A Look At Gal Gadot’s Family, Husband ‘Yaron Varsano’ and Her Current Net Worth

When it was revealed that the superhero comic character Wonder Woman would be getting her movie, fans worldwide were ecstatic. For the role, the studios picked up Israeli actress, model, and producer Gal Gadot. A former Miss Israel (2004), Gadot went through her two mandatory years of military service in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat instructor—a position she could hold thanks to her mother pushing her at a young age to always be athletic. Her military training helped her earn a role in the Fast & Furious franchise, and from there, her career began to soar. Gal doesn’t just credit her military training for where she is in life; she also credits her family for playing a major role.

Gal Gadot’s Parents and Family Background

Born into what she has often described as a very Jewish, Israeli home, Gal Gadot was born on April 30, 1985, in Petah Tikva, Israel. She was born to Irit (née Weiss) and Michael Gadot who raised her in Rosh HaAyin, a city neighboring her birthplace. Her parents, both Israeli-natives, changed their surname from Greenstein to Gadot before the actress was born. Her father is an engineer who is also a sixth-generation Sabra—a Jew who was born in Israel. Her mother, meanwhile, worked as a physical education teacher when Gal was growing up. The actress has credited Irit Gadot for getting her into an active lifestyle earlier in life.

According to Gal Gadot, her mom, at the tender age of four made sure that she learnt how to swim. Irit didn’t allow her daughter to lounge in front of the TV, instead, she constantly pushed her to be physical and play with neighbors outside. Gadot had a tall and strong physique growing up and with her mother’s influence, she picked up sports like tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

She also took up ballet, hip-hop, and jazz dancing for twelve years. Though she raised her kids to be physical, that hasn’t stopped Irit from opening and operating an Instagram account, on which she frequently posts pictures of Gal.

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Gal Gadot has a younger sister named Dana. There’s nothing but love between the sisters, and they take any opportunity they have to express the love on social media. Celebrating her sister’s birthday in 2016, Gal called Dana a ray of sunshine and showered her with lots of love. Dana attended the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel, where she studied psychology. It’s also the same institute Gal studied law at.

The actress has spoken at length about her maternal grandparents. Both born in Europe, her grandmother was able to leave before the Nazi invasion began. Her grandfather, Abraham Weiss, wasn’t so fortunate. Born in a small village in Czechoslovakia in 1928, he was later imprisoned with his family in the Auschwitz concentration camp. It was at the concentration camp that he lost his entire family. Gadot has always praised her grandfather for teaching her the importance of not discriminating against anyone because of their color, race, religion, etc. Instead, people are to be loved for what their heart is. Abraham Weiss passed away in 2014.

What You Should Know About Gal Gadot’s Husband, Yaron Varsano

Gal Gadot has been a wife to businessman Yaron Varsano since 2008. They met back in 2006 through mutual friends at a rather special party held in the Israeli desert—the party was about healthy eating, chakras, and yoga. It didn’t take too long before the two got hooked on each other and they scheduled another date. It was on that second date that Yaron told Gadot he would propose to her in two years. As she told Glamour magazine: “both of us said, ‘No games. Let’s just be honest and keep it simple.”

Two years later, Yaron proposed to Gal Gadot. The actress revealed that her hubby proposed in a very special way, but chose to keep the details to herself. In September 2008, the couple officially tied the knot. Even though he’s older than she is by 10 years, Gadot and Yaron make a great team. While The Fast and the Furious was filming, Gal and her husband flew frequently from Israel to the US, often staying in hotels and helping each other progress in their careers as well as other areas of their lives. Yaron even encouraged Gal to continue with her acting career after she gave birth to their first child.

Yaron Varsano is a real estate mogul who built The Varsano Hotel in Tel Aviv with his brother. Inspiration for the hotel came after Yaron and Gal frequently traveled for work. The brothers didn’t keep the hotel with them though but got in a good deal when they sold it to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for NIS 100 million (close to $26 million).

Gal and Yaron have two daughters together. Their first daughter, Alma, was born in 2011. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Gal told of how Alma is very proud of her mom being a superhero. Whenever they took a walk in the park, Alma would always go to random children to tell them her mother was Wonder Woman. Gadot, however, brushes it off by saying every child thinks their mother is Wonder Woman. Their second daughter, Maya, was born in March 2017.

Gal Gadot Currently Has A Net Worth of $30 Million

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

An actress, a model, and a producer, Gal Gadot has money coming in from all sides. It’s no wonder estimates put her net worth at a cool $30 million. In 2013, she was one of the highest-earning Israeli models. She’s reported to have earned about $680k as salary, a sum higher than what popular Israeli models such as Shlomit Malka and Esti Ginzburg gained the same year.

For her role in 2017’s superhero movie Wonder Woman, Gal earned a paycheck of $300k. This, however, does not put into account possible bonus packages that came with the role. The movie was a smashing success, pulling in $821.8 million from worldwide box office figures against a $140 million budget. With a turnover like that, it’s no wonder Gadot is poised to earn nearly 33 times as much as her salary for the movie’s sequel.

But before she appeared in her own movie, Gal Gadot first took up the mantle of Wonder Woman in the 2016 superhero movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Against a $300 million budget, Batman v Superman made an impressive $873.6 million at the worldwide box office. Gadot reprised her role as Wonder Woman in 2017’s Justice League. It made $657 million in the worldwide box office against a $300 million budget.

Besides the superhero movies, Gal in the Fast & Furious franchise played Gisele Yashar, a drug trafficker liaison who later joins Dominic Toretto’s team and enters a relationship with team member Han Lue. Fast & Furious has released eight movies and a spin-off movie on a total budget of $1.209 billion. With its raving success, the franchise has pulled in $5.891 billion in worldwide box office figures.


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