70 Funny Safety Slogans For The Safety-Conscious Workplace

There are several workplace hazards and most of them are common to all industries and sectors. Employers who are concerned about their employees’ safety make it a point of duty to put up safety messages in strategic places in the workplace in order to educate employees about the potential hazards around them. These messages sometimes turn out to be the safety slogans every worker memorizes. Most times, funny safety slogans are used in workplaces so workers can easily remember them as people mostly react more to humor than to simple or straight forward messages.

Funny safety slogans and posters are often preferred over serious messages because, in addition to warning workers of potential danger, they could also help lighten the tension in the work environment. You want to create realization, but not necessarily to a point where you start making people feel bad and guilty.

How To Create Your Funny Safety Slogans

Having a funny safety slogan is great, but don’t let people get carried away by the humor. So when putting up a funny safety slogan, be sure that your purpose of ensuring safety isn’t watered down. The fun shouldn’t be bigger than the purpose of your safety slogan to be impactful and taken seriously.

Like every other safety messages, putting your funny safety slogans in relevant areas in the workplace is also necessary as it will help people to connect with the slogan more by imagining the worst that can happen. Be sure also that the content of your safety slogans is clear, concise and impactful. Bearing all these factors in mind, here is a list of funny safety slogans to inspire your very own safety slogan for your workplace.

Funny Safety Slogans To Prevent Workplace Hazards

1. Protect your hands, you need them to pick up your paycheck.

2. Protect Your ASS.

3. Safety…Did it, done it, doing it tomorrow.

4. Keep safety in mind. It will save your behind.

5. One bad day at the grinder could ruin your whole life.

6. Shortcuts cut life short.

7. A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.

8. Your reward for working safely today.

9. Avoid fatality, make safety a reality.

10. Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

11. Falling objects can be brutal if you don’t protect your noodle.

12. Watch your step – it could be your last tomorrow.

13. Arms work best when attached to the body.

14. If everything comes your way, you are in the wrong lane.

15. Those precious fingers don’t ignore… Or they could end up on the floor.

16. It is better to lose one minute in life… than to lose life in a minute.

17. Safety — a small investment for a rich future.

18.  It’s easier to ask a dumb question than it is to fix a dumb mistake.

19. Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.

20. Crushed fingers can affect your golf swing: Take Care!

21. Pencils have erasers–mishaps don’t!

22. Work safe today–heaven can wait.

23. I wouldn’t touch that if I were you.

24. Safety is a mission, not an intermission.

25. Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

26. Safety glasses: All in favor say “Eye!”

27. Safety is a full-time job; don’t make it a part-time practice.

28. Please exit the building before tweeting in case of a fire.

29.  The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense.

Safety Tips For The Safety-Conscious Workplace

30. It’s not just a “bad cook” alarm. Change your smoke detector batteries.

31. While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work.

32. Quench the thirst – safety first!

33. Safety isn’t a hobby, it’s a living.

34. Safety – If You See Something, Say Something!

35. Safety is no accident.

36. When you gamble with safety, you bet your life.

37. The stupid shall be punished.

38. Chance takers are accident makers.

39. Got crazy with the lighter? Call a firefighter.

40. Your first mistake could be your last.

41. Safety isn’t expensive – it’s priceless.

42. Safety is as simple as ABC…Always Be Careful!

43. Unsafe acts will keep you in stitches.

44. Knock out…accidents.

45. If you mess up, ‘fess up!

46. Watch where you walk or you might need a walker.

47. Get in a high-speed pursuit of safety.

48. Seat belts are for kids – Hug them at home – Belt them in the car.

49. Safe crane operation is uplifting.

50. To prevent accidents, keep your mouth shut.

51. Hard hats, they’re not just for decoration.

52. If you don’t think it will happen to you, find the person who had it happen to them.

53. Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.

54. Let’s all keep our heads, and other body parts, together.

55. Those who work the safest way – live to see another day.

56. To you, it’s a watering hole; to wildlife, it’s a toilet bowl. Treat, heat, or filter all drinking water.

57. If you lift with your back, you’ll hear it crack.

58. Short cuts lead to deep cuts!

59. Snot nice to sneeze on food.

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60. Use your head or lose it.

61. Don’t get hurt or you’ll get fired.

62. Safety gear saves lives and dollars.

63. Be alert, your wife needs you.

64. Without a threat of an accident, work can get pretty boring.

65. You will die whether you follow safety procedures or not.

66. The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.

67. A tree never hits an automobile except in self-defense.

68. Your wife will spend your 401K; If you get killed at work today.

69. Be careful, today is not a good day to die!

70. This Machine has no Brain, use your Own!

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