Gael Anderson – All The Facts About Andrew Lincoln’s Wife

Children born into a family of entertainers are likely to toe the same path. Although the above assertion may not always work, it did for Gael Anderson. This is evident in the projects she has carried out in notable British films.

Gael who comes from a family of entertainers also settled down with a husband in the same profession. This has not only provided a platform for her to improve more on the Job but also endeared her to fans and employers. If the life of Gael Anderson interests you, this is where you have all the relevant facts about her in one place. Read on for everything you need to know about Andrew Lincoln’s wife.

Gael Anderson Biography & Age

Gael Anderson was born to the Scottish musician Ian Anderson and his wife Shona. That was on January 1st 1970. Her birthplace is in the City of London, United Kingdom. While Gael’s father is Scottish as already mentioned, her mother who is the second wife of the ace singer is an English woman. Gael also has a brother called James Anderson. He is also an entertainer and happens to be her only sibling.

Gael’s father was the leader of the band ‘Jethro Tull’. The band provided a stepping stone for Gael’s brother, James to kickstart his own musical career, carrying on with their father’s legacy and achievements.

Going further to Gael’s educational background, she attended Downe House School. The school is a day and boarding girls school that is located in Cold Ash, a village near Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom. The information about her elementary and college education, as well as other childhood memories, is not available to us yet. The actress is a British national of Caucasian ancestry.

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Family Life

Gael Anderson
Gael and Andrew Lincoln (little Matilda Clutterbuck’s head is half seen): Image source

Gael Anderson’s husband Andrew Lincoln is a high-profile British actor. The two walked down the aisle on June 10, 2006, after enjoying a long romantic relationship, four years to be precise. It was a case of love at first sight for the couple who met in 2001, while Gael was working for the television series Teacher. It happened that she was serving tea to her team members when Andrew saw her and they started an interaction that led to a relationship afterwards. It didn’t take much time for the two to fall in love and they have remained so for more than a decade.

Unlike many celebrities, Gael and Andrew did not hesitate to start making babies. They had their first child, a baby girl named Matilda Clutterbuck, in 2007, almost nine months after their wedding. Three years later, being 2010, the couple had a son, who they named Arthur Clutterbuck. Their children are both kept far from the media, for reasons best known to them. Though the kids are often seen together with their parents during picnics, nothing more than that is known about them. Apparently, Gael and Andrew are not willing to subject their children to public scrutiny. The family of the two entertainers is nothing but what can be referred to as blissful.

Her Body Measurements

Not a lot of details are available about Gael Anderson’s body measurements, but below are the ones we could lay our hands on. We shall, however, keep our fingers crossed for more facts. She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. Her weight is reportedly measured at 58kg and she obviously rocks a beautifully curved body.

From observation and reports, the colour of her short hair is dark brown. She also possesses a pair of brown eyes. Given all the facts about her body statistics, she is amazingly beautiful.

Gael Anderson’s Net Worth

Gael Anderson is a career woman as much as she is a wife and mother. She is valued to have a net worth of one million dollars, having earned a lot from her various contracts. The actress has carried out contracts on films, TV shows, and endorsements.

Gael made her first major appearance in the BBC drama series, This Life. Going up the ladder of her career, she made other appearances including her role in Teachers, a sitcom.

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