Eve Chilton – Children, Family & Facts About Harvey Weinstein’s Ex-Wife

For a long time, Harvey Weinstein was famous as one of the most powerful and influential producers in Hollywood, with his company, The Weinstein Company, at the heart of several major productions in the American film industry. Much later, he became known as a sexual predator, who was accused by over 80 women of several sexual misconducts. In between this journey from being a respected Hollywood producer to a disgraced sexual predator, he was married to Eve Chilton.

Eve Chilton was the first wife of the Hollywood producer and was married to him between 1987 and 2004, becoming a part of his rise as a respectable name in the entertainment industry and the mother of three of his children. Details about their relationship, along with who she is and other interesting facts are explored in this article. Read on.


Eve Chilton was born on the 1st of September, 1955 to Maude Chilton and Tom Chilton in Boston. Much of her background details are unknown but she is known to have been born into a wealthy family that was based in New England. Her family’s wealth is believed to have come from her great grandparents’ status as the founders of the first global law firm in the United States, Hunton and Williams.

Although born to a father who was an investment consultant, Eve Chilton, at the completion of her education, chose to pursue a career in the film industry, where she met Harvey Weinstein and began a 17-year journey with the famed filmmaker.

What You Need To Know About Her Husband And Children

Before they become husband and wife, their first relationship was a professional as assistant and boss, which Eve Chilton was to Harvey Weinstein while he worked at Miramax. The relationship soon grew into a romantic one and eventually into a marriage in 1987. Usually, romantic relationships between bosses and their assistants are ill-advised but Eve Chilton and Harvey Weinstein’s relationship looked to beat the odds as they continued to witness growth while they were together, both maritally and professionally.

Maritally, Eve Chilton and Harvey welcomed their first child and the first of their three daughters, Remy in 1995, followed by two siblings in 1998 and 2002, named Emma and Ruth respectively. However, after their third child, things got rocky in the Chilton-Weinstein union and it eventually led to a divorce in 2004, within two years of the birth of their third daughter.

Eve Chilton
Eve Chilton with her ex-husband, Harvey Weinstein

The marriage is believed to have ended as a result of Harvey Weinstein’s string of infidelity and sexual harassment, which was exposed despite his brother’s, Bob Weinstein, best attempt at helping him hide it.

Unlike most divorces among public personalities, it was an amicable one between Eve Chilton and Harvey Weinstein, that saw her get the couple’s apartment and a significant sum in child support worth in excess of $60 million.

Since the divorce, Eve Chilton has retreated from public life and is only so far known to have remarried and gotten divorced from Sal Martirano. She never had any children from her second marriage and she currently resides in New York along with her daughters.

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Her Net Worth After The Divorce

Eve Chilton has a wealthy background but has further had her wealth buoyed by her divorce from Harvey Weinstein, through a settlement that was worth a whopping $60 million. She was willed the apartment of the couple, which she reportedly sold for $23 million.

All of these has made Eve a very wealthy woman with an exact net worth that is at the moment, unknown.

Her Great Grandfather is the First Attorney General of the United States

We have mentioned earlier about Eve Chilton’s great grandparents being founders of the US first global law firm, but their accomplishments in the field of law did not stop there. Eve’s great grandfather, Edmund Randolph, whose lineage birthed her mother, Maude Chilton, is the first attorney general of the United States.

The law firm, which her great grandfather helped established was founded in 1901.

Body Measurement

She doesn’t spend a lot of time in the spotlight to flaunt her body, but Eve Chilton is a beautiful woman with a body height of 5 feet 6 inches and an accompanying weight of 60 kg. She also has a body measurement of 35, 27 and 34 inches, defining her chest, waist and hip sizes respectively. Additionally, she has black colored eyes and blonde hair.

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