in – both as a freshman in subsequent years.

Galina’s love for sports did not stop when she left high school. When she started attending Georgia Institute of Technology, she continued her exploits as an athlete. She went on to represent the college in both track and field events and did very well. In fact, during one of her 100 meters high hurdles contests, Galina made the best time of 14.92, winning accolades from all angles. She did not stop there; she later set a season-best record time of 12.76 in a 100-meter dash.

2. How she met Roman Reigns

Galina Becker met her husband while she was studying Management at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Both Galina and Roman Reigns were studying Management when they met at the institution. They took an interest in each other and started dating.

The couple remained together after graduating and decided to take things further in 2012 when they got engaged. Finally, in 2014, they tied the knot as husband and wife at a wedding ceremony which held on a private island in the Bahamas. Over the years, they have remained loyal to each other and even though work keeps them apart for long periods sometimes, they have found a way to keep the flame of their love burning.

3. She was a fitness model

When she graduated from college, Galina Becker did not pursue a career in her field of study, she became a fitness model instead. This was not surprising considering her love for fitness, as well as her charming looks and body build. She posed for different magazines and brands, stunning people with her photogenic looks.

These days, she has branched off into other projects and also does photo shoots for some sponsored campaigns.

4. Net worth

Apparently, Galina Becker has raked in a lot of money for herself. A beautiful, hardworking and thoughtful woman, she has worked as a model for years and is also involved in some sponsored campaigns. These ventures, no doubt, fetch her lots of money for her efforts.

At the moment, the exact figure of Galina Becker’s actual net worth has not been revealed but it is believed that she is worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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5. Body measurements

Like all fitness models, Galina Becker sure knows how to take care of her body and has done this well for many years. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches in height and commensurately weighs about 60 kg. Her body measurements have been revealed to be 34-27-34.

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