7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Queen Elizabeth And The British Monarchy

The current Queen of England and the institution she represents (the British Monarchy) are more than well known already. So, since you must have known quite a lot about the queen and her position, should we stop talking about her? Far be it, of course. Instead, we must always have more to say about the longest-serving British monarch in all history. But to restrain ourselves from boredom this time, we are focusing on lesser-known facts about Queen Elizabeth II; things you probably didn’t know already.

Facts About Queen Elizabeth That You May Not Have Known

1. Her Real Name

We can even bet on it that you have never even imagined that the Queen of England has any name other than ‘Elizabeth II’. Yes, you have to be grateful to us for even letting you know that she has another name but this. Then, you will even have us to thank the more for telling you what that name is exactly and also the history behind it.

The first fact about Queen Elizabeth that you have to know, therefore, is that she was named ‘Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor’. After her birth which royally took place in the early hours of Wednesday, April 21, 1926, she was named ‘Elizabeth’ after her biological mother. What about the name ‘Alexandra’? Well, King George V of England gave birth to King George VI who was the biological father of Queen Elizabeth II. So, they also named the baby ‘Alexandra’ after her paternal great grandmother, the mother of King George V, Alexandra of Denmark (the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom during the reign of Edward VII), who died about half a year before the future Queen Elizabeth II graced the earth.

Eventually, it happened that King George V and little Elizabeth got to be very fond of each other, probably because she bore his mother’s name. But many say it was beyond just that. This latter view has it that young Elizabeth was generally considered too recollected for her age and so, she earned the king’s genuine respect even as a child. Can anyone notice the hand of providence here?

Then, we come to the other name ‘Mary’ as given to the future queen. Mary was the name of her paternal grandmother Mary of Teck. For ‘Windsor’, it is the surname of the British Royal Family.

2. Queen Elizabeth II Never Had Classmates

This fact about Queen Elizabeth II does not mean that she isn’t educated. Instead, she never had classmates because she was entirely educated at home. Her curriculum was centered on history, language, literature, and music. She had this treatment alongside her younger sister Princess Margaret who was not taught the same things at the same time since they were taught with structured curricula.

3. The Queen Has Only One Sibling

This may look like a lack at first, yet it is perfectly in line with royalty: people who are going to be queen need not have too many people who saw all their childish foibles and how they would cry and sulk if the necessary mystery and prestige around her must be maintained. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, is the Queen’s direct biological younger sister, and she is the only sibling she ever had all her life. It also appears that nature made doubly sure that the next England monarch was going to be a woman by not letting the Queen have a brother as her only sibling.

4. Queen Elizabeth Was Born Via A Caesarean Section

The future queen’s birth that early Wednesday morning in April 1926, was not via the usual way. Instead, the pregnancy that bore her became complicated enough to necessitate a C-Section.

5. She Was A World War II Soldier

We already know that you will doubt this fact about Queen Elizabeth II. Well, it is part of objective history that you can verify. Although her family objected to her living the hard life of military service, she embraced it right out of deep comfort. Already, her mother refused to have her and her daughters evacuated to Canada as offered, and it was purely out of patriotic considerations. With the service number 230873, young brimming Elizabeth worked as a driver and mechanic in the Auxiliary Territorial Service arm of the Royal Army during WWII.

6. Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign Has Seen 7 Popes

Queen Elizabeth history
Queen Elizabeth from her premarital days to marriage and coronation

Here is a fancy way to buttress the fact about Queen Elizabeth II being the longest-reigning monarch on earth: by comparison to the Papacy, Elizabeth has seen 7 popes as Queen of England. Pope Pius XII was in charge when she was coronated in 1952. Since then, the world has had six more popes, including the current one.

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7. The Queen Still Rides Horses

Are you shocked by this powerful fact about Queen Elizabeth? Well, old passions never die, as it is said. The queen is a lover of animals especially horses, dogs, and swans. As for horses, she loves them as a committed equestrian right from her youthful days. She still rides on horses even at well over 90 years of age.

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