Faze Banks Net Worth: How Rich is The Pro Gamer and How Much Does He Make?

Nothing better captures Faze Banks than his Twitter bio. In that little snippet, the internet star refers to himself as just some random kid who was born to be a loser but f***ed around the internet and made a life for himself. Banks has indeed made a life for himself as he now has a net worth estimated at $13 million.

The Massachusetts native is not resting on his oars though as he plans to take advantage of the boundless opportunities offered by the bright future of esports. As one of the prominent figures of the Faze Clan eSports organization and lifestyle brand, Banks has contributed the skills and content that has enabled the brand to surpass most of its peers in the industry.

Faze Banks Is Worth $13 Million, How Did He Become So Rich?

Faze Banks made his $13 million net worth from several sources including his YouTube channel, merch and apparel line, podcast, and membership of the popular gaming and lifestyle brand, Faze Clan.

He Is a Founding Member of Faze Clan

Faze Banks owes much of his fame and net worth to his work with the popular esports organization, Faze Clan. As the story goes, the Massachusetts native was one of the first gamers to start playing Call of Duty in 2009. A year later, he joined hands with others such as Faze Temperrr, to develop trick shots (creative stunts) in the game. Whilst these trick shots often resulted in their characters been killed, they were nevertheless cool and so, Banks and his amigos quickly gained viral fame. They cemented this by adding commentary to their gameplay, as well as vlogging about their personal lives, and this was how the Faze Clan was born.

The clan now boasts of several gamers and content creators and indulges in games such As Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, and Fortnite. They have scored sponsorships with several brands such as G Fuel and Manchester City and have a state of the art Faze House in Hollywood Hills. It is difficult to estimate the exact amount that Faze Banks has made from his work with the Faze Clan but other members have been known to make seven-figures from their deals.

His YouTube Channel Boasts of Over 5 Million Subscribers and 450 Million Views

As earlier stated, one fact that has contributed to the success of Faze Clan is the vlogs of their individual members, and Faze Banks is a good example of this. The Call of Duty guru set up his eponymous YouTube account in 2011 and began posting vlogs about his personal life.

Such insights heightened the interest of fans and so, he has been able to make good money off the channel. At the last check, Faze Banks’ YouTube content averages about 600,000 views per day. Given that YouTube pays content creators about $2-$5 per 1000 monetized views, it means that he makes as much as $2400 a day and $66,000 a year off the site.

Faze Banks Co-host a Popular Podcast Titled ‘Mom’s Basement’

Another potential money-spinner for Faze Bank is podcasting. In March 2020, Spotify announced that he and fellow YouTuber, keemStar, would be reprising their defunct series, Mom’s Basement, as a podcast on the network.

Banks and KeemStar initially hosted Mom’s Basement as a YouTube series. They stopped it after four episodes but the Spotify deal would see them go back to their original show of conducting interviews with notable figures in the online sphere and providing an unfiltered take on web culture, social media, and viral videos.

There are as of yet no details on earnings from this venture but Faze Banks and his co-host stand to gain a lot given that ads alone on podcasts can generate about $20-$100 per 1000 listeners for each episode.

He Owns a Merch and Apparel Line Known as LooseChange

Faze Banks has a thriving apparel brand known as LooseChange. Majorly available online, LooseChange features tops and bottoms, as well as hoodies of different colors and sizes. Prices range from as low as $50 to as much as $290, thus proving to be a decent revenue-generating source for the owner.

Sources of Faze Banks’ Net Worth

  • Faze Clan Earnings – $1 Million est.
  • YouTube Earnings – $1.35 million est.
  • Podcast – N/A
  • Merch and Apparel Sales – N/A

Attributes that Contributed to Faze Banks’ YouTube Stardom

Faze Banks now counts about 5.4 million subscribers and 450 million views on his eponymous YouTube channel but this feat didn’t occur overnight. It took the young man about a decade to get to this level and his rise was fueled by the innovative steps he took in his career.

First was in the world of gaming. When Banks and his fellow Faze Clan founding members started playing Call of Duty, they were more concerned with creating mind-blowing stunts and insane kills.

Even though these trick shots often cost them victory in the game, they stuck with it and soon attracted a massive legion of fans who wanted to catch more of their sick skills. To sustain the interest of these fans and even attract new ones, Banks and his friends quickly created their YouTube channels in 2010/2011. These YouTube channels gave them a chance to provide interesting commentary during gameplay. They also took to posting vlogs about their daily non-gaming lives and so began their unassailable rise to the top.

Faze Banks reached 2 million-subscriber and 100 million views in August 2017 and one year later, his viewership soared to 300 million. His subscriber base equally rose and the Massachusetts native now counts 450 million views and 5.4 million subscribers on his channel. It has not been all smooth sailing though. YouTube stars are often mired in controversies and Faze Banks has faced his fair share, including allegations of thrashing a hotel room.

The Youtuber Lives at the Faze Clan Mansion Worth $30 Million

Just like most members of the Faze Clan, Faze Banks lives in the group’s mansion which opened in Hollywood Hills in 2018. The gorgeous mansion measures 12,500 square-feet and reportedly took about $30 million to complete. It is sprawling with white marble floors and metallic silver railings.

There are rooms for every member of the collective, including Faze Banks, and there are also some shared facilities. They include a common area, gym, pool table, a private movie theatre, stripper pole, and bar. All these are to ensure that Banks and his colleagues have a fun-filled and wholesome life; not just one occupied with video games.

When it comes to getting around, Faze Banks prefers to rely on Uber and the likes because he is a terrible driver and often gets into accidents when he drives. What this means is that he is not too keen on buying his own ride but that has not stopped him from showing love to the people in his life.

Back in April 2019, the gamer surprised his then-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, with a Range Rover. The car cost about $100,000 but Banks basically got it for nothing as the salesman leased it to him for three years free of charge.

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