Top 15 Most Popular Free Movie Reviews Websites

It can be frustrating sometimes trying to find some of the best websites to watch free movies on or even the best websites to learn about new ones. Movie reviews serve different purposes; film lovers will be able to get a fore-knowledge of a story’s outline, decide if a particular production is worth sitting down for hours to watch, get the cast details, and so on. However, finding the correct and useful ones on the internet may prove difficult for lovers of entertainment as there are tones of such websites – both the good and bad ones. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 15 websites where you can read and learn about the latest movies. This article features a list of the 15 most popular free movie reviews websites as ranked by the estimated amount of unique monthly visitors.

Free Movie Reviews Websites


80,000,000 visitors

Powered by Amazon, IMDB, which is an acronym for Internet Movie Database, is the go-to source for movies, television and celebrity content. It is an online database of information related to films, television programs, and video games.

IMDB does not leverage reports from expert critics to offer us an effectively gathered metric for their reviews. However, they are considered one of those useful sites when information is needed for a film. In addition to the cast and crew list, the source has on offer, reviews, which were generated by the users of their site, they also make it possible for those movies to be rated by users who have watched them on a scale of 1 to 10. 

free movie reviews websites

2. Yahoo! Movies

27,000,000 visitors

Yahoo! Movies is a searchable database for all things about movies with a large collection of movies, movie trailers, movie blogs, photos, critics’ reviews and local theater information. Also on offer are user reviews and many more, you will first get the reviews added by the users of the site followed by links and briefs from other sites.

free movie reviews websites

3. Rotten Tomatoes

7,000,000 visitors

Rotten Tomatoes, powered by Flixster and launched in 1999, is a website devoted to movie reviews, information, and news.

The movie website is arguably one of the most popular among the top film review sources. The site takes its review from a large number of national and regional movie critics, and depending on the nature of each review and the grade proffered by the critics, they rate each review by saying that it is either fresh or rotten. When they have compiled up to five reviews, the number of fresh or rotten scores will be averaged. Any movie that scored at least 60% fresh review will be tagged fresh while those that scored less than 60% after the reviews are labeled ‘Rotten’.

4. Fandango

6,800,000 visitors

Fandango is available on the web or as a downloadable phone app. Formed in 2007, the site offers news and information on upcoming movies and celebrities, as well as a local theater search.

Also accessible on Fandango is information about cinema times, DVD releases, including movie clips, movie trailers, commentaries, and news from the experts.

5. Moviefone

5,200,000 visitors

Powered by AOL, Moviefone is available as an easy access to local theater information on current films. In 2012, Moviefone announced a partnership with its long-time rival, Fandango. The site is a movie listing and info services based in the United States. Movie lovers visit the site to obtain theater information, local showtimes, advance tickets, and film reviews. With Moviefone, it is easy to locate your favorite films and direct search films by genres.

free movie reviews websites

6. Flixster

2,250,000 visitors

Founded in 2007, Flixster is a social site that allows users to share reviews and information about movies. Flixster is the parent site to Rotten Tomatoes, and Warner Brothers acquired both in 2011.

The mobile website for Flixster is accessible on our phones and it offers DVD releases, theater showtimes, movie trailers, and loads of other information about movies. The credit for creating all movie reviews goes to their users

7. Box Office Mojo

2,100,100 visitors

Box Office Mojo was founded in 1999 and was purchased by Amazon in 2008. The site is a popular box office reporting service. Asides being one of the best free movie reviews websites, this platform provides reliable information on box office revenue.

8. Movie Tickets

1,900,000 visitors

Movie Tickets is an online movie ticketing website founded in 2000. The site provides movie tickets for theaters and advanced purchasing online, as well as reviews, trailers, celebrity interviews and movie news.

free movie reviews websites

9. ComingSoon

1,600,000 visitors

ComingSoon is owned and operated by CraveOnline Media. The website offers current movie and television news, reviews, trailers and forum for users. Only a few free movie reviews websites can hold a candle to this one. Additionally, you get the latest news on video games as well.

10. MovieWeb

550,000 visitors

Follow MovieWeb on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr or YouTube to view the most current movie and television news. MovieWeb helps users find movies they do not want to miss on television, DVD, web streaming or in theaters.

Their fans on the Facebook platform have exceeded 3.8 million with their Instagram and Twitter accounts boasting of over 3.6K and 61.5K fans, respectively.

11. Movies

525,000 visitors strives to be the ultimate destination for all things movies. Powered by Fandango, they offer movie news, reviews, and trailers.

If you wish to discover what’s next on DVD, read up the latest news on Movies, get information on what’s coming up soon in theater, get the timings for the movies or you want to recall the names of actors in a film, then the Movie site is what you need.

12. SlashFilm

510,000 visitors

Launching in 2005, SlashFilm, otherwise known as /Film, offers blogs containing all of your favorite movie news, including other tit-bits that will tickle your fancy. Among the best free movie reviews websites, /Film stands out as one of those that share exclusive interviews.

free movie reviews websites

13. Hollywood

500,000 visitors, founded around 1995, is a news website specializing in pop-culture. The website posts movie reviews and hosts discussions in the forum for its readers. The London Times ranked it among the top sites for movies; they specialize in presenting movie reviews, movie trailers, as well as upcoming movies. Each newly released film will get at least one review.

14. FilmSite

400,000 visitors

Powered by AMC, FilmSite offers reviews and commentary on some of America’s greatest classic films in the last century. The site is gaining more popularity as the number of visitors increase by the day.

15. Ain’t It Cool News

350,000 visitors

Ain’t It Cool News (AICN), launched in 1996, is the web’s destination news, rumors and reviews of popular and upcoming movies and television shows. AICN focuses on horror, science fiction, fantasy, comic book, and action genres.

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