Eugenie Bouchard’s Twin Sister And Other Siblings You Didn’t Know Of

It takes years for many people around the world to finally settle on what they want to do with their lives in terms of career choice. But that wasn’t the case with the Canadian tennis diva Eugenie Bouchard. By the time she was 5, the future star was already handling the racket at an amazing level of dexterity. It’s certainly a no-brainer that she could have hardly attained her current prowess in the game if she didn’t begin that early. And, of course, she has her family to thank for the early beginning. Her parents were mainly in the picture and so also were Eugenie Bouchard’s twin sister and the other siblings.

Let’s Get To Know Eugenie Bouchard Herself

Before we go ahead to talk about Eugenie Bouchard’s twin sister and her other siblings, we think that it’s going to make sense to give a brief on Eugenie herself – in case you don’t know a bit about her already. The star was born in 1994 in Westmount, a suburb of the island of Montreal in southwestern Quebec, Canada. It was there that she was also raised. You already have the hint that the athlete is one of a twin. She is the only Canadian-born tennis player to ever reach the finals of a Grand Slam in singles. Popularly known as ‘Genie’, the tennis pro is well-loved among her teeming fans who call themselves ‘Genie’s Army’.

Eugenie and her twin sister are the first issues of Michel Bouchard, a Montreal-based banker, and his wife Julie. From kindergarten through grade 11, Eugenie attended The Study, a prestigious Westmount-based all-girls private school where the Olympic silver medalist Andreanne Morin also attended.

Eugenie was already playing tennis by age 5 as earlier mentioned. Thus, her parents decided to invest in nurturing the unique talent in her. And so, in 2006, her mother relocated temporarily to Florida USA with her to enable her to get coached by the former left-handed tennis player (and later on, coach) Nick Saviano. It was there that Eugenie had her first contact with the English tennis player Laura Robson who eventually became her friend and a major influence in her career.

To further buttress the extent of support that Eugenie Bouchard received from her family, her banker father enetered a business deal on her behalf which the court later quashed; he contributed money with two other investors in a partnership fund he called ‘Tennis Mania’. The investors were to get 10 percent of Eugenie’s future earnings as a tennis pro.

Rather than envy her, Eugenie Bouchard’s twin sister led the rest of her siblings in applauding all these moves in favor of their sister. Indeed, they even fond-named her “the chosen one”.

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Who Then Is Eugenie Bouchard’s Twin Sister?

Eugenie and Beatrice Bouchard
Eugenie and Beatrice: Image source

Eugenie Bouchard’s twin sister is named Beatrice and she is six minutes older than Eugenie. Although they are not identical, they have always gotten along well with each other.

Both Eugenie and her sister were named after personalities in the British Royal Family: Princess Eugenie and Beatrice, daughters to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Beatrice is currently a glamor model. As a model, she showcases herself mainly via social media which now makes her double as a rising social media influencer.

Although Beatrice Bouchard joined the social media fray for the first time via Twitter in 2009, she now has over 364,000 Instagram followers as we are posting this while she has only about 23,500 Twitter followers. She uses her social media pages mainly for sharing her photos that often push the limits of nudity.

From her social media accounts, we understand that Eugene Bouchard’s elder twin sister Beatrice is professionally based in Montreal Canada. She has a unique philosophy of life that says “more is more and less is a bore”.

In August 2019, Beatrice Bouchard sparked rumors about dating the Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios. This happened when she shared a photo of her in a romantic pose with the tennis pro and gave it the sensational caption “good company @K1ngKyrg1os”.

Who Are Genie’s Other Siblings?

Eugenie Bouchard has a younger brother named William and a younger sister named Charlotte. Charlotte was born in 1995, a year after her twin elder sisters were born, while William came 4 years later in 1999. Just like the twins Eugenie and Beatrice, Charlotte and William are also named after British Royals. They are named after Prince William and Princess Charlotte, who are the children of Carol, Princess of Hanover.

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