2016 US Election

The moment America realised the epic defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election, Twitter and other social media platforms went abuzz with some really funny memes.

The pictures show that the nation has realised its biggest hopes and darkest fears. Whether the world likes it or not, Donald Trump has become the 45th president of the United States. But the planet is not letting the shocking news pass without any reactions, especially social media users.

They have been reacting to the election results in the only way they know how, with lots of funny memes poking fun at the situation. Therefore, it’s only fair to say that throughout the strange and stunning twists and turns of the presidential election, we have all come together through humour with some of the best jokes stamped on Twitter.

Here are our favourite tweets from the race for the White House that will relieve your Trumpxiety.

Clapping Back At Beyonce!

Trip To Canada For Good

Brain Freeze!


Is It Wrong To Concede?

 Hey Honey!

We Are All The Same

 Get Ready Michelle Obama

I Am The Boss…Made Eternal History!

Zero Work Experience!

Who’s This Way?

Nah, Americans Are Still Deciding

Bad Timing

Could This Be True?

Oh No! We’re Happy It’s Over


China Already Getting Trump’s Impact

Yea Maybe !

When You Know Your Wife Will Vote For You But Not Really

Mexicans Are Planning To Elope

I Hope Kelvin Voted For Him

Kim Has Changed His Hairstyle

Has He Already Given Out The Nuclear Code?

Simpson’s Bright Eyes Saw This Before Us

Love Trump Hate Him A Day After

The Children Too

Even the former presidents are scared

The Fastest Way To Reach Your Dream; Do The Absurds

Reality Is A Bastard!

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