Ethan Bradberry – 5 Facts About The YouTube Star

Twenty or thirty years ago, it would have been unimaginable to believe that you could become a popular member of society with several hundred thousand dollars to your name as an entertainer without being an active member of Hollywood. That impossibility was made possible with the creation of YouTube, which has cranked several social media stars, one of which Ethan Bradberry is one, having achieved fame as one half of the YouTube entertainment channel, MoeAndET.

The channel MoeAndET is known for its viral pranks and social experiment videos that have brought them over 2 million subscribers and several million views. As a result, Ethan Bradberry has become a notable name in the world of digital entertainment and you can read all about how he made it happen, along with other interesting facts about him below.

Ethan Bradberry’s Biography

It all began on the 27th of October, 1992 for Ethan Bradberry, when he was born in Brooklyn, New York City. His parents’ names are unknown but they are believed to be ethnically Italian and French and they raised him in a big family with four siblings, which include two unnamed sisters and two brothers, Moe Bradberry and Omar Bradberry.

Of course, as those who are familiar with his YouTube channel knows, he is closer to his brother Moe and they both run their channel together. But while the YouTube channel is the most public thing they share together, it isn’t the only one. Ethan Bradberry and his siblings attended the same high school and although the exact name of the school is unknown, it is one of a few things Ethan has in common with his siblings as evidence of their close-knit bond.

In March 2014, Ethan Bradberry and his brother, Moe Bradberry created their channel, MoeAndET and in that time period, they have grown to over 2.4 million subscribers and have gotten over 362 million views. Their channel is comedy based and it features both brothers playing pranks on their family members or innocent strangers. The brothers also post vlogs of their daily life and share their opinions on social issues through their videos, MoeAndETVlogs.

Five Facts About the YouTube Star

1. He has been accused of staging his pranks

As a member of MoeAndET, Ethan Bradberry and his brother, Moe has come under fire for allegations of staging their pranks with fake actors and actresses who play to the desired outcome of their pranks. Although they have repeatedly denied the allegations, both Ethan and Moe are constantly faced with criticism and sometimes, alleged pieces of evidence of their staged videos.

2. Ethan Bradberry is a meme

In the world of social media and digital relevance, a meme is a great way to stay relevant and fortunately for Ethan Bradberry, his mannerism and tonal inflexions when he says the words ‘I am Ethan Bradberry’ while introducing himself in his videos has made him a viral meme

Apart from ‘I am Ethan Bradberry’, he has also become a meme through the word, ‘SLAAAAAAMING’, which he often says in many of their videos.

3. Before they became MoeAndET, they were OckTV.

Ethan Bradberry
Ethan Bradberry (R) with his brother, Moe Bradberry

Today, Ethan Bradberry and his brother have established themselves and their brand through the channel name, MoeAndET but before they became known by it, they used to go by the name, OckTV. While the name was different, the brothers have continued to do the same ever since they began to publish their videos on YouTube i.e viral pranks and social experiment videos.

4. He is worth a significant amount of money

YouTube not only democratized the entertainment space but it gave regular creators an opportunity to become rich men and women and a number of them have taken advantage. So far, Ethan Bradberry’s channel with his brother has earned him a net worth estimated at $350,000.

Their channel, MoeAndET is considered to have earned up to $1 million in YouTube ad revenue since they created it in 2014, and they have made additional income through third-party advertisements on their channel.

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5. He is reportedly single

The son of immigrants, with a perfect looking hair and a height of 5 feet 8 inches, Ethan Bradberry, judging by his social media fans, across both YouTube and Instagram has a deluge of female fans who would enjoy the chance to be his girlfriend but none of them appears to have gotten the chance so far.

The controversial YouTube creator is believed to be single with his current focus being the growth of his channel’s popularity.

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