Everything You Should Know About Eva Pilgrim’s Person, Career Progression and Boyfriend

Eva Pilgrim is an anchor and a reporter known for her impeccable wits and competence. She is a journalist of Korean heritage who works for ABC News as their correspondent. Her career has been a huge success from the get-go, and she has been able to accomplish what many can only dream of. Even though it would be outrageous to assert that she is the most successful media personality out there, no one would deny that Eva has proved herself to be a huge asset to journalism. This becomes obvious when you regard the fact that she has been nominated for the News & Documentary Emmy Awards thrice.

While details of Pilgrim’s career and the attainments thereof are easy to come by, the same can’t be said about the information that pertains to her life outside what she does for a living. Because of this, speculations have been made on issues that border around her love life, origin, and what have you.

Eva Pilgrim’s Early Life and Ethnicity

The beautiful Eva Pilgrim was born on the 30th of August 1982 in Seoul, South Korea, to Korean-American parents. Yes, she is partly Korean thanks to her mother. While her father was a soldier outpost at a military base in Korea, her mother is from Seoul, where Eva was born. They all moved to America after Eva was born and have been living there ever since.

Pilgrim has always wanted to be a journalist, but it was seemingly an impossible dream because according to her, she grew up where everybody looked different from her. She was discouraged looking at what women on television looked like until middle school when she saw Asian-American media personalities like Ann Curry and Juju Chang on television. With that, it occurred to her that she could be like them, and she started working hard towards it.

Nonetheless, the journalist regards her mother as her biggest source of inspiration that helped her conquer her fears. Having moved from South Korea with her family in pursuit of the American dream, the older woman encouraged her daughter to go all out in chasing her dreams and aspiration. She made Eva understand that even though failure is not an option, it offers an opportunity for one to get better in what they do. For Eva, the woman is in no small manner the reason she was able to establish herself as a known name in journalism.

A Detailed Look At Her Career Journey 

Eva Pilgrim completed her education from the University of Florida. While she was in college, she was a member of the debate team and school’s speech. Thereafter, she attended the University of South Carolina. Upon graduation, Eva began her career as the web producer at WIS-TV in Columbia in 2002. She held the position until 2004 when she left and began working as a morning anchor and reporter for WVVA in Bluefield.

Her stint at WVVA lasted from 2004 to 2006. After that, she began working for Fox Charlotte. When she was with the media outlet, she reported the story of a woman who scammed military members across the country, among other top news. After two and a half years, she left the establishment in May 2009.

Eva joined WXIN TV in November 2009. She stayed with the media house for over three years, serving as an anchor and reporter. When she left in November 2012, she joined Action News (WPVI), where she still serves as an anchor and reporter. It was in December 2015 that she became a correspondent for ABC News in the Greater New York City Area.

Her vast connections in the media draw her quite enough cash. Even though she makes a huge amount of money from her TV career, her exact financial standing isn’t revealed yet. However, looking at other journalists in similar positions, one could assume she receives a six-digit salary. Her net worth is a well-kept secret, and Eva has never given anything away publicly, at least to the best of our knowledge.

When she is not working, Eva Pilgrim enjoys cycling and playing the violin. She is very active on several social media platforms and has a huge followership. She has almost 46,000 followers on Instagram and more than 21,500 followers on Twitter. Her official Facebook page has more than 40,000 followers and likes as of May 2020.

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What We Know About Eva’s Sexuality and Love Life

For those who do not know, Eva Pilgrim is not married at the moment and has never been married. She doesn’t also have any child of her own. Eva is one of those celebrities that keeps their personal lives off public eyes. However, her status on Twitter on 29th September 2011, revealed that she is in a relationship with Micah Caskey who is a criminal prosecutor of the county’s courthouse.

They have been dating in secret for a long while, but since they were spotted by reporters, their pictures have never stopped circulating online. This had prompted Eva to confirm her relationship with Mikah and now their status has become exclusive.

The couple is frequently seen together in the public and her fans hope to see them married someday. However, Eva and her boyfriend seem to be in no rush to get married; they are both enjoying their life and taking care of their careers. Before her relationship with Micah Caskey, Eva was linked with co-reporter Clayton Anderson. Although nothing much is known about their relationship, it is believed that they dated for a while.

Additionally, there have been some reports about Eva Pilgrim being a lesbian, but all of it appears to be mere rumors and not true. The reports circulated when her relationship with Mikah was not public. At the time, Eva was not seen with men, which prompted many of her fans to assume she was a lesbian. As expected, all the rumors were put to rest the moment her current relationship became public. According to reports, the media personality has never had any bisexual affairs nor any kind of lesbian association.

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