Ernestine Sclafani, Skip Bayless’ Wife – 6 Facts You Need To Know

You may not have heard of Ernestine Sclafani but if you are a sports enthusiast who reads sports news and listens to sports broadcasts, then there is every chance that you may have come across the name Skip Bayless, the man who happens to be her husband. Ernestine is an American woman who shot into the limelight after becoming the wife of Skip Bayless, a popular American sports columnist. Bayless is very famous as a sports author and television personality and his popularity has rubbed off on his wife who is now one of the most talked-about personalities in America.

However, it is noteworthy that even though she found fame through her marriage to Skip Bayless, Ernestine Sclafani has also worked hard for herself and has built her own career over the years.

Who Is Ernestine Sclafani?

The exact day and month in which Ernestine Sclafani was born are quite vague at the moment. However, we know that she was born in 1962 in Long Island, New York, USA. It was also in Long Island that she grew up with her family. Details about Ernestine’s parents are unknown. Their identities have not been unveiled and this is mainly because she has been silent about it. It is also not certain if she has any siblings with whom she grew up in Long Island.

Information about where she had her elementary and high school education remains vague but we know that she graduated from Suffolk Country College, a two-year public college in the city of Long Island, New York.

She built a career in PR

Ernestine Sclafani is a very smart woman who has built a career in Public Relations over the years. According to reports, when she graduated from Suffolk Country College, she secured a job at the Ball Of Switzerland where she worked as the director of public relations. Sources revealed that she worked for 10 years in this capacity before she left to work in other places.

She currently works at Weber Shandwick, a popular public relations company where she occupies the very enviable position of Vice President. Apparently, she has done very well for herself, rising through the ranks to reach where she is.

How she became Skip Bayless’ wife

Ernestine Sclafani and Skip Bayless are happily married at the moment, but how did they meet? According to sources, their paths first crossed at a business meeting with Kevin Dillon, a popular American actor. Following their meeting, they got attracted to each other and consequently exchanged cards.

Some days after their first meeting, Ernestine and Bayless met to have a date where they discussed so many things and realized that they shared several common interests, one of which is that they both loved working hard at their individual jobs. They also found out they both loved the ’60s music. Consequently, they fell in love with each other after that and started dating. They dated for some time and their love soared in the process.

The couple finally decided to tie the knot as husband and wife in 2016. Their wedding was a private affair attended only by very close friends and family members. The couple has since kept the details about their marital life very private. In fact, it is not known if they have any kids yet. It is, however, widely believed that they are having the best time of their lives as a married couple.

Ernestine Sclafani
Ernestine Sclafani and Skip Bayless

They endure long-distance relationships

Because of the nature of their jobs, Ernestine Sclafani and Skip Bayless have had to endure long-distance relationships. At some point, Skip worked in Connecticut while Ernestine worked in faraway Manhattan. They would work throughout the week and try to hookup by the weekend.

However, there are no reports that this distance between them has slowed down their romance or happiness in any way.

Alleged extra-marital affair

There have been some insinuations that Ernestine Sclafani may be having an extra-marital affair, considering the fact that her husband is often far away from her due to work. However, there are no reports to corroborate this insinuation. Also, there are no reports that Skip Bayless is cheating on his wife. It is safe to say that all these speculations are mere figments of the imagination.

Net worth

There is no doubt that Ernestine Sclafani has been able to rake a good amount of money for herself over the years. She is a hard-working woman who is passionate about her job. Considering her position as the vice president of a well-to-do public relations company, it is expected that she is quite wealthy.

At the moment, her net worth has been pegged between $1 million to $2 million by different sources. On the other hand, her husband Skip Bayless is reported to be worth a whopping $13 million.

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Body measurements

There is no doubt that Ernestine Sclafani is a beautiful woman. Her facial features show that she is very cute. This beauty is complemented by her curvy body. She is also blessed with green eyes and has blonde hair. However, her exact body measurements are unavailable at the moment.

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