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When it comes to journalism, the goal for many aspiring journalists is to work for a national publication, either in print media or television. Sadly, through a combination of lack of talent, dedication, and opportunity, a lot of journalists do not get to this height over the course of their career. One person who does not fall in this category is Erin McPike.

Without any doubt, those who are great followers of the news, particularly on television are likely to know Erin McPike. She has worked across a few national and international broadcasting news media outlets like CNN and NBC. She has also made a name for herself in print media with organizations like National Journal and RealClearPolitics.

As someone with a robust career, there is so much to unpack about her life and we do so below.

Who Is Erin McPike?

Erin Kathleen McPike, who has made a name for herself in a competitive field like Journalism, was born on the 28th of June, 1983 in Cincinnati, Ohio to parents Richard and Amy McPike.

With the career she has forged for herself, her parents will no doubt be proud of her, having nurtured her education through high school at Sycamore High School, where she graduated in 2001 and through college at American University in Washington D.C, where she studied political science and journalism.

Her career has seen her work across a few of the national media publications and broadcasting bodies available in America like CNN, where she has worked as a correspondent, NBC News as a reporter and RealClearPolitics as a national political reporter. Erin is also a White House Correspondent for the Independent Journal Review. During her role as a White House Correspondent, she once sparked a controversy when she became the only journalist invited on a trip with Rex Tillerson to Asia during his time as the US Secretary of State.

Outside the boundaries of news reporting, Erin McPike has also deployed years of experience in the media to work as part of the press team of Howard Schultz, a presidential campaign candidate.

Erin McPike
Erin McPike (right) and a friend, Rachel Cothran

Who is Her Husband?

If Erin McPike is married, there hasn’t been a real confirmation from the notable journalist. So far, Erin has maintained the scope of public information about her limited to her work and life as a journalist and media personality.

Regardless, there has been strong interest by many, especially her fans to know about the man in her life. This curiosity eventually sprung forth a name, Whitney Conrad McDonald whom many believe to be her partner. As always, there hasn’t been a confirmation from the journalist.

Five Facts You Need to Know About Her

1. She graduated college with honours

It is not exactly news that Erin McPike is a brilliant person. The extent and how long she has been exhibiting this brilliance are what is unknown. However, we can confirm that she has been brilliant since at least her college days. In a rather challenging subject like Political Science and Journalism, Erin McPike graduated with honours from the prestigious American University.

2. She is a Dog Lover

Simply put, the world is divided into two parts, dog lovers and cat lovers and like the animals themselves, their lovers are locked in an eternal battle of who is better. Well, dog lovers can be glad to know that in their corner is a respectable journalist who they can be proud of. Erin McPike owns a black American Labrador that has been interestingly named Benjamin Franklin.

3. She is a fan of Led Zeppelin

Well, if you have wondered what some of your favourite reporters and news correspondents like Erin McPike listen to while they work, you might find you share a similar taste. The former CNN reporter is a fan of the English rock band, Led Zeppelin.

4. She once spent a semester in London

In what might answer the question of how an American girl came to love an English band, Erin McPike once spent a semester via an exchange program in London. During the time, she learned about the English culture and we guess, fell in love with Led Zeppelin.

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5. She has worked for National Journal twice

Erin McPike, as mentioned earlier, has worked for National Journal but we failed to mention that she worked for the media organization twice. She worked for the organization for the first time as a fresh graduate from college as a writer and then the second time as a political reporter.

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