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The human body is a work of art, and no industry expresses that better than the modeling industry, which encompasses runway models, photoshoot models, video vixens, and much more. The latter is a mainstay of music videos and in the 2000s, there were fewer video vixens who were at the top of the game more than Esther Baxter.

Esther, who is now a retired model, has transitioned into professional acting. At the height of her career as a video vixen, she was sought after by the top music artists at the time. From Kanye West to Will Smith and Nelly, the Miami born model never failed to feature in any of the biggest music videos at the time. Now that she is an actress, Esther has appeared in films like Speed Dating, Because I Love You, and a couple more. This has gained her a lot of publicity, with many wondering who she was before she became famous.

Esther Baxter’s Background Details and Rise to Fame

Miami is one of America’s most iconic cities; from its women to its culture to the landscape, the City of Miami has been able to set itself apart as one of the most adored cities of the United States. One more reason to love Miami is that it is the hometown of the popular model. A multi-racial model, Esther Baxter is of Cuban, Indian, Norwegian, Puerto Rican, and African-American descent.

Baxter was born on the 24th of September 1984. Apart from this, it is practically impossible to give details of her background; the family she hails from and the kind of childhood she had are some of the things that have remained unknown about Esther. Almost nothing is known about the life of the model turned entrepreneur until she featured in a music video for Petey Pablo, the American rapper from Snow Hill, North Carolina.

The music video, which was for the song Freek-A-Leek, became Esther Baxter’s breakout video. The video took her from obscurity to prominence, where she became one of the most recognizable video vixens in the music industry. After the release of the video in 2004, Esther became a Queen in the industry. She went on to appear in plenty of other music videos, many of which were for superstars like Ludacris, Kanye West, Nelly, and Will Smith.

Chronicling The Journey That Led To Her Acting Career

Before she retired from the music video scene in 2007, she starred in over 25 music videos, increasing her popularity one video after the other. The amount of popularity she had was further fueled by the brand she created for herself. She took video vixen modeling beyond being backdrops for an artist’s amusement. While at that, Esther appeared in several notable magazines, from VIBE to King, XXX, and Today’s Black Woman. In an unprecedented feat for a video vixen, BlackMen Magazine released two full 50-page tribute issues of her pictures as part of their Collector’s edition.

During the height of her career as a video vixen, she won the Video Goddess Award at the VIBE Awards for her work in Ludacris’ music video for Number One Spot. The video itself won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rap Video. Furthermore, Esther Baxter appeared as a guest on multiple shows such as From G’s to Gents and Dogg After Dark.

She eventually retired from modeling in 2007, choosing to attend college and raise her son named Cayden. After a while away from the spotlight, she returned actively to the industry as an actress. However, she hasn’t had as much success as she had as a video vixen. So far, she has only been able to secure credits in a couple of feature films such as Speed Dating, which was released in 2010, Because I Love You in 2012, and Interludes in the same year. Her credits on television include Meet the Browns and Real Husbands of Hollywood. 

According to Baxter, she has rejected several roles because they were not suitable for the kind of actress she wants to be. Adding that she wants roles that would afford her the chance to prove her acting skills, she specified that she is up for any role as long as it is not “crazy and raunchy.” Esther Baxter has also diversified her career interests to professional cooking and entrepreneurship. The former model is a chef and the business owner of Bel Angel Lingerie.

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What We Know About The Love Life of The Actress

It would be outrageous for anyone to suggest that Esther Baxter isn’t pleasant to behold as it wouldn’t be out of place to assert that her body and good looks made it easier for her to command attention in the competitive industry. The model has a fine, fit physique. She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is believed to be around 59 kg. Her luscious figure measures 34, 24, and 40 inches, respectively, for her chest, waist, and hips.

In a nutshell, Baxter is a very attractive woman and has never lacked admirers who desire to be her partner. While she is known to have a son named Cayden from a previous relationship, the identity of her child’s father isn’t known to the public.

Esther Baxter
Esther and her estranged boyfriend, Joe Budden

Esther Baxter has had a couple of high-profile relationships over the years; she was once in a relationship with Joe Budden. However, the relationship became embroiled in allegations of physical abuse from Joe Budden. According to Baxter, Budden regularly assaulted her, which led to a miscarriage after she was pregnant with a daughter. She was also part of a controversy involving Shad Moss, popularly known as Bow Wow.

According to the rapper, he lost his virginity to the model at the age of 16, a claim that the model has denied. Since the Bow Wow and Budden controversy, Esther Baxter has refused to make her love life a public affair. Hardly can anyone tell if she is dating someone or single. But time would tell what the case is.

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