Who Is The Game Of Thrones and Bancroft Actress Faye Marsay?

One of the reasons why HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is considered among the best shows ever is that it contains some highly talented characters who seize every moment at their dispensation to shine. The female characters are not only strong and empowering but they also possess the determination and values of millennials. Game of Thrones is no doubt one TV series that is uniquely able to get its viewers to invest their time in every character on screen and that is why Faye Marsay was able to shine out with her portrayal of Waif. The character is embedded with uncanny ability to get under the viewer’s skin.

Through her role in the sixth season of the fantasy drama TV series, she could easily be included among characters one would love to hate. While we look at Faye’s role in the much-loved series, we will also take a look at some other facts about the actress you will love to know.

Who Is Faye Marsay?

Faye Marsay is an English actress best known for her roles in several highly-rated and record-breaking TV series like Game of Thrones and The White Queen. The beautiful actress is from Loftus, East Cleveland, she was born on December 30, 1986, with the birth name Faye Elaine Marsay. Her father is a firefighter and steelworker and she has an older brother who was also a steelworker.

Faye developed a passion for acting at the age of six as her parents were fond of taking her to see a local pantomime. Despite being a commoner, Faye’s breakthrough in Hollywood is considered one of the fastest and easiest so far, thanks to her unique talent. Even as an emerging actress, Faye still stands as one of the most talked about in the industry today.

As per her educational background, Marsay was a student of Laurence Jackson School located in Guisborough, Cleveland. She also attended Prior Pursglove College, before becoming a theatre student at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where she took theatrical roles in dramas that include The Good Soul of Szechuan and Hard Times.

She made her breakthrough in her first professional role

Faye Marsay is a fine actress and that is why her emergence into the entertainment industry was no big issue for her. As a bursary winner, she gained a better opportunity to get herself trained as an actress, winning the Spotlight Prize for 2012. Most importantly, she received the main role in the British TV drama series The White Queen, which many in her level would die for. Admitting that the quest to earn a spot in the professional acting field could be a big struggle, the young actress also believes that one does not need to be privileged to make it.

Acting as Lady Anne Neville, the Kingmaker’s Daughter”, in the British series which premiered in June 2013, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre alumna was privileged to share the screen with great actors like Eleanor Tomlinson, Rebecca Ferguson, Janet McTeer, and many more.

 2014 is Faye’s most memorable year

Having successfully finished with her debut TV series, Faye, like many starters, never expected a quick return to the acting scene the way she did. In 2014 alone, Faye was playing major roles in three different TV series and in one film. She featured as Janine Riley in seven episodes of the TV drama series Glue, and as Shona McCullough in the science fiction television series, Doctor Who. She also appeared as Katie Springer in 3 episodes of the comedy-drama series, My Mad Fat Diary while taking a role as Steph Chambers in the LGBT-related historical comedy-drama, Pride.

She was highly criticized for her role in Game Of Thrones

Waif (Faye Marsay) stabs Arya – image source

The part she played on Game of Thrones is one big TV role that earned Faye Marsay a big break after The White Queen. In addition to making it quite big in terms of popularity, it also earned her a good number of critics. Faye, who portrayed the villainous Waif in the fifth and sixth episodes of the HBO fantasy drama, received massive criticism from fans, mainly for the way she treated their favorite Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams.

Waif, who can be characterized as a cruel and pitiless character, had in the sixth season tried to assassinate Arya by stabbing her countless number of times. Faye Marsay’s role on that scene appeared to have angered many fans who in return, took to social media to vent on her. She was apparently forced to shut down her Facebook account after receiving some online hate. Reacting to the public uproar, Faye blamed the matter on the fact that the majority of people are unable to differentiate between actors and the characters they play. Speaking further at a press conference, the actress expressed her dislike of social media since taking on the role. She also reacted at how most people want to know a little bit too much about her.

Her Net Worth

With such a trail of unique roles in films and TV series, Faye earning fat salaries will not be surprising. The Game of Thrones star is no doubt enjoying a flourishing acting career since 2013 when she started acting professionally. Even though her current salary has not been revealed yet, her net worth is placed at $1 million.

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Where else has she performed?

Since 2016 when she got busy with Game of Thrones, Faye has taken other notable roles in several films and series. In 2016, she featured in three series, namely Black Mirror (as Blue Colson), Vera (as Christine), and Love, Nina (as Nina). Other films and series she appeared in are Bancroft, McMafia, Darkest Hour, You, Me and Him, A Private War – and the latest as of 2019, Seconds Out.

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