What Happened To Fifth Harmony? A Look At The Main Reason They Broke Up

Celebrity relationships and partnerships are often laced with controversy and Fifth Harmony’s split did not entirely come as a surprise to many. Almost identical to another X-Factor-formed band One Direction’s 2016 split, 5H’s die-hard fans have watched the world-famous girl group’s bittersweet breakup play out to the dismay of many. Although disbandment often translates into more lucrative careers, the end of a musical group doesn’t categorically go well for its members.

Remembered collectively as Fifth Harmony (5H) or as Harmonizers, each member of the group has since moved on to their solo music careers, maneuvering creatively in ways they apparently could not as a group. But since they went their separate ways, many fans miss Fifth Harmony and can’t help but wonder if the band’s split was a good decision. These lesser-known facts explain exactly what happened to the group and the main reason for their split!

Who Are The Fifth Harmony Bandmates?

Fifth Harmony was born in 2012, thanks to the show X-Factor: U.S. Though each of the members auditioned as solo performers during the competition, they eventually aligned together and competed as a group.

When they first got together, the former bandmates were mostly teenagers, ranging between the ages of 15 to 19 years. 5H was first called Lylas before changing their name to 1432 and then what we now know as Fifth Harmony. As a group, Normani Kordei, Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui, and Dinah Jane, came third in the reality show but later won the world over with their chart-busting albums. In the course of their group career, 5H struck a chord in many hearts – not only by scoring chart-topping hits but also by recording huge commercial success.

What Happened To Fifth Harmony?

In 2016, Camila Cabello first fractured the group by announcing her exit from Fifth Harmony so as to pursue a career as a solo artist. As expected, a drama ensued thereafter with the rest of the bandmates slamming her for allegedly blind-siding them and being insensitive to the group’s future. But in defense, Camila refuted their claims, stressing that the other girls were well aware of her intentions to pursue a solo career.

Fifth Harmony
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Even more dramatic was a 2017 VMAs performance where the remaining four bandmates seemingly hit a direct shot at Camila by throwing off a fifth member off the stage. After Camila Cabello quit, the other bandmates released the group’s eponymous third album while also exploring different career opportunities.

But Fifth Harmony die-hard fans and the music world at large were further shocked in March 2018 when the remaining four members announced that they were going on an indefinite break. In other words, their announcement is translated to mean that the group is disbanding for good. However, unlike other pop group breakups, 5H’s ‘hiatus’ clause appears to leave the option of regrouping (getting back together).

Shortly after their split, the former bandmates unsurprisingly ventured off into their own independent paths, dropping sounds that are as different as their personality. By exploring and getting in touch with themselves creatively, their solo music careers are each definitely different than their collective work as Fifth Harmony. From dropping music including duets, competing in reality TV shows, writing books and curating tours to slaying even harder, the girls are doing a little bit of everything. They have all been very busy and are all killing it as solo artists since their split.

The Main Reason They Broke Up

Since 5H parted ways in March 2018, fans have wondered if there is more to the reason given for the group’s split. It is pertinent to note that Fifth Harmony was formed when the girls were only adolescents and their exposure to the limelight and success at that young age affected their individual artistry. Despite the twists and conflicting speculations regarding Fifth Harmony’s breakup, one of the main reasons stand out. There was a pressing need for each group member to grow individually but that goal couldn’t be achieved while still in a group. Their best option at the time was to disband, truly move on and pursue their solo careers.

Years after Camila Cabello left the group, she revealed that there are no longer issues between her and her 5H sisters. Although she admitted that they have not really kept in touch after she left, following the drift in their life courses, the Señorita singer admitted that there is no bad blood between them. In terms of their solo careers, Cabello is undoubtedly the most successful member of Fifth Harmony so far. Since her exit from the group, she has had a massive career, dropping chart-busters, a hit eponymous debut album Camila, clinching two Grammy nominations, and a sophomore album in the works.

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Camila Cabello apparently set the tone in 2016 and the other girls followed suit barely two years later. Thankfully, all of the former bandmates have embarked on their own solo projects to rave reviews since the group officially called it quits in May 2018. Just like their hiatus, Fifth Harmony’s future remains indefinite. For now, the former bandmates are each looking at the future while fondly reminiscing on the past.

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