Eustace Conway
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Eustace Conway has been in the limelight for a long while, courtesy of his adventurous abilities and daredevil instincts. He has successfully hiked the entire Appalachian National Scenic Trail, as well as moved from the United States to the Atlantic for 103 days on a horseback. He is a well-known naturalist and one of the stars of the History Channel show titled Mountain Men.

In addition, Eustace’s pattern of lifestyle has inspired several books including Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Last American as well as the subject of 1998 radio show titled This American Life with Ira Glass. Prior to his career, Conway got a degree in English and Anthropology from the Appalachian State University. Learn more about his family life and if he has a wife. Also, find out if he is gay below.

Eustace Conway’s Early Life and Career

The star was born Eustace Robinson Conway IV in Columbia, South Carolina on September 15, 1961, to South Carolina parents Dr Eustace Robinson Conway III and his wife Karen Conway.

When Conway was very young, his father often took him along when going for a hike and with his growing passion for learning and adventures; he founded the environmental education centre and wildlife preserve called Turtle Island Reserve in 1987. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and Anthropology from the Appalachian State University.

Eustace Conway is a veteran when it comes to living around the beauty of nature in its raw form. He spent one week in the mountains when he was twelve; thrilled by that experience, he left his family to live in the Indian Tipi at seventeen. Living in the woods for over thirty-five years now; Eustace has worn homemade clothes and also depended on farming, fishing, and hunting for his survival. He trains his own horses, mules, and dogs which help him to plough and cultivate his foods. When he was eighteen, he paddled a canoe for over 1,000 miles on the River of Mississippi. Later on, he hiked for over 2,000 miles across America through the Appalachian Trail. He has also covered the entire southern coast of Alaska using a kayak.

Furthermore, Conway has covered over 5,000 miles going through deserts and lush jungles in Central America, North America, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia. He gained wide recognition; thus, setting a world record after travelling coast to coast from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in 103 days. Conway achieved this feat while riding on horseback. Also, he has associated with people of diverse cultural background including the Indian tribes. He has worked as an interpreter for the Chaco Canyon National Park situated in Mexico; as well as a state naturalist at the North Carolina’s Crowders Mountain Park.

Eustace Conway’s life has inspired several books including Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Last American Man. Also, Conway was the subject of Adventures in the Simple Life; an episode of the 1998 weekly radio show The American Life. The 2003 documentary film titled Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway was about his life and day-to-day activities on the Turtle Island. Additionally, he has made several television appearances including the 2012 documentary film titled Reconvergence and the History Channel series titled Mountain Men, among others.

Is He Gay?

Conway has been one of the celebrities whose sexuality has been under serious scrutiny. When someone is not so vocal about his personal life and affairs; then being mixed up with rumours and controversies becomes imminent. While Conway has been in the limelight, he has never shared information regarding his personal life, making it hard to tell if he has ever been in a relationship or not. In view of that, many of his fans have wondered if he is gay; perhaps because he has not been seen with a woman he referred to as a girlfriend or wife. Apparently, Conway’s sexuality cannot be defined as he seems content with living a single life, taking care of his farms and animals.

Is Eustace Conway Married?

His parents are Dr Eustace Robinson Conway III and his wife Karen Conway. He has three other siblings – two brothers named Judson and Walton Conway, as well as a sister named Martha Conway.

His mother holds a master’s degree in Education; while his father was an outdoorsman and a chemical engineering professor. His father’s passion for hiking earned him a wide recognition; he once hiked for 50 miles at the Mountain trails in one day.

Even with speculations about his sexuality flying around, Conway’s love life has become one of the tiniest spots to find. The star has never disclosed any detail regarding his love life and relationships; thus, leaving his fans to wallow in their speculations. Interestingly, he has become accustomed to living a secluded life and finds more bliss in taking care of his abode on Turtle Island and the surrounding vegetation instead of getting into a relationship.

Bottom line is – the amazing naturalist is still single and has never been married or divorced before. He has spent over thirty-five years of his life on Turtle Island, hence, finding joy and fulfilment in living a single life.

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