Eva Ionesco: Everything You Need To Know About Simon Liberati’s Wife

The success of every film is not reliant on the actors alone, but on the directors as well. A film director takes charge of a film’s dramatic and artistic aspects and it takes only those gifted in the business, like Eva Ionesco, to lead a successful project.

Some of the best qualities you will find in movie directors like Eve is their high sense of authority, creativity, and their tremendous sense of ambition. The beautiful French lady has really made great achievements for herself in both the big and small screen, let’s learn more about her.

Eva Ionesco Biography

Eva is a French film director and actress born on July 18, 1965. She is the daughter of a famous French painter and photographer, Irina Ionesco. Her maternal grandparents were Romanian immigrants.

Information about Eva’s personal life, including facts about her father and siblings, are hard to come by. She has not also provided the details of her educational background. Nonetheless, there are a few more interesting things about her we would like to share with you and they are as discussed below.

She was once one of the youngest models around

Eva Ionesco had a very interesting childhood being the daughter of a famous painter and photographer, Irina Ionesco. Obviously, Eva is one of those children whose childhood beauty could not go unnoticed. At the young age of four, Eva became her mother’s muse and model for her mother’s photography career. Although her picture poses were widely condemned as lascivious, Eva still became a popular child celebrity in all parts of Paris.

Aside from her mother, Eva also modeled for other top French photographers like Jacques Bourboulon, a famous fashion photographer for Vogue, Carven, Dior, and Féraud who now specializes in nude photography. Eva appeared in a Playboy nude pictorial and in the issue of the Spanish edition of Penthouse in November 1978. She also appeared on the cover page of the German news magazine, Der Spiegel.

Her acting career

Being already famous through her modeling career, finding an acting role was no big deal for young Eva. She eventually played her first role in the 1976 horror film, The Tenant. The film was directed by a famous French-Polish movie director, writer, and producer, Roman Polanski. It also featured actors like Melvyn Douglas, Isabelle Adjani, and Shelley Winters. Eva was also cast in the 1970 film, Maladolescenza, which became controversial for its use of underage actresses. The film was regarded as child pornography and therefore was banned in most countries because of its sex scenes with child actresses.

Other films that Eva has been a part of include It’s Easier for a Camel…, Farewell, Home Sweet Home, The Apartment, Spermula, and The Chicks (Les Nanas).

Eva was raised by foster parents

Irina’s photos that mostly showcased her daughter, Eve’s nudes stirred major controversy in the early 1970s, as many frowned at her continuous exposure of infantile sexuality. Irina eventually lost custody of her children, including Eva, in 1977. Eva and her siblings were then raised by Irene and Roger Louboutin, parents of the famous French footwear designer, Christian Louboutin. Irina’s several attempts to get back her children proved abortive.

She sued her mother for emotional distress

What represented Irina Ionesco’s artistic climax reminds Eva Ionesco of her stolen childhood. Irina’s photographs continued to find their way in several well-known magazines despite the controversies. She was even named among the top famous photographers and she takes part in exhibitions organized in places like London, New York, and Paris.

Eva, who felt she was robbed of her childhood, tried to find justice by suing her mother. She sued the woman for emotional distress and, it is said that the case is yet to be concluded. Meanwhile, the French police confiscated all child photographs of Eva in her mother’s apartment.

Eva Ionesco as a movie director

Despite the controversies surrounding her name, Eva has been able to establish herself in the entertainment industry. Her first film as a director is My Little Princess, a 2011 French-Romanian drama film that featured stars like Isabelle Huppert, Pascal Bongard, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, and Anne Benoît, among others. The film which was inspired by Ionesco’s personal life was first aired at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. The American historical drama film, Pretty Baby, is also claimed to have been inspired by Eva’s life story.

Together with Isabelle Huppert, Eva released her next film, Golden Youth, a 2019 French drama that relates the story of a young couple in Paris that enjoys spending time with much older and wealthier people.

Marriage To Simon Liberati

Eva Ionesco and Simon Liberati: image source

Eva is a married woman, she is married to a journalist and writer, Simon Liberati. The two have been married since December 8, 2013, and although there are no details about their children, it is widely believed that the beautiful actress cum director is living happily with her husband. In 2015, her husband released a book about their relationship and her childhood and two years after, Eva came out with her first novel, Innocence.

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