Erwin Bach

When it comes to love and relationships, finding someone who is willing to stick by your side to the end of your days is one of the greatest accomplishments a human being could achieve, and if one didn’t have reasons to be jealous of the life of Tina Turner, a woman who has sold over 200 million records with 12 Grammy Awards, finding love in the person of Erwin Bach is certainly a reason to be jealous. They have been together for over 30 years, sharing love, joy, and a kidney. Learn more about Erwin Back and his incredible love story with one of the greatest singers of all time below.

Who is Erwin Bach? 

Erwin Bach is a man who has spent his life around people who are more famous than he is. As a music producer and music executive in a major record label, his life has been about working with those who are more popular than he is, helping them achieve success in their profession as musicians.

Erwin Bach interesting life began on the 24th of January 1956 in Cologne, one of Germany’s major cities. For all his fame, nothing is known about his parents nor his childhood background and the existence of siblings.

When it comes to his education too, nothing specific is known. We do however believe that whatever it was, it led him to a career in the music industry, starting out as a music producer. His excellence as a music producer eventually led him to become a divisional managing director for EMI Germany before he got a promotion that placed him as the managing director of EMI Recorded Music Switzerland. During his career, he has produced successes like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Queen, Paul McCartney, and his own wife and music legend, Tina Turner.

When Erwin Bach looks back on his life, his career in music, both as a producer and as an executive would be the defining decisions in his life, a career which led him to the love of his life, Tina Turner. It, however, wasn’t the only career he embarked on. For a brief period, Erwin was an actor, appearing in a couple of productions such as Maldito Amar: Demasiado, 60 Minutes and an appearance on the show of one of television’s biggest personalities, Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Relationship with Tina Turner

Tina Turner
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Relationships are hard; they are even harder when the person you are involved with is a celebrity. When you have been in a relationship with one of the greatest singers to ever live, who is known by all and sundry as the Queen of Rock and Roll for over 35 years, it is more than just an impressive feat, it is an accomplishment.

Erwin Bach is sixteen years younger than Tina Turner, but it did not stop the birth of their fruitful relationship in 1986. Although they met much earlier than that, with some accounts dating their first meeting to a couple years in the late 70s, a romantic relationship did not begin until 1986 despite an attraction between the two after their first meeting. Not until after Tina Turner ended her marriage to Ike Turner.

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After 27 years of being together, during which time Erwin Bach proposed twice to Tina, with Tina failing to say yes on both times, they finally got married on the 4th of July in 2013. The celebration of the long-lasting love between the couple was held on the shores of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, with several of their friends both in the music world and other industries in attendance, such as Oprah Winfrey, Sade, David Bowie, and Giorgio Armani, who designed the wedding dress.

Among other important milestones of their unique relationship, including being the step-father to Tina’s children from other relationships, include giving the accomplished singer his kidney on the 7th of April, 2017 to save her from the threat of kidney failure. Erwin Bach and Tina Turner share no biological children and are considered Buddhists. The couple got married in a ceremony in 2013.

Details of His Net Worth

When it comes to music, it is quite easy to consider Erwin Bach a successful man. Having been a critical element in the successes of music acts such as Radiohead and Manu Chaos and had contributed significantly to the careers of icons like Queen and Paul McCartney, it is no surprise that the music producer has a considerable net worth of $50 million. Not only as he won in love, but he has also won as a professional musician.

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