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Going to college, obtaining a degree and getting a cooperate job could be what success means to most teens. But for Faze Rug, school is not the only process through which you achieve success. The young YouTuber dropped out of school to pursue a YouTube career and apparently, the move has been a step in the right direction. Now, he enjoys millions of subscribers who think his prank videos stand out from the rest. More amazingly, Rug earned a reputation as one of the few YouTubers who worked hard for their fame without being embroiled in controversies.

Early Life

Faze Rug was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego, Califonia. He belongs to American nationality but is of Iraqi descent. Even though Faze Rug has taken over his identity, the young star was born Brian Awadis. The name which means “high” or “noble” seems to be a perfect fit for Rug who has been a blessing to his entire household.

After high school, Faze Rug proceeded to college almost immediately, like most kids. In his first year in college, he became passionate about video games after ditching college basketball that came between his other activities.

The YouTuber who, even as a child, was fun-loving also began to derive joy in pranking his family and friends. One day, he decided to let other people into his lightheartedness and naughtiness by recording and sharing his pranks online. He found YouTube as the best platform that would allow him to share with people the humour he creates from pranks.

From that moment, he began recording his playfulness without any particular goal in mind except to get people laughing. Fortunately, the plan took a surprising turn when one of his prank videos entertained many internet users who wanted to see more of him.

He quickly realized he could make money from his pranks and went ahead to give the venture a try. Before he could proceed to the next session in his studies, he gained many visitors who loved his spontaneousness and creativity. With an increasing demand for more videos, he decided to quit school to be able to meet up with his fans’ demand.

His first sniff of stardom was when he shared a video he captioned “Cocaine Prank” which featured his mother. The video went viral, gaining over 7 million views in a few weeks after it was posted. That number has tripled over the years as more people fall in love with the distinctive flavor he usually introduces in his videos.

To ensure his fans don’t run short of what to watch, he included videos of him playing video games and call-of-duty videos, as well as vlogs. Currently, he has over 12 million subscribers on his ever-growing YouTube channel and his fame has spread across his other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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What Is Faze Rug’s Net Worth?

With over 12 million YouTube subscribers and more than 2 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram respectively, Faze Rug has for sure made enough fortune from his funny pranks. From buying expensive cars for himself and his family members to purchasing an expensive home worth $2 million for his family in Califonia, his Youtube journey has been worth it, undeniably. His net worth is estimated at $6 million and as reported, he is planning to buy his own home.

Family Of The YouTuber

Faze Rug
Faze Rug, brother Brandon, and his parents – image source

Faze comes from a small family. He has only one brother Brandon with whom he grew up in San Diego. His brother was born on June 23, 1995, so he is a year older than him. Brandon studied Journalism in college and hopes to be an analyst for the NBA.

Little is known about his parents, including his mother’s real name but he often refers to them as Mama Rug and Papa Rug (real name Ron Awadis). His mom was born on 12, January 1964 while his dad was born on February 16, 1964. The couple migrated from Iraq and support Faze’s YouTube ventures.


Faze Rug is not married but it is not certain if he is dating anybody at the moment. In the past, he made a video that suggested he was dating a girl named Kaelyn. It was alleged that they later broke up amicably. There have been rumours that he is currently dating a YouTube vlogger and model known as Molly Eskam. The swimwear model also owns her own self-titled channel.

The rumour began after he shared a video of Eskam and his alleged ex-girlfriend frowning at each other in the thumbnail. While this hasn’t been confirmed, chances are they could be dating as he usually refers to Eskam as his favourite person.

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