They say “Good photographs are taken not just with the camera, good photographs are taken with Mind, Soul, Eyes, and Imagination where Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens, Imagination like an object and Soul like a canvas.” The also say the key to life is proper perspective. To what extent do you think this is true? there are times when you take a perfect shot but there are also times when it doesn’t work exactly as planned. These types of funny images or funny pictures are not new but they always stir up one form of humour or the other, whether they are taken from a perfect or imperfect angle, at least we all can agree that they come from an angle that is somehow unusual and unconventional but whether you agree with this statement or not, at least you have to agree with me that they are taken at a particular angle which can be anything from just an eye level picture of your friends or a birds eye image, or even a look up from the ground. There’s always an angle and there’s always a perspective. Sometimes the magic they produce are intentional and some other times they are unintentional.

As you read this, Consider the various ways in which these angles may come into play in your future photographs or funny photographic images as the case may be. Irrespective of whether you’re an experienced professional photographer, an amateur, or just someone taking a picture with friends, the proper use of angle can work wonders. We’ve decided to bring you some of the very best funny images, the very best photos taken at perfect angle and we hope you’ll find it both entertaining and humorous, here goes the part 1 of our list of 80 Awesome Funny Images Taken at Unusual But Perfect Angle

80 Funny Images Taken at Perfect Angle Part 1 of 2


80 Funny Images Taken at Unusual Angle